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Saying Goodbye

Posted December 27, 2016 by Holly in Discussions | 18 Comments

I’ve dedicated a good portion of the last 15 years to reading. It’s been my main (dare I say only?) hobby, passion and one-true-love. I spent many hours reading, discussing and reviewing books. I also spent a good amount of time and money collecting them. Thousands of books have passed through my personal library over the last decade. I used to keep every book I read, whether I loved it or hated it. Back then, if I had 5 books in my to-be-read pile I got anxiety. Then I slowly started weeding out the books I didn’t love and figured I’d never read again. And my TBR pile grew to 20. As time went on I culled a lot more of my print library, keeping only my absolute favorites and my full collections. And my TBR pile grew to thousands (though a good number of those are digital..curse you, one-click!).

Over the summer we bought a new house and moved. The new house has a ton of natural light – which is wonderful, – but all the windows take up wall space I could have used for bookshelves. I decided it was time to brutally cut down my print collection. I kept pretty much only signed copies and my full collections. Linda Howard, Lisa Kleypas, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Nalini Singh, etc. These are the collections that include very book by the author. Some signed. All in great condition.

One of the largest – and most prized- of my collections, the In Death series by J.D. Robb disappeared in the move. I’m pretty sure it got put in with the donation boxes, though I can’t be 100% certain. I spent years collecting them. The full, complete series, including novellas, mostly in hardback. It was beautiful. And it’s gone. Gone.

It wasn’t until we’d been in the new house a couple months that I noticed they were missing. We still had some boxes in the garage that hadn’t been unpacked and I figured they were mixed in with those. Eventually all the boxes were unpacked and the books still hadn’t turned up. I called the places we usually donate to, but they didn’t have them. Either they were donated elsewhere or they were already gone by the time I called.

Over the years as I switched to mostly digital reading, I’d been slowly purchasing my favorites in e-format, so I have pretty much the entire series in e already, but that doesn’t lesson my anger and sadness over the loss of these beloved books. My heart is broken.

Back in February of this year, my husband’s aunt moved in with us. She has dementia. She’s a huge reader and books give her great pleasure. But she has strange ticks that come with her disease. One of them is hoarding/hiding books and destroying them. She pulls pages out and crumples them, bends and creases the covers and, in comes cases, even shreds them. I have no idea why. I don’t blame her for it. It isn’t something she can help. However, before we moved my entire collection of books was at her disposal and she destroyed a number of my books. Some of them weren’t very important to me, but others…oh how I mourn them. Several signed copies, or ones given to me directly by authors. The pain!

Most people don’t understand. “They’re just books, Holly”. Or “You can buy new ones.” Both are true. They are just books and I can buy new copies. But that isn’t really the point. It’s hard to say goodbye. And while these may be just books, I was pretty damn attached to them.

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Going Digital

Posted October 13, 2015 by Rowena in Discussions | 25 Comments

Going Digital
One of the biggest problems that book nerds the world over has is the problem of space. There’s never enough room for all of the books that one acquires and since most of us don’t come with our very own Beast to build us the libraries of our dreams, sometimes steps need to be taken.

Steps like purging your book stash every three months or going on book buying bans or if you’re like me, going completely digital.

For years, I’ve held on to the hope that even though I was reading less print books, I still had to have them around. They were a comfort to me and I still liked waking up to the sight of them. They made my bookshelves pretty but then my daughter asked me, “When was the last time you read one of those books?” and the answer? Years. Not days or weeks or even months. Not even one year but multiple years. Years of those books just collecting dust because I just wasn’t into reading them anymore.

So far in 2015, I’ve read not one print book. Not one and we’re coming up on October.

In 2014, I made a TBR jar in an effort to get control of my monstrous TBR pile and all of those print books on my shelves and let me tell you…that was an epic fail. I tried to read 12 books and I just couldn’t do it. I think I got maybe 3 books read and that’s it.

In 2013, I read a handful of print books but none were books from my shelves. All of the books I read were from publishing houses, sent for review.

In 2012, I read a handful of books from my bookshelves but most of the books that I read that year were eBooks.

Well, no more.

I spent the weekend spring cleaning the hell out of my bedroom. I went through my clothes and my daughter’s clothes and packed up anything we haven’t worn in years then I set up the boxes that would pack up every single book on my bookshelves.

I have two bookshelves that were filled with books.


This is an old picture because 1) that’s not my room anymore and 2) I didn’t take a picture of my shelves before I packed up the books so there were quite a few books added since I took this picture but still, you get the idea.

Here’s what my books look like after they were all packed up and ready to go.


I thought I would feel more sad that I got rid of so many books but honestly, I’m excited for the space the books free up in my room. These days, I’m reading 100% of my books on my iPad. If I’m not reading on my iPad then I’m reading on my iPhone and my virtual bookshelves are amazing. I love pulling up Calibre and organizing my eBooks and just seeing them on my iBooks shelves.

So that’s it. It’s done. I’ve gone completely digital and I can’t help but think…

How many of you lovely readers have gone completely digital? Do you think you’ll ever leave print books behind for good?

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