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Guest Review: Turn of the Moon by L.P. Dover

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Guest Review: Turn of the Moon by L.P. DoverReviewer: Tracy
Turn of the Moon by L.P. Dover
Series: Royal Shifters #1
Publisher: Self-Published
Publication Date: August 24, 2015
Format: eARC
Genres: Paranormal Romance
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Series Rating: four-stars

To escape the cruel, overbearing, Kade, the Yukon Pack alpha she’s been promised to, Bailey Whitehill flees her home in search of a new life, one of freedom where she can make her own choices. However, Kade will stop at nothing to make her his and begins the hunt.

As Bailey starts her new life, everything she’s known to be true, is not. Time is of the essence and choices have to be made or consequences suffered. Not only does Bailey fear Kade, but another danger lurks deep in the recesses of the forest. Unbeknownst to her, that danger is what she’s been searching for all along. At the turn of the moon, her fate hangs in the balance . . . and it’s up to her to make the right choice.

Tracy’s review of Turn of the Moon (Royal Shifters #1) by L.P. Dover

Bailey was raised in near solitude with her pack and family. They finally let her go to college and she had a great time. Now she’s back and her parents tell her they are forcing her to mate with a nearby pack alpha. She’s thinking…oh hell no! Kade is a complete asshole and she wants nothing to do with him. He’s cruel and vindictive and when he tries to rape her after her father hands her over she rips his throat and runs.

She ends up in Wyoming and manages to meet her true mate. Of course she was raised in such solitude her parents never told her about magic or true mates. She likes Ryker and is shocked when she finds out that he knew her as a child and that they were friends. She remembers none of that. In fact when her friend and fellow pack member Sebastian shows up and tells her some other truths about her life she’s even more surprised at what she hears. She’s not who she thought she was at all and she can’t understand why the secrets were kept. As Ryker and Bailey get to know each other they start to fall in love and plan on bonding during the full moon but Kade isn’t about to give up on Bailey as she was promised to him. He’ll stop at nothing to make her his.

This was a good start to a new series. I liked the characters in the story and the story itself. There were a lot of secrets that were discovered in this book – not only about Bailey but about Ryker as well. It was interesting to peel off the layers and find out what was underneath.

While I like stories about fated mates it’s hard for me to sometimes liked the fact that the love happens so quickly. Even if it’s not insta-love it’s fast enough that I have to wonder at it. This is a paranormal story though so I took it at face value. 🙂

Overall the love story was good, the unfolding of the story done well and the battle scenes pretty great. I look forward to reading what happens next in this world.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

This title is self-published. You can buy it here in e-format. This book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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