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Guest Review: The Storm by Jean Johnson

Posted December 22, 2008 by Book Binge Guest Blogger in Reviews | 4 Comments

Guest Review: The Storm by Jean JohnsonReviewer: Tracy
The Storm by Jean Johnson
Series: Sons of Destiny #6
Published by Penguin
Publication Date: September 2, 2008
Genres: Romance, Paranormal
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Eight brothers, born in four sets of twins, two years apart to the day—they fulfill the Curse of Eight Prophecy. Though no longer trapped in exile, their growing family faces new problems. The sixthborn son must find a way to trust his Destined bride…

First, his most heavily guarded refuge is breached. And now, the worst of all crimes against Rydan of Nightfall: Rora, a pesky, privacy-invading foreigner, likes him and won’t leave him alone! Rydan knows he’s as appealing as a rosebush stripped of its blooms, so why does she persist? Any normal maiden should be seeking less thorny company than his.

But Rora isn’t normal. She alone sees the secret of what torments Rydan. And only she can persuade him to put it right before it destroys him. But Rora has her own secret as well—one of such vast power that other mages have killed in order to possess it. It once drove Rora and her sisters into exile, and, in the wrong hands, its power could annihilate their world. In the right hands, it could change her and Rydan’s fate forever.

I have to say that I enjoyed this book much more than previous books. I’ve always been curious about Rydan and what his issues were so it was nice to finally be able to read about him.

This book basically happens simultaneously with The Cat. Mara from The Cat and Rora from this book are twins who happen upon Nightfall Island. They have been running from Mages who want to steal the power that Rora has in her body.

When Rora happens upon Rydan he is in bed and has been drugged by his brother. What his brother didn’t know is that Rydan has a serious problem with emotions, both his and other peoples. His kind of drag him into a sink hole and others literally hurt him. When Rora discovers Rydan’s problem she makes it her “project” to help Rydan deal with the emotions that cause him to stay away from the rest of his family.

Rora is basically a living fountain; A source of power so great that evil mages want to take her/it and use it for evil. When Rora lands on the island she is convinced that it is a safe place and that no one will take advantage of her power. Since Rydan is a Guardian of a fountain himself he understands the need to keep others away from her.

Rydan and Rora, in their solitude, discover a caring and eventual love for each other. They seem to understand each other better than their twins understand them. I very much enjoyed reading the coming together of these two people. I loved all the touching and the hand holding they did. It was a very sexually charged story, but very sweet as well. I’d have to say this is my favorite of all the books so far and for anyone who’s been reading the stories I think they’ll enjoy it.

Rating 3.5 out of 5


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Review: The Trouble with Moonlight by Donna MacMeans.

Posted August 1, 2008 by Rowena in Reviews | 4 Comments

Hero: James Locke
Heroine: Lusinda Havershaw
Grade: 4 out of 5

In the midst of a moonlit safecracking mission, British spy James Locke witnesses a ruby necklace spirited away as if by conjurer’s trick. Following the jewels leads him to Lusinda Havershaw, who’s inherited the talent of turning invisible in the moonlightat least, the parts of her that are unclothed. Locke trains Lusinda in espionage, even while he finds her close proximity bewitchingly distracting. And as their mission to track Russian spies grows treacherous, they’ll find that the heart behaves even more mysteriously than Lusinda in the moonlight.

Alright, this book is very different from anything I’ve ever read before. I say different because though I’ve seen and read my fair share of books with were-wolves, were-hunters, dragon slayers and the like but I’ve never read a story about a heroine who becomes invisible in the moonlight and has a job as a recoverer of stolen property to take care of her aunt and her two younger sisters. When I say, she’s invisible, I mean…really, she’s invisible. And so when she wears clothes at night, she looks like she might be related to the Headless Horseman.

Crazy, right?

It kinda blew me away at first and made me laugh but as I delved right into the story, I forgot all about that being funny and corny. This story picked up and never really slowed down for me. It starts off with Lusinda going on a job (you know invisibly) to retrieve some jewelry for a wife who’s husband gave away without her permission. It wasn’t his jewelry to give away and she wanted it back so Lusinda went in and got it back for her. It’s while she’s on this mission that she comes across the hero of this book, James Locke who can’t believe his eyes because jewels are flying out of the room without anyone actually holding them. Straight blew his mind and he had to find out who it was to recruit them to work for the government.

And recruit them he does but what’s funny about the way he recruits Lusinda is that he traps her and finds out that the only way she can truly be invisible to do this job is if she’s…naked.

