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Guest Review: Waking Up Dead by Emma Shortt

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Guest Review: Waking Up Dead by Emma ShorttReviewer: Tracy
Waking Up Dead by Emma Shortt
Series: End of Days Love #1
Also in this series: Waking Up Alive
Published by Entangled
Publication Date: October 22, 2013
Genres: Post Apocalyptic
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You know your life has hit rock bottom when you’re living off cooked rats and showering once every few months—if you’re lucky. But for Jackson Hart things are about to get a whole lot worse. When her best friend, Tye, disappears hunting for food, kick-ass Jackson’s ‘head south to safety’ plan looks like it’s dead before it’s even begun. But then she meets ex-mechanic Luke Granger, who takes her to his bunker, feeds her with non-rat based food, and offers her protection against the zombie hordes—not that she needs it. She knows how to use a machete and isn’t afraid to.

Jackson was tempted to stay in the city with her rescuer. Food, shampoo and the possibility of finally getting laid, what more could she ask for? But the flesh eaters are getting smarter and the bunker is compromised, so Jackson and Luke have no choice but to make the journey south.

Luke and Jackson team up to find other humans in a road-trip romance for the ages. They travel for thousands of miles with zombies shadowing their every move. They must utilize every resource at their disposal…and then some. On the way, they discover that even if flesh eating zombies are knocking down their door, there’s always time for sex and even love.

It’s been 2 years since zombies started taking over the world. Jackson is one of the ones who has survived and she’s done that by taking all emotion from her life and doing what she needs to do in order to live. She met Tye and they had been traveling together and landed in Chicago. They get separated and Jackson ends up meeting Luke who has had it pretty good as he found an underground bunker early on. Luke and Jackson stick together and when Jack tells Luke that she’s headed to a survivors camp in Laredo, Texas that she heard about he decides to go with her.

As they travel they become closer and basically fall in love although Jackson’s not about to admit that and let emotion rule her. When they arrive near Laredo and find more than what they hoped for, Luke thinks that life can be “normal” now but it might have been too long that Jackson was on her own and she might not be able to handle “normal” at all.

I’m the first to put my hand up when anyone asks who likes/watches The Walking Dead on tv. I love that show! What I like so much about it is the interpersonal relationships between the characters and how they treat each other, react to different situations and of course, deal with zombies. When I saw Waking Up Dead on NetGalley I grabbed it because I was hoping that it offered the same kind of thing and it certainly delivered!

Jackson and Luke are wonderful together. No, they didn’t fall into each others arms right away although I could tell there was attraction there. They dealt with each other well but as much as Jackson tried to keep emotion out of her life it was there whether she wanted it to be or not. Luke had had it pretty good with living in the bunker for so long and he hadn’t been walking/traveling for two years like Jack had. He was good for her in that he forced her to look at life differently and while she didn’t like that she allowed it. I loved the communication between the two and I loved watching the blooming romance between the two.

The end of the book was exciting and action-packed (as is the rest of the book) and quite touching. I loved the end scene(s) and can’t wait to read the next book, Waking Up Alive, when it comes out.

If you are one, like me, who loves a great post-apocalyptic romance then this book is definitely one you’ll want to pick up. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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Guest Review: Altered by Marnee Blake

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Guest Review: Altered by Marnee BlakeReviewer: Tracy
Altered by Marnee Blake
Published by Entangled Embrace
Publication Date: December 28, 2015
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Paranormal Romance, Suspense
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When "normal" ends, survival begins...

The sickness came on suddenly and violently. When it was done, waitress Blue Michaels was different in a really strange way. And the entire town of Glory was dead...except for her.

Only that's not exactly true. A handful of people made it, including U.S. Army Specialist Seth Campbell, who was caught in the wrong town at the worst time. He's fierce and protective, and way too good-looking. As much as they need a leader—as much as Blue wants to trust him—there are too many questions and not enough time for answers. Now they are hunted. But what their pursuers don't know is each of them has strange new powers. And they'll use their "gifts" to survive...no matter who stands in their way.

Blue Michaels just got home from work as a bartender when she becomes violently ill.  When it finally stops and she’s finally slept she finds most of the people in her small town of Glory, Colorado dead.  There are some people who, like her, survived but she’s not sure what exactly she survived.  One of the people who she finds living is Army Specialist Seth Campbell.  He manages to hide them enough to get to her friends house when she finds her alive.  Her friend, Kitty, is freaking out because she can all of a sudden read minds.  When Seth and Blue think about it they find they have special powers as well and it’s freaking them out.

