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Guest Review: Faking it by Christina Ross

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Guest Review: Faking it by Christina RossReviewer: Tracy
Faking It by Christina Ross
Series: The Making It series #1
Publisher: Self-Published
Publication Date: December 2nd 2017
Format: eARC
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 230
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Series Rating: four-stars

Jackson Cruise is super hot, super successful, and his movies have made billions at the box office. But when the paparazzi photograph him kissing another man, Jackson’s true sexuality quickly comes into question in ways that might destroy his career.

Start the damage control now.

Enter emerging actress Sienna Jones, who is offered millions to become Jackson’s new girlfriend. Sienna decides to take the job and fake it, and before long, her star starts to rise as her and Jackson’s fake relationship begins to trend on Twitter.

All while the actor’s hunky security guard, Austin Black, looks on at Sienna in lust.

As Sienna and Austin become friends—and then a whole lot more after one steamy night of passion—the question is simple: How long can Sienna continue to fake it when she realizes that she’s falling in love.

Sienna Jones is about to make it big.  She just won a coveted award at the Cannes Film Festival but before anything else can happen she has a meeting with her agent who has another part for her to play.  Jackson Cruise is gay and in the closet.  He’s an action star and doesn’t want his sexuality known but was just captured on film kissing another man.  In order to turn the tide of the public Jackson and his agent are proposing that Sienna pose as his girlfriend for 8 months and then break it off.  They feel that’s good amount of time and Sienna will be paid 10 million dollars. Sienna feels for Jackson and agrees.

Almost the minute that Sienna signs on the dotted line she meets Austin Black, Jackson’s head of security.  The man is amazing and Sienna can’t manage to keep her eyes off of him.  The sexual tension continues to build on both Sienna’s and Austin’s part but they can’t be together.  If they are seen together or even there’s even a hint of them together then Sienna loses the money.  After being poor her whole life she’s not about to let that happen.  Sienna’s determined to make Austin see that they can’t be together for another few months but instead she ends up in bed with him.

Will they be able to wait 7 more months to be together?  Austin says he’ll wait but anything could happen.

Faking It has an interesting premise that immediately caught my eye.  I was excited to read about these two and how they would handle everything.  The book was well written and I liked a lot of the book but Austin and Sienna spent so much time apart in the book it was hard to feel they were falling in love – it felt more like lust to me.

Sienna was a great character.  I liked her a lot and I loved that she wasn’t letting her insta-fame go to her head.  She was a smart girl and her word was her bond.  Except she did accept Austin’s dinner invitation which of course was a huge mistake (as I knew it would be).

The thing I really didn’t understand is that supposedly the only people who knew about the fake relationship is just few people but as the book went on there were so many people that would have had to have known what was going on in order to do their work that I was a bit baffled by it all.  For a “secret” relationship it really wasn’t that much of a secret.  SO many people could have easily ratted on them – it was a little disconcerting.

Jackson was a good guy and I liked him (except for their first date when he was a mess).  Austin was a good man too but honestly I hardly got to know him so it was hard for me to want him and Sienna to get together.

Despite my issues I thought it was cute story and will definitely read the next book in the series.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


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