I’m seriously not making this up but goodness I had me a good laugh at that one but aside from those corny little things, this story was really good. I had no problem keeping up with the storyline and the characters were refreshing and the pacing was pretty decent.

I’m really glad that I picked this book up to read because I read this pretty quickly and was happy that I did because it was a great storyline, despite the corny stuff.

James Locke was a fantastic hero, I really enjoyed his character. He’s got some other issues that he works through throughout the book but I really dug his character. He was strong, sexy and capable. He knew he had issues but he worked through them and on them and came out better for it and I just really liked him. I liked the way that he was with Lusinda, their relationship was a very big highlight of this book, I loved the scenes with them together. The way that he trained Lusinda zipped right through and I really enjoyed reading those bits.

Lusinda on the other hand, though I enjoyed her character she did kinda get on my nerves sometimes. Like there’s a scene in the beginning of the book where James traps Lusinda and she’s just walking around naked as the day she was born, minding her own business and BAM! He catches her and she’s all offended because hello, she’s naked and there’s this guy all on top of her then she becomes all OH NO GET OFF ME ITS NOT APPROPRIATE and then the next thing you know, she’s back to walking around naked as can be without a care in the world, she did that a bunch of times in the book and it kinda got on my nerves but aside from that little flaw in her character, I enjoyed her. I enjoyed her relationship with her sisters and her relationship with her Aunt and I really, really enjoyed her relationship with James.

All in all, this book was good. It was a delightfully entertaining story and I will definitely be checking out more from Ms. MacMeans.

This book is available from Berkley. You can buy it here or here in e-format.

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Review: Paraworld Zero by Matthew Peterson

Posted January 4, 2008 by Rowena in Reviews | 5 Comments

Review: Paraworld Zero by Matthew PetersonReviewer: Rowena
Paraworld Zero by Matthew Peterson
Published by Blue Forge Press
Publication Date: January 1st 2008
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy
Pages: 251
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Simon Kent is just an ordinary 12-year-old trying to cope with the loss of his parents and the bullies at school . . . or so he thinks. After meeting an outspoken girl with strange hair that changes colors with her mood, he is swept into a futuristic world filled with dragonlike creatures, vast technology, and enslaved giants. But Simon also stumbles upon a secret: He can perform magic in this parallel world! While fighting mystical creatures, unraveling an ancient mystery, and even experiencing his first kiss, Simon discovers that he, an outsider from Earth, is the only person who can save the high-tech planet from an impending doom.

I got this book a couple of weeks ago and I started reading it expecting one thing but was completely surprised to get something else. I was expecting Harry Potter and ended up with demonized pigeons and draguno’s and exploding dumpsters and just every sort of thing that I’m not into as an adult. So, I had to change my focus on the whole book and read this book with Brenna (my daughter) in mind.

Is this something that Brenna would like? Is this something that one of my nieces and nephews would like?

And the answer to that is quite simply: Yes.

The world of Simon Kent on Earth is one that we’ve all read about or even lived. He wasn’t the most popular kid in school, he got good grades, he was an orphan, living with a bully of a kid named Dimitri and he lost himself in his video games. One day, all of that changes when he meets Tonya, some chick with hair that changes colors like a mood ring, someone who is from a different, parallel world.

She’s got this world changer remote thing that takes them from one world to another and while they’re causing havoc on Earth (cue in the possessed dumpsters and overly large demonized pigeons terrorizing humans on Earth) so they need to get out before they get caught by the police and end up in jail. So using her remote changer worlds thingy, they get zapped into space and Dimitri (aka Billy Bad Ass on Earth) follows them and steals their remote changer thingy and Simon and Tonya are stuck on some strange paraworld where science is EVERYTHING.

Not long after they get there do I realize that I hate this paraworld. They’re into slavery here on this paraworld and they pretty stupid. They think they’re so superior to everyone and it grates on my hot damn nerves. They’re living with Dr. Troodles and his family and although I like Thorn, he kind of gets on my nerves too.

Simon starts dreaming of a mysterious woman and he begins to realize that something is going on around them and he needs to do something about it.

There’s all sorts of things happening in this book and it’s just one big fat adventure after the other. After I stopped reading for myself and started reading this book for the kids, I started to enjoy it…it’s not something that I, myself would probably pick up and read but this is something that I would definitely pick up for Brenna to read. The characters are lively and the storyline is fast paced and exciting to read.

Its got everything a kid would enjoy reading so you guys should definitely pick this book up, which comes out sometime this month. The kids will enjoy this book and they’ll enjoy tagging along with Simon and his band of merry men to conquer the evils of all the parallel worlds.

Great story for the kids!


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