The group grows while they try to get out of town and seek assistance but they’re being followed by a group by the name of Goldstone who wants to take them prisoner.  Blue and Seth as well as the others want to find out what the hell happened to them, how did their families get killed, WHY this happened and how can they make it all stop?  They don’t know who to trust and just when they think they’ve found the right people they’re betrayed and now have nowhere to run.

I have to admit that when I read the blurb to this book it definitely sounded interesting but it was vague enough of a description that I really wasn’t sure what I was getting into.  I’m happy that I took a chance on the book because it was a good one.

The story was bizarre enough that I had to keep reading to find out what happens to the group but the writing of the characters and the way they each dealt with their powers/afflictions was what kept me reading.  Marnee Blake kept me glued to the pages as with each one I turned there was something exciting happening.  It definitely had me on the edge of my seat.

Within all of this there was a blooming love story between Seth and Blue that started pretty suddenly, but as the book went on I saw the relationship grow and I liked the two together.  They were each caring people to start with so together they made quite the pair and led the group to the best of their ability – taking care of those who wouldn’t have necessarily been able to take care of themselves.  They were most certainly stronger as a whole unit than individually.

The story is not finished which is the only bad thing about the book – which for me was a big one.  I really don’t care for books that have cliffhangers.  Really, this wasn’t truly a cliffhanger but it’s not a complete story either.  I know that the next one is about Kitty but it will include the group as well as none of their stories are finished.  This was a major problem for me because I’m not a patient person! lol  Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for the next story to roll around because I really want to know what happens next.

If you like a good suspense story that has pretty major paranormal elements to it then this one would be a good one for you to pick up.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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Guest Review: The Highlander’s Accidental Marriage by Callie Hutton

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Guest Review: The Highlander’s Accidental Marriage by Callie HuttonReviewer: Tracy
The Highlander's Accidental Marriage by Callie Hutton
Series: Marriage Mart Mayhem #6
Published by Entangled Scandalous
Publication Date: November 30, 2015
Genres: Historical Romance
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She never intended to take a husband...

Scotland, 1817

The Duke of Manchester's sister, Lady Sarah Lacey, always abides by the rules of etiquette. Fate, however, has no such confines. On a journey to the Scottish Highlands, Lady Sarah is set upon by misfortune-leaving her without carriage or chaperone, and left to the mercy of a kind and handsome gentleman. Whom (in order to secure a room at an inn) she announces is her husband.

When she proclaims they're married in public, Professor Braeden McKinnon can't bring himself to correct the lovely Lady Sarah. After all, her reputation would be ruined. Nor can he tell her that her proclamation is not only legally binding in Scotland, but sharing a room is considered to be an act of consummation...

Now they are bound together until death do they part-even if Sarah has no intention of becoming any man's wife.

Lady Sarah Lacey is on a trip to the Highlands to visit her sister who is about to give birth.  On the way she runs into a horrible storm and her carriage is run off a cliff, killing her driver and footman.  Luckily Sarah and her lady’s maid were thrown from the carriage and their lives were spared.

Professor Braeden McKinnon is also on his way from Edinburgh to the Highlands to wait for a letter letting him know if he has been accepted on an archaeological expedition.  That’s really the only thing he’s thinking about so as much as he wants to help the ladies on the side of the road he’s exasperated at having to delay his trip.  Braeden and his friend end up traveling with the ladies until a series of events makes it so that only Braeden and Sarah are traveling alone.  They manage until they come across one inn that’s very crowded and instead of two rooms there’s only one and Sarah doesn’t want to let it go.  Braeden had decided that they were to pose as brother and sister but when the innkeeper recognizes Braeden Sarah decides to claim they’re married so that they can have the room.  Unbeknownst to Sarah declaring you’re married in front of a witness is as a good as a wedding in Scotland.

Braeden doesn’t tell her their married in the eyes of the law until they reach her sisters house but that doesn’t stop them from consummating the marriage (whether Sarah knew that’s what they were doing or not).  Once she finds out she’s not happy at all. She never plans on getting married as she’s an author who is about to be published and she plans on that being her life.  She knows if she’s married her husband will either stop her from writing/publishing or in Braeden’s case make her go on his expedition with her to Rome rather than go back to London to do book signings and make appearances.  When Sarah finds herself in love with Braeden she’s still torn on what to do and it may tear their relationship apart.

