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Guest Review: Border Moonlight by Amanda Scott

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Guest Review: Border Moonlight by Amanda ScottReviewer: Tracy
Border Moonlight by Amanda Scott
Series: Border Series #3
Publisher: Grand Central PublishingAdd It: Goodreads
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Lovely nineteen-year-old Lady Sibylla Cavers is marriageable, yet she has rejected the first three candidates her father has introduced. Lord Simon Murray (appearing in the first two novels of this Borders Trilogy) is one of these three spurned suitors — and Simon is famous for never forgiving an offense. One day when Sibylla is out riding, she sees a child drowning and guides her horse into a raging river to save the child. But the powerful current sweeps her up with the child in her grip. Lord Simon, riding nearby, hears screams and heroically helps Lady Sibylla rescue the child. To her surprise, Lady Sibylla feels a powerful attraction to her rescuer.

Lord Simon, surprised to feel the same strong attraction, is tempted to forgive her earlier rejection so that he may woo this lass anew. But political intrigue fueled by the power-hungry governor of Scotland will throw obstacles in the path of Simon’s and Sibylla’s burgeoning love. Simon will fight for his inherited estate of Elishaw, while Sibylla will use all her wits to protect their future together.

I have to say that the first, say, ¼ of this book completely held my interest. With the child going into the river and then Simon rescuing Sibylla after she attempts to save the child I was very engrossed. Soon after that, however, the book started getting quite tedious. Not much of import was happening and I kept waiting for something to occur whether it was intrigue or romance, but nothing did.

It seemed that by the time I stopped reading (page 230 out of 387) that Sibylla and Simon were getting to like each other better but even after 2 kisses and time spent together I had no clue how either of them felt other than finding each others company enjoyable. IMO there was no emotion with either the romance or the political plot for me and I found it lacking.

Sadly this was a DNF.

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