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Guest Review: My One True Highlander by Suzanne Enoch

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Guest Review: My One True Highlander by Suzanne EnochReviewer: Tracy
My One True Highlander by Suzanne Enoch
Series: No Ordinary Hero #2
Also in this series: Hero in the Highlands
Published by St. Martin's Paperbacks
Publication Date: April 4th 2017
Pages: 320
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Rugged highlander Graeme has one thing on his mind—take a stand against the horrible Englishman Lattimer and he will be rewarded with enough money to be set for life. But when his reckless younger brothers take it one step too far and kidnaps a young woman on her way to see Lattimer, Graeme has to intervene. He cannot send the lady back without his kin getting in trouble. And when a damsel this beautiful is dropped into your lap, it’s hard to let her go...

Marjorie should be terrified she’s been captured by highland scoundrels, but it’s hard to live in terror when your captor is a devilishly handsome and sinfully tempting as Graeme is. She cannot stay by his side forever—no matter how her heart may pound at the thought—but Graeme seems to have other plans. This wicked highlander is out to seduce her and doesn’t plan to stop until she’s in his arms...forever...

Graeme, Viscount Maxton, is an impoverished Chieftan in the Maxwell clan.  He doesn’t see eye to eye with the Maxwell Laird but he stays out of his way and it works.  That is until the Laird comes to visit and basically tells Graeme that if he kills the Duke of Lattimer the Maxwell Laird would give him money and forgive the tithes that he’s late on.  Graeme is disgusted with the Laird but just shrugs it off.  He wants nothing to do with Dunncraigh and his issues with Lattimer.

Marjorie is headed to the highlands for her brother’s wedding.  He doesn’t know she’s coming but she decided to attend because A) She loves her brother and wants to meet his betrothed and B) London is frustrating the hell out of her.  She thought that now that she was a Duke’s sister (and not a ladies companion) and had money that she’d have it all but no one in London even acknowledges her being much less accepts her.  In fact people were nicer to her when she was a companion!  Once in the Highlands she stops with her companion and ends up getting kidnapped.

Graeme’s brothers, Brendan – 16, Dùghlas – 14 and Connell – 8, kidnapped Marjorie when they overheard her companion talking about how she’s the Duke of Lattimer’s sister.  Brendan gets the idea that they can ship her off as a bargaining tool to Dunncraigh and all will then be right with their world. Graeme, however, doesn’t see it that way, but he’s not sure what to do with the lass now that she’s there.  He eventually decides he needs to marry her but Marjorie aka Ree fights that.  Once she gets herself free she decides not to escape.  She doesn’t want anything bad to happen to the boys and she actually has kind of started to like Graeme.  Once she falls in love with him, however, she has to decide if she loves him more than she loves the dream she’s always had of being the belle of the ball in London.

This was a cute book.  Yes, it’s a story with a bit of Stockholm syndrome going on but I thought the way that Enoch wrote it all made it seem ok.  Also, let’s face it, this is a romance and fiction so…it is what it is. 😊

I loved the characters in this book.  Graeme was an honorable guy and despite the crazy thing his brothers did he was trying to make the best of it.  His parents had died and he had taken over the title, the lands, the cotters and the raising of his brothers when he was 20 years old and Connell was just 2 days old.  He’s had a lot of responsibility and has always done the right thing.  He was confused about his feelings for Marjorie at first but he soon embraced them and I loved that he did.  His brothers were cute – especially Connell.  He about made the whole book for me because he was so precocious. He also had a very large heart when it came to animals who needed a home. Loved. Him. Brendan was a typical surly teen and Dùghlas was just following along with his older brother.  They both ended up having a good side to them and I loved how they stood up for Marjorie in the end.

Overall it was a sweet romance and one I really enjoyed reading.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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Guest Review: Hero in the Highlands by Suzanne Enoch

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Guest Review: Hero in the Highlands by Suzanne EnochReviewer: Tracy
Hero in the Highlands by Suzanne Enoch
Series: No Ordinary Hero #1
Also in this series: My One True Highlander
Published by St. Martin's Paperbacks
Publication Date: October 4th 2016
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Scotland, 1812: He’s ferocious and rugged to the bone, an English soldier more at home on the battlefield than in any Society drawing room. And when Major Gabriel Forrester learns that he’s inherited the massive Scottish Highlands title and estate of a distant relation, the last thing he wants to do is give up the intensity of the battlefield for the too-soft indulgences of noble life. But Gabriel Forrester does not shirk his responsibilities, and when he meets striking, raven-eyed lass Fiona Blackstock, his new circumstances abruptly become more intriguing.

Like any good Highlander, Fiona despises the English—and the new Duke of Lattimer is no exception. Firstly, he is far too attractive for Fiona’s peace of mind. Secondly, his right to “her” castle is a travesty, since it’s been clan Maxwell property for ages. As the two enter a heated battle of wills, an unexpected passion blazes into a love as fierce as the Highlands themselves. Is Fiona strong enough to resist her enemy’s advances—or is Gabriel actually her hero in disguise?

Gabriel is a soldier.  That’s all he knows how to be and all he ever wants to be.  When he’s told that he’s inherited a dukedom for an uncle once removed that he didn’t even know he had…he’s not thrilled.  He heads to London to get things worked out and then plans on returning to the Continent and the war.  When he talks to his solicitors he finds out that the property he owns in Scotland.  He also has a steward for that property that won’t give a full reporting of the ledgers.  He plans on heading up there, firing the current steward – hiring his aide-de-camp into the position and then leaving.  Except once he gets to Scotland he find a woman doing the stewards job and very well.  He knows she’s hiding things so that he’ll leave, and quickly (the old Duke hadn’t been there in 20 years) but Gabriel’s got other ideas about handling what’s going on in his home – and dealing with the supposed curse.

This was another wonderful book by Suzanne Enoch.  I just love her stories and characters and this was no different.  Gabriel was a man who knew what he wanted and didn’t beat around the bush to get it.  He told it straight out and I loved him for it.  He was a bit put off by Fiona because of her straightforwardness but he realized very soon that he loved that about her and loved her.  The way that Gabriel’s character grew throughout the book was beautiful to read.  My heart went out to him when he finally realized he couldn’t go back to being a soldier and the pain that caused him.  He found a new battle to fight however and it was one that ended up being close to his heart.

Fiona was awesome.  I loved how she put Gabriel in his place time and again.  She tried to hold herself back from being attracted to him but Gabriel was such a force of nature she ended up looking forward to his kisses.  I realize that some people might be put off by her personality but she had to be strong to show everyone that she could do a man’s job – and do it well!  She had too many doubters – even within her own clan to be missish.  When an English soldier came along – you better believe she was gonna give him a piece of her mind.  She wasn’t a mild miss – I would have thought less of her if she’d not said anything.

Overall I really liked the book a lot and was thrilled with the story.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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