This was a very cute though highly unlikely story.  I couldn’t seem to wrap my brain around Sarah, who at first seemed highly proper and unlikely to travel alone with a man, not only does but then sleeps with him as well (and takes the chance of getting pregnant which was strange when she said she didn’t want kids).  As much as that furthered the story it didn’t match up with my knowledge of how women acted back in the 19th century.  Of course this is a romance and fiction so I let that go after a bit. 🙂

Sarah and Braeden were very sweet together if a bit odd. He was so worried about his expedition and she was so worried about her publisher that though they fell in love they were both so stubborn that they couldn’t work out their issues.  I did think that Sarah was much more stubborn than Braeden but then Braeden’s expectations of what would happen now that they were married were a bit prosaic – but fitting with the times.

Overall the story was very cute and I was happy when the pair finally worked out their differences.  They each came to a compromise and I loved seeing that not just one of them, but both, had to give up something in order to find a middle ground. This was my first book by Callie Hutton but it was a good one and I’ll be reading more from her in the future.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


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Guest Review: The Finn Factor by Rachel Bailey

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Guest Review: The Finn Factor by Rachel BaileyReviewer: Tracy
The Finn Factor by Rachel Bailey
Published by Entangled
Publication Date: September 28, 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Buy on Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Sometimes all a girl needs is a little practice...

It's been twelve months, three days, and eleven hours since accounting student Scarlett Logan made it past a second date. A pitcher of mojitos in hand, she employs her supreme graphing skills to narrow things down to one horrifying explanation. Kissing. Clearly someone needs to teach her how to kiss properly. Like, say, her best friend and roomie, Finn Mackenzie. He's safe, he's convenient, and yeah, maybe just a little gorgeous.

Finn knows exactly why Scarlett's boyfriends are disappearing quickly. Him. Not a single guy she's brought home is nearly good enough. And he'll be damned if he lets some loser give her "kissing lessons." No. He'll do the honors, thank you very much. The moment their lips touch, though, everything turns upside down. But Scarlett deserves the one thing Finn can't give her. And if he doesn't put an end to the sexy little shenanigans, he'll teach Scarlett the hardest lesson of all...heartbreak.

Tracy’s review of The Finn Factor by Rachel Bailey

Scarlett lives with her best friend Finn. They became friends when Finn saved her from being beaten by his then roommate. That was four years ago and they’ve been friends ever since. Scarlett never stayed in one place very long when she was growing up so she moved a lot as an adult as well. She finally moved in with Finn a year ago and she’s loving the safety and security she feels.

Scarlett goes on yet another date where it seems the guy is interested and yet he seems to take off quickly when the date is through. She was studying to be an accountant at one point in her life so she decides to make a chart of her dates and how long it’s been since she’s had sex, etc. She enters in all of the factors and discovers that she must be bad at kissing because once the men kiss her they become disinterested. She decides to ask someone she knows through work to help her but Finn’s having none of it. He decides that he will be the kissing instructor.

Finn Mackenzie is a good guy. He lost his parents when he was just 18 and has basically raised his two sisters. He feels like he’s doing the right thing in chasing Scarlett’s dates off when she’s out of the room. He tells himself it’s because they only want one thing and that once he finds someone that’s a good person he’ll back off – just like he would do with his sisters. That’s until he kisses her and all of the feelings that he didn’t acknowledge that he had for Scarlett come to the surface – and they are definitely not sisterly feelings.

Scarlett and Finn try to stay away from each other but soon figure out that it’s impossible. They decide to date but keep it on the down low and they don’t tell anyone – not even his sisters. This is fine until Scarlett finds out about Finn’s involvement in her past dates. Issues also arise when Scarlett starts getting closer to Finn and realizes that the secure, solid life she wants isn’t possible with a man who is an archaeologist and will be moving around endlessly.

The Finn Factor was a good story. It was fun and pretty light and I had fun reading it.

Scarlett and Finn were cute together. They had some awesome chemistry when they finally let themselves feel it. While the whole “kissing lesson” thing made me roll my eyes a bit I was soothed by the fact that they had been drinking and we all know that good decisions are not made while intoxicated. Now it ended up good for these friends as it worked as a catalyst to get them together.

