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Guest Review: To Bed the Bride by Karen Ranney

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Guest Review: To Bed the Bride by Karen RanneyReviewer: Tracy
To Bed the Bride by Karen Ranney
Series: All for Love #3
Publisher: Avon
Publication Date: November 26, 2019
Format: ARC
Source: Edelweiss
Point-of-View: Third
Genres: Historical Romance
Pages: 384
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Series Rating: four-stars

Politics has introduced MP Logan McKnight to many fascinating people, but the lady he encounters on the lands bordering his ancestral Scottish home outshines them all. Eleanor Craig of Hearthmere seats a Thoroughbred like a queen, knows as much about world events as any of his colleagues—and is engaged to one of the worst men Logan knows. She also seems lonely, so Logan brings her a friend. Thus should their acquaintance end, yet it’s only just begun.

The puppy Logan delivers is every bit as irresistible as the man himself. How could this stranger sense the isolation Eleanor suffers among her scheming, snobbish extended family and fiancé who control her life? It’s even worse in London—until she begins meeting Logan secretly in a secluded park. Their passionate connection frees Eleanor, body and soul. But discovery threatens disgrace—or worse.

Eleanor‘s father dies and leaves her care to her uncle specifies that her uncle and his family must live at hearthmere, her lands in Scotland, until she reaches her majority. When she does reach her majority, then it’s up to her whether her uncle and his family shall continue to live there. Unfortunately Eleanor‘s uncle dies and she is then taken care of by her aunt who hates Scotland and Hearthmere so she immediately decamps to London with her family and Eleanor.

Once they get to London the aunt never wants Eleanor to return to Scotland to check her property, it’s the solicitor that finally talks her aunt into letting her go for one month a year. When the story begins she’s making her yearly trip but this time she’s only allowed two weeks.

While she’s out riding one day she comes across a shepherd and his sheep. The shepherd is quite handsome. Eleanor shows that she is afraid of the sheep dogs and the shepherd can’t understand it. He then brings her a puppy as he thinks it’s ridiculous that anyone would be afraid of dogs. When she tries to return the dog she finds an older man who says he’s the only shepherd for that property. Eleanor is greatly confused and ends up keeping the puppy.

When Eleanor returns to London the family hates the puppy, but she has come to love it and it’s her best friend.

Eleanor meets the “shepherd” again in London, finding out he’s Logan McKnight, an possible future MP. He arrives at Eleanor’s house hoping to sway Eleanor’s step-uncle and her fiancé. That doesn’t go as planned but he does arrange to meet Eleanor.

The pair begin a lovely friendship but they both know it’s wrong. Eleanor is having doubts about her fiancé (he’s a completely self-centered ass) but her family is so happy about the match she’s scared to break it off. She knows she’s falling for Logan so she just doesn’t know what to do.

This was a friends to lovers story and was well done. I really liked Eleanor and Logan together and the slow burn worked for me.

There was a couple of things that happened in the story that I didn’t care for. One was View Spoiler ». That’s a big no in my book, even if Michael was a douche. The second was the way her family treats her in order to get her to agree to stay with Michael. I won’t go into detail but they almost kill her. IDK, something about this rang false. It absolutely could have happened, but it seemed a bit extreme. I loved the ending of the book but wish I could have seen Eleanor’s snooty family’s faces when they saw her again. (That’s obviously my vindictive side showing through.😂)

Overall I thought this was a great story and definitely recommend it.

Rating: 4 out of 5

All for Love


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What Are You Reading? (+ Karen Ranney Giveaway)

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Casee: This has been an ah-maze-ing reading week for me. TBH, I don’t know what is going on.

I’m currently reading Blood Truth by J.R. Ward. This is a book in her Black Dagger Legacy series. They are the recruits that are in training. I really enjoy this series. I haven’t gotten that far into it, but what I have read I really liked.

I’m still glomming Meghan March on audio. I listened to four of her books this week. I’m now listening to Real Sexy by Meghan March which is the second book in her Real Dirty Duet. I’m not liking this Duet as much as the others I’ve read/listened to, but it’s still good.

Holly: I had another slow reading week. I tell ya, between work and kid stuff I barely have time to breathe, much less read. I’m hopeful someday I’ll get back to it. Thank goodness for audiobