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Guest Review: Forbidden Night with the Prince by Michelle Willingham

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Guest Review: Forbidden Night with the Prince by Michelle WillinghamReviewer: Tracy
Forbidden Night with the Prince (Warriors of the Night #3) by Michelle Willingham
Series: Warriors of the Night #3
Also in this series: Forbidden Night with the Warrior
Published by Harlequin Historical
Publication Date: August 1, 2018
Point-of-View: Third
Genres: Historical Romance
Pages: 288
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A lifetime of being good…

One night of sin!

A Warriors of the Night story: virtuous Joan de Laurent is fated never to marry. Three betrothals, each ending in the groom’s death, have convinced her she’s cursed! But only her hand in marriage can help darkly brooding Irish prince Ronan win back his fortress. To break the curse, Joan must risk all to spend one forbidden night with the royal warrior…

Joan de Laurent believes she’s cursed.  She has had two betrothals and both of her intendeds died before the wedding!  She heads off to Ireland to meet her third betrothed and guess what?  He’s dead too!  Of course he was older, but still!

Ronan Ó Callaghan is an Irish prince who heads to the MacEgan holding to gather reinforcements.  His step-brother staged a coup and took over his father’s throne, taking his father hostage.  Ronan cannot let this stand and asks the MacEgan’s for warriors.  They say they’ll provide them but the de Laurent brothers can also provide warriors.  Unfortunately they’ll only do so if Ronan marries their sister.  Ronan isn’t interested in marrying but when he meets Joan he is quite taken with her.

Joan doesn’t want to get betrothed again.  She doesn’t want to take the chance of killing another man.  When she starts to have feelings for Ronan, she especially doesn’t want him to die.  She gets desperate and goes to an old medicine woman to ask how to break the curse.  The woman tells her to have Ronan drink a potion and then Joan is to lay with him and once they have the curse will be broken.  Joan is skeptical but she’s also desperate, so she goes for it.  They spend a wonderful night together and Ronan even agrees to marry Joan, but Joan won’t marry him as he refuses to have kids.  (He believes he killed his brother and nephew.)  The two need to come to an agreement so that Ronan can get the warriors he needs and save his father like he couldn’t save his other family members.

This was a good story.  I felt so bad for Joan!  With her believing that she’s cursed and everyone acting like she’s the devil, I’d want to leave as well.  Ronan was good for her as he brought her out of her self-induced shell.  She wasn’t a meek and mild person but felt she needed to act like one in order to break the curse.  I loved how Ronan dealt with Joan and she with him., they were really perfect for each other.

I felt that the part of the story that dealt with Ronan and his step-brother was also well done.  It seemed very realistic – something that I could imagine happening (even though I’m not really up on my Irish medieval history).

In the end I enjoyed the book and found it entertaining – a nice way to spend a quiet evening.

Rating: 3.75 out of 5

Warriors of the Night


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Guest Review: Forbidden Night with the Warrior by Michelle Willingham

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Guest Review: Forbidden Night with the Warrior by Michelle WillinghamReviewer: Tracy
Forbidden Night with the Warrior by Michelle Willingham
Series: Warriors of the Night #1
Also in this series: Forbidden Night with the Prince (Warriors of the Night #3)
Published by Harlequin
Publication Date: June 20th 2017
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One wicked night for an heir!

Rosamund de Courcy has always loved Warrick de Laurent, but was forced to marry another. Now her husband's dying command is that she must provide him with an heir. To do so, she will have to spend one sinful night...with Warrick!

The powerful warrior was wounded by Rosamund's abandonment years ago, and Warrick refuses to let her touch his heart again. But this illicit night is impossible to resist, and soon he is determined--he will not only possess her, but reclaim her for his own!

Three years ago Rosamund met and fell in love with Warrick.  She wanted nothing more than to be with Warrick but her father had other ideas about her future – not one where she wed a third son with no property.  Under threat of death to Warrick, Rosamund marries.  Now it’s three years later and her husband, Alan, is dying.  He summons Warrick to him and tells him that he wants him to lie with his wife to produce an heir.  Alan doesn’t want his evil brother to inherit and he knows he can’t produce an heir.  Rosamund is adamant that this not happen but Alan gets his way.

Being with Warrick again brings back all of the old feelings she once had for him.  She knows she never stopped loving him but she is still married to her husband.  When he dies Rosamund fears for her life fro Alan’s brother, Owen, and fleas her home.  Unfortunately Owen is determined to have Alan’s estates as well as Rosamund.

I never am one to read books that involve infidelity but this was a different take on everything.  I still didn’t care for it but I could deal with it better because of the circumstances.  Alan truly gave Rosamund no choice in the matter and that pissed me off.  He even forced it on her by coming to her in the dark –   he wanted her to believe that it was he that she was having sex with.  Of course she knew immediately it was Warrick.  That whole scene had me cringing because Warrick – who I had really liked  up until that point was involved.  It was a bit weird to say the least.

The story revolves around not only the issues with Alan and his wishes for Rosamund before he dies, but the issues with his brother Owen as well.   Then there was Rosamund and Warrick working out their issues from the past as well as the problems they faced currently.  There was a lot going on but as usual Willingham wrote it in such a way that it flowed easily.  She took all the different parts of the story and brought it into one cohesive and very good book.  I really enjoyed all of the parts of the story and definitely recommend this one.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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Guest Review: Claiming His Highland Bride by Terri Brisbin

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Guest Review: Claiming His Highland Bride by Terri BrisbinReviewer: Tracy
Claiming His Highland Bride by Terri Brisbin
Series: A Highland Feuding #4
Also in this series: The Highlander's Runaway Bride

Publication Date: May 23rd 2017
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Safe in her Highlander's arms!

After discovering her role in her father's plot to destroy another clan, Sorcha MacMillan risks her life to go into hiding. Her safety relies on her disguise, but she is drawn to a man who could see through her...

Unknown to Sorcha, Alan Cameron has been sent to track her down. He's attracted to the woman in disguise. Even after learning her true identity, he can't overcome his instinct to protect her. No matter the danger, he will keep Sorcha safe...and claim her as his bride!

Sorcha has been told by her father, a clan Chieftan, that she must wed but her soon-to-be fiancé is a horrible man.  The fiancé and her father are planning on ruining another clan by joining theirs and Sorcha wants no part of it.  Her mother has been able to protect Sorcha for years from her father’s machinations but she’s now dying.  The mother knows that Sorcha must escape her fate and tries to help her as best she can by giving her baubles and treasures little by little.  When her mother dies and the time comes for Sorcha and her father to travel to meet the fiancé Sorcha fakes her own death (with help from a friend of her mothers) and runs away.  She plans to run to Skye to become a nun but that plan is interrupted when her mother’s friend dies.  Sorcha is resourceful so she heads to her mother’s people who hide her among the clan.

Alan Cameron is a pawn in his uncle’s games.  His uncle is the man that Sorcha was supposed to marry.  When she disappears his uncle, Gilbert, calls him to find her as he’s the best tracker around.  He can’t find her but it looks like she died.  He’s not positive that was what happened but goes with it anyway.

Alan meets Sorcha, who goes by Saraid, and is instantly attracted to her which is good as she is instantly attracted to him as well.  He’s told that she will join a convent but he’s positive he can change her mind. Sorcha is adamant that she cannot change her mind but love has a funny way of changing people’s minds about the future.

This was a sweet story that had a few twists that I enjoyed.  I really liked Sorcha’s character and was surprised and pleased with her adamancy that she was going to join the convent.  She knew if Gilbert Cameron or her father found that she was alive there would be hell to pay.  I was thrilled she stood her ground for as long as she did but we all know she eventually caved. 🙂  Her actions at the end of the book were quite admirable and I loved the strength she showed.

Alan was a great character as well.  I was surprised that it took him as long as it did to figure out that Saraid was Sorcha.  They said he was a great tracker so why the heck couldn’t he figure it out? Lol  Oh well, it was a better story this way. 😉

Overall it was a good story and one I’d recommend if you’d like a quick historical book to read.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


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Guest Review: Married for His Convenience by Eleanor Webster

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Guest Review: Married for His Convenience by Eleanor WebsterReviewer: Tracy
Married for His Convenience by Eleanor Webster
Published by Harlequin Historical
Publication Date: December 1st 2016
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | The Ripped Bodice | Google Play Books

A plain countess…

Tainted by illegitimacy, plain Sarah Martin has no illusions of a grand marriage. So when the Earl of Langford makes her a proposal that will take her one step closer to finding her half sister, she can't refuse!

Sebastian's dreams of romance died with his late wife's affair, so now he needs a convenient wife to act as governess for his silent daughter. Yet Sarah continues to surprise and challenge him, and soon Sebastian can't deny the joy his new bride could bring to his life—and into his bed!

Sarah Martin lived in London when she was little with her mother who was a mistress and her half-sister, Charlotte.  When her mother died her father took her back to his home to live with him and his wife (awkward!) but since Charlotte wasn’t his daughter he left her in London.  It’s been 14 years since Sarah has seen her sister but she dreams of the day she can get to London and find her once again.

Sebastian’s thought he and his wife were happy but she took off with his children with her lover and moved to France…where she was subsequently executed.  The lover held Sebastian’s children for ransom which he paid but he only got his daughter Elizabeth back.  He’s been searching for his son Edwin but hasn’t had any luck.  He meets Sarah and finds her intriguing.  She makes him laugh and she’s got a way with animals and people.  He thinks maybe she’ll be able to bring his daughter out of the dark place she’s been since he got her back 6 months ago.  She hasn’t spoken a word since her return and rocks incessantly.  His great-aunt also wants him to marry and he needs her funds so he asks Sarah to marry him – just for convenience.

Sarah is shocked at the proposal but there are many reasons she should accept – the main one being that she would be in London and would be able to find her sister. Once married she finds the search for Charlotte as well as her interactions with Elizabeth much more difficult than she thought.  She also starts having feelings for Sebastian which she knows are unrequited but she’s determined to make the most of her marriage no matter what.

This was a very sweet story.  Sarah and Sebastian were very opposite people but they got along very well.  Sebastian was a bit flummoxed by the fact that he found plain Sarah highly desirable and tried to curb his desires as much as he could.  He couldn’t stay away for long, however, especially when he started getting emotionally attached to her.  She was so good with his daughter and he loved that.

Sarah was a good person all around.  She cared for children, people and stray animals.  She even cared for her guardian who was her father’s wife and didn’t always treat her in a kindly way.  I loved how she interacted with the silent Elizabeth and tried to help with the search for Edwin whenever she could.

The whole premise of the story was a good one and was really focused on love, trust and respect for the other person.  It was well done and while not all that “sexy” it was a satisfying read.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


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Guest Review: In Bed with the Viking Warrior by Harper St. George

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Guest Review: In Bed with the Viking Warrior by Harper St. GeorgeReviewer: Tracy
In Bed with the Viking Warrior by Harper St. George
Series: Viking Warriors #3
Published by Harlequin
Publication Date: December 20th 2016
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | The Ripped Bodice | Google Play Books

"I still don't know who I am. What if I'm an enemy?"

Injured in battle, Magnus awakens with no memory of who he is. Knowing he is in danger, he flees only to encounter a Saxon maiden in peril.

Aisly hates the Danes who invaded her land and killed her husband. Yet, when a mysterious wounded warrior saves her life, she cannot turn her back on him. As Aisly tends to Magnus's injuries, desire surges between them. But when Magnus's true identity is revealed, she's thrown into turmoil she has invited her enemy into her bed!

Aisly’s husband was recently killed by the Danes.  She knows she should feel bad about that fact but he wasn’t a very nice husband so while she grieves in her own way she’s not too terribly torn up about it. When she is almost attacked in the forest by her village by a Dane she is saved by a man who can’t remember who he is and is very injured.  She takes him to her house, despite the elders of the village and her former father-in-law having a mighty cow about the fact and nurses him back to health.

The man is Magnus, at least he thinks that’s his name.  He woke up in a pile of dead bodies that were being burned.  He escaped and then at one point while fleeing he was set upon by a man who called him Magnus.  It doesn’t sound right to him so he doesn’t share it with the saintly Aisly.  He finds himself wanting to protect and take care of Aisly but the elders, and Aisly’s brother, try to keep them away from each other.  When Magnus finds out that Aisly may be put out of her how by her father-in-law unless she’s found pregnant by her dead husband Magnus offers to get her pregnant.  Such a hardship, I’m sure! 🙂  They both go into bed telling each other that it’s strictly for procreation reasons but they both know that there’s something stronger between them and becoming lovers makes it even stronger.  Of course when Magnus starts to remember will Aisly want him anywhere near her?

I love a good Viking story and this was definitely a keeper.  Between the amnesia story, the Viking aspect, the man in the enemy camp (even though he didn’t know he was the enemy he strongly suspected) it was just really good.  The romance was rather quick but totally appropriate for the setting and time period.  I thought the author did a great job with it while taking into consideration the battles being fought and the lands being taken over and the obvious hatred between the Danes and Saxons.  I have to say that I really wasn’t sure how this one was going to end up and that doesn’t happen very often.

I loved Aisly and Magnus together.  She had been treated so badly by her previous husband and Magnus was a whole other type of man – loving and caring.  Yes, he was a warrior but it didn’t make him a brute to the woman he loved.  He didn’t have to prove himself to her with his fists.  I also love how Magnus finally stood up for himself at the end and went for what he wanted.  I had so much respect for him at that moment it was ridiculous.

So, overall a very good Viking romance that I definitely recommend.  I’ll have to go back and read the other books in this series as well and hope they’re just as good.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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