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Guest Review: A Breath of Scandal by Elizabeth Essex

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Tracy’s review of A Breath of Scandal (The Reckless Brides #2) by Elizabeth Essex

Forced by her family into an engagement with a man she can never abide, Antigone Preston knows only a scandal will save her from a loveless marriage. But knocking a man down to the ballroom floor with her fists brings dangerous consequences. She may have ruined her reputation, but now she’s endangered her heart…

The son of an earl and a career navy man, Captain William Jellicoe has no interest in the frivolities of London—and even less in the institution of marriage. But there’s something steering him toward Antigone. He has never met anyone as brazen and unconventional as…himself. But will he risk it all for a woman who still has the breath of scandal hot on her lips?

Antigone Preston has just returned from her father’s funeral when her she walks into her house and is told by her mother that she is to marry a man by the name of Lord Aldridge, who is old enough to be her father. She immediately says no, several times, but her mother finally insists that they just have “an agreement” until the family is out of mourning and then all will be decided. The mother informs Antigone that she MUST do this for her sister Cassandra so that she can meet better marriage prospects and since Antigone loves her sister she goes along with it.

We soon see that the mother (who I kept thinking of as an old biddy but then I found out she was supposedly two years younger than me – ouch. lol) only has her own and Cassandra’s best interests at heart. She obviously doesn’t care about Antigone’s feelings and forces her to act the part of the docile daughter even though Antigopne is anything but. We first get a full view of Antigone’s personality when they are at a ball put on by Lord Aldridge and his sister and when another Lord gets too handsy she lays him flat with one punch. Her mother is mortified and sends her off to hide. Antigone is soon joined by Will Jellicoe who is a naval man who is at loose ends. The war is over and he has no ship – he’s floundering and the ball is just making him nuts as there are so many people. He heads to the library and meets Antigone who introduces herself as Preston. Jellicoe and Preston soon share a glass of brandy and find they like each other very well.

The pair are great together but they end up getting themselves in to some interesting situations. Preston is dressed like a boy and they end up playing dice in the streets and then getting into a brawl at a tavern. Jellicoe makes every deal he can so that he can see Preston but knows that there’s nothing more than him enjoying her company as he plans on being on a ship again soon.

Matters come to a head when Antigone finds out some information about the pervert Aldridge and some other info from her scheming, lying and manipulative mother. Will knows he loves Preston but he can’t believe that he can have her – especially when he finds out she’s engaged.

I have to say that I had very mixed feelings about this book. The story started off rather slowly for me. I was shocked and dismayed when the mother engaged Antigone to a man on the day of her father’s funeral. I immediately knew that I disliked the mother intensely and was really kind of pissed at Antigone for standing up to everyone in her life except to her mother. I understand it was her mother but after what that woman did? I would have completely laid into her if I were here daughter. The sister was on Antigone’s side but she really did nothing to stand up for her at all. I was more than a bit disappointed in her.

I thought that Will and Antigone were good together and for the most part I really liked their scenes together. They were fun and the pair seemed pretty carefree even though they weren’t. I liked seeing their antics, but the antics themselves seemed almost forced – kind of just made up and stuck in to further the book. IDK, it was a story that ebbed and flowed for me but after I was done I wasn’t sure exactly how I felt about it. I thought it was entertaining but beyond that it didn’t have a whole lot of depth to it. I was happy that Jellicoe and Preston got their HEA but the getting there was a bit too convoluted for my tastes.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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This book is available from St. Martin’s Paperbacks. You can buy it here or here in e-format. This book was provided by the publisher for an honest review.

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What I Read Last Week

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Good Morning! 
How are you all on this fine Martin Luther King, Jr. Day? I’m happily off of work today and and I wish I could say it’s wonderful but my youngest got the flu so I’m having an….interesting day. 🙂 Hopefully this won’t be one of the really bad cases that has been going around cross fingers. We’ll be spending the day watching movies which will be great – ok laundry and house cleaning will be stuck in there too but I’m trying to ignore those aspects of the day. Lol 

I hope you all had a great week. Did anyone do anything super fun this past weekend? 

