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Author Spotlight Review: The Lion’s Lady by Julie Garwood

Posted December 29, 2009 by Casee in Features, Reviews | 5 Comments

Lion's Lady by Julie GarwoodCasee‘s review of The Lion’s Lady (Crown Spies, Book 1) by Julie Garwood.

Christina Bennett had taken London society by storm. The ravishing beauty guarded the secret of her mysterious past until the night Lyon, Marquis of Lyonwood, stole a searching, sensuous kiss. An arrogant nobleman with a pirate’s passions, he tasted the wild fire smoldering beneath Christina’s cool charm and swore to posess her…

But the fiesty and defiant Christina would not be so easily conquered. Mistress of her heart and of her fortune, she resisted Lyon’s sensuous caresses. She dared not surrender to his love…for then, she must also forsake her precious secret…and her promised destiny!

I am really sucking at reviews this month. The words just aren’t flowing. My creative juices have dried up.

The best part of this book was when Christina eats the shrubs. I have re-read this book dozens of times and every time I get to that part, I laugh. A lot.

She was so enchanting. Her smile of pleasure made Lyon feel at peace again. Christina looked quite mesmerized. Lyon watched as she reached out and tore a leaf from the hedge, then began to twirl it between her fingers as she continued to sway to the music.

He thought she didn’t even realize what she was doing. Her gaze was directed on the gentleman singing the song, her manner relaxed, unguarded.

Lyon knew she wasn’t aware she was being watched, either. She wouldn’t have eaten the leaf otherwise, or reached for another.

“Sir, which one is Princess Christina?” Andrew asked Lyon, just as Rhone started in choking on his laughter.

Rhone had obviously been watching Christina, too.


“The blond-headed one,” Lyon muttered, shaking his head. He watched in growing disbelief as Christina daintily popped another leaf into her mouth.

“Which blond-headed one?” Andrew persisted.

“The one eating the shrubs.”

This one scene really tells you everything you need to know about this book. Christina is such an unconventional heroine, you can’t not want to know more about her. Honestly, what type of English woman (or any woman) eats shrubbery? Christina does that and a lot more.

Christina and Lyon are two characters that were made for each other in every way. Lyon is what Christina considers a warrior. Lyon isn’t always proud of the things he has done in the name of his country, but Christina refuses to believe he’s anything but strong and courageous. Lyon knows there’s more the Princess Christina than meets the eye, but he finds it surprisingly hard to get information out of her. Truthful information that is.

While the plot of Christina confronting her father certainly added an element to the story, it didn’t drive it. The best part of this book is after Christina and Lyon get married. Seeing these two have to adjust to each other was really wonderful. It was both amusing and heartwarming. There is a strong sense of family in this book. I really have so many favorite parts of this book that it is hard not to recount them all. So I’ll just tell you: read the book. You won’t be sorry.

5 out of 5.

This book is available from Pocket. You can buy it here or here in e-format.

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Author Spotlight Review: Castles by Julie Garwood

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Author Spotlight Review: Castles by Julie GarwoodReviewer: Holly
Castles (Crown's Spies #4) by Julie Garwood
Series: Crown Spies #4
Also in this series: The Lion's Lady
Publisher: Pocket Books
Publication Date: November 4th 1996
Genres: Historical Romance
Pages: 354
Add It: Goodreads
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | The Ripped Bodice | Google Play Books
Series Rating: four-stars

Orphaned and besieged Princess Alesandra knew that only hasty marriage to an Englishman could protect her from the turmoil in her own land. To the amusement of her makeshift guardian, Colin, younger brother of the Marquess of Caineswood, the bold raven-haired beauty instantly captivated London society. But when Alesandra was nearly abducted by her unscrupulous countrymen, the fighting instincts that won Colin a knighthood for valor were rekindled.

Deceiving himself that he wanted only to protect her, Colin swept her into a union meant to be a marriage in name alone ... yet Alesandra's tender first kiss and hesitant caress ignited a wildfire in his soul. As the lovely princess dashed headlong into unforeseen dangers, Colin would follow, knowing he must claim her as his own forever. Now he would risk life itself before he would lose this sweet, tempestuous angel ...


After Rowena reviewed this I kept thinking about it and decided I had to re-read. While I enjoyed parts of it, I’d forgotten that Castles is one of my least favorite books by Garwood.

Colin acts like such a condescending jerk to Alesandra most of the time I found I was just annoyed with him. He doesn’t give her the credit she deserves for anything. While that was cute in the beginning, the longer his attitude wore on the less I enjoyed the book. By the time he realizes his mistakes and apologizes, I’d had enough of his high handed ways. Especially since he constantly “forbids” Alesandra from doing things.

For her part Alesandra was a good heroine, but I felt she became somewhat of a doormat toward the end. The way she constantly gave in frustrated me. There were times when I felt like she needed to give Colin a good set down, but she didn’t. Even the way she went behind his back to accomplish things bothered me, because I felt she should have stood up for herself instead.

There are some wonderfully humorous and/or touching moments, but they weren’t enough to save the story for me. While I didn’t hate it, it isn’t a favorite either.

3 out of 5

The series:

Book CoverBook CoverBook CoverBook Cover

This book is available from Pocket. You can buy it here or here.


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