While I wasn’t sure how they didn’t know they liked each other after four years after thinking about it, it could definitely happen. There are just times when you look at someone differently and it’s like getting a reality check. This happened with Finn and Scarlett and it ended being good. Scarlett was a bit over-dramatic near the end of the book for my liking but she came through in the end.

The secondary characters in this story played a big part and they did it well. Finn’s two sisters, Scarlett’s friend and her parents – all of them added a realistic element to the story.

After looking up Rachel Bailey on Goodreads I realized she’s written quite few books. This is a new-to-me author but I’ll be perusing her works in the near future to see if I can find some other gems.

Rating: 3.75 out of 5

This title is available from Entangled Publishing. You can buy it here or here in e-format. This book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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Guest Review: The Earl’s New Bride by Frances Fowlkes

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Guest Review: The Earl’s New Bride by Frances FowlkesReviewer: Tracy
The Earl's New Bride by Frances Fowlkes
Series: The Daughters of Amhurst
Also in this series: To Win a Viscount, The Gentleman's Promise

Publication Date: September 7, 2015
Buy on Amazon | Barnes & Noble

England, 1819

The Earl of Amhurst has returned to his estate in search of a wife and, more importantly, an heir. Simon Devere isn't interested in some comely, simpering creature. A beautiful woman only brings heartbreak and ruin, and Simon's disfigured visage is proof enough of that. No, he wants a wife who is unattractive and undesirable-and the homelier, the better.

But nothing about Lady Henrietta Beauchamp is homely. She is lovely and sweet... and struggles to mix with polite society when she would so much rather have plants for company. And yet Simon is her only hope for keeping Plumburn Castle in her family's possession. Even if it means marrying a man she doesn't love.

It's an impossible and unlikely match... unless this awkward beauty can bring hope back into a solitary beast's life.

Tracy’s review of The Earl’s New Bride by Frances Fowlkes

The Earl of Amhurst is throwing a party at his country home to try and find a bride. He invited several women including the daughters of his distant relative – the daughters of the man he inherited his title from. He really doesn’t want to marry at all as he’s been betrayed by every woman he’s ever loved or even cared for. The only reason he’s marrying is because he needs an heir so that his brother won’t get his hands on the title…ever.

Henrietta is a woman on a mission. She wants to keep her family estate in the family and the only way to do that is to marry the new earl. She’s more about her family home than she is about the man but she can’t deny that he is quite handsome and she finds him interesting. Sadly she is more comfortable with plants than she is with people and with her constantly battling her nerves she fears that he’ll never take a serious look at her.

Simon doesn’t want to be attracted to Henrietta as she’s too beautiful and too dark-haired. All of the women who betrayed him in the past were all dark-haired and he doesn’t trust any of them. Except that Henrietta, despite her clumsiness and stutter, catches his attention from the first moment he lays eyes on her and he can’t seem to get her out of his head. Then she goes and starts taking care of him with her herbs and her kind words and he’s very confused. Unfortunately the women in the house keep getting sick and when they find out that herbs are to blame Simon thinks he’s got his proof that all women are horrid – including Henrietta.

This was an unexpectedly good story. I really liked the characters, the story and the writing and that was wonderful.

Simon was a bit of an enigma for most of the story. He was in the papers constantly – having been accused of killing his mistress and then disappearing for five years. He had been exonerated but that didn’t stop people from thinking the worst of him. He was a good man with a good heart and had been betrayed so many times by women I felt sorry for his past. I loved that his determination to stay away from Henrietta crumbled under her ministrations of his headaches. He was also a bit of the jealous type (which worked out perfectly for Henrietta) as his friend was making a play for her as well.

Henrietta was really a book nerd. She loved plants and books and reading books about plants and their healing properties. She wasn’t good with people at all and having to put herself out there to get Simon to notice her went against everything in her. She did a good job though and I enjoyed her personality – both when she was with him and when she wasn’t.

The book would definitely be categorized as a light historical and it was a fast, easy read. I would love to read more from this author in the future – maybe even get the stories of Henrietta’s twin sisters. 🙂

Rating: 4 out of 5

This title is available from Entangled Publishing. You can buy it here or here in e-format. This book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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