Did any of you try to get one of Anne Tenino’s cock sculptures? She’s notifying winners today so if any of you win you need to let me know – maybe take a picture with your new cock when you get it. 🙂 

Oh and stop on Wednesday when I’ll be hosting LA Witt and she’s got a great giveaway as well. 🙂
Ok – On to what I read last week: 

First up was Anne Tenino‘s Too Stupid To Live. I really liked this book for a lot of different reasons. I have to say that I didn’t read The Fix (yet) so I didn’t get to see what an ass Ian was before I opened TSTL (I’ve heard he was a jerk in The Fix). Anyway, you can read all of my thoughts on TSTL here in my review. 4.25 out of 5 
Next up was A Breath of Scandal by Elizabeth Essex. This was the story of a Antigone whose mother tries to engage her to a man twice her age. Antigone refuses but the mother says that they’ll just have an “agreement” for a few month and that Antigone doesn’t have to actually go through with the marriage. Antigone is not your typical heroine and when she meets Will Jellicoe he’s more than happy to show her how to misbehave. Unfortunately she really IS engage to another man so Will and Antigone can’t be together. This was a good yet sometimes frustrating book. I liked Will a lot but sometimes Antigone was just too over the top for my liking. The mother in this book was a complete hag and I disliked her intensely. 3 out of 5 (read for Book Binge) 
Star Crossed by Kele Moon is the second book in the Battered Hearts series. This is about a lawyer named Juliet who meets a cage fighter named Romeo and you got it, they fall in love. There are a ton of things that should keep them apart but Jules and Romeo won’t let anything stand in their way of being together. You can read my full review here. 4 out of 5 
My next read was Something New Under the Sun by LA Witt. This is the second book in the Falling Sky series and continues the story of Daniel and Liam and their fight against Daniel’s father. They work to get the prototypes for a mod that will kill vampires (of which Liam is one) so that they can stop Daniel’s father in his tracks. My review will post tomorrow so you can read more of my thoughts then. 4 out of 5 
Unforgivable by Joanna Chambers was next up. The story is about a woman who marries a man who she thinks wants to marry her. Unfortunately he HAS to marry her in order to get the lands back that his father gambled away. She has been sick and is thin and still has scarring. He is disgusted. He takes her to the country and leaves her there for five years before she decides she’s had enough. She now is a beautiful woman but can she forgive him for his desertion and can he forgive her for a lie she told as well? I really liked the writing in this book A LOT, I really did. Unfortunately I didn’t love the story all that much and the angst made me a bit nuts. I wanted the hubby to grovel so much more than he did and I was bit mad at the heroine that she accepted him so easily. This was read for The Book Binge so I’ll let you know when the review posts. 3.5 out of 5 
Mutegi’s Sweet One by Charlie Richards is book 1 in the Kontra’s Menagerie series. From what Tam told me it’s a spin off from a previous series. All the men in the bike club are gay and they are all various types of shifters. Mutegi is a warthog shifter (snort) and he meets his mate on the side of the road when Ben and his sister and niece’s car breaks down. The bike club help not only with the car but with the evil ex husband of the sister. Ben and Mutegi fall in love pretty fast and there wasn’t a whole lot of depth to the story but it was cute anyway. 2.5 out of 5 
Last for the week was Big Bad Bite by Jessie Lane. This story is about a shifter hybrid who’s half wolf and half demon – the only known hybrid of this sort that’s known to exist. She’s been secluded her whole life but now she’s on a SWAT team and meeting all sorts of various shifters and demons. Her and her new friends are trying to find out information about an Eastern European shifter pack and what they’re up to. In the meantime the Alpha of the nearest pack to her new home, Adam, wants Jenna for his mate but she’s not sure that’s what she wants. I liked the premise of this story but I didn’t care for the writing style. There was a lot of inner thought and introspection, lengthy descriptions and info dumps that really threw me out of the story and frankly bored me. If the authors tighten things up and get rid of excess it would have been a good book. 2 out of 5 

My Book Binge reviews that posted last week: 

Happy Reading! 

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