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Lightning Review: Hope’s Child by Helen R. Myers

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Holly‘s review of Hope’s Child by Helen R. Myres

“Marry me.”

Hope Harrell didn’t know what to expect when she confronted the town’s rugged sheriff with a marriage proposal—but she knew he was her only hope. After the death of her ex-fiancé, Hope knew she wouldn’t be able to hide the growing swell of her belly much longer. If she wanted to protect her child from money-hungry relatives, she needed to act fast. She needed a daddy for her baby, and who better than Lyon Teague?

Lyon had weathered many storms, but nothing had prepared him for Hope’s proposition. He wasn’t of the same pedigree as the Texas socialite, but he couldn’t turn away a damsel in distress…especially when that damsel was the woman he’d secretly loved for years—a woman he could only dream of making his own….

I really liked certain parts of this story, but the main conflict bothered me. It seems rather contrived and could have been cleared up in short order, if the characters – especially the heroine – had just opened up.

Hope’s reasons for keeping Lyon at arms-length didn’t make a lot of sense. The way she kept unintentionally hurting him by saying insensitive things started to bother me as the story wore on. I understood her reasons for wanting to marry him, but why she pushed him away is beyond me.

For Lyon’s part, I sympathized with him throughout the novel. Though I think he could have opened up to Hope sooner, I understood his reasons for holding back.

For all that, I enjoyed the way they got to know each other and watching them settle into their marriage. The story was sweet and in the end I forgave Hope, because it was obvious she truly cared for Lyon.


This book is available from Silhouette Special Edition. You can buy it here or here in e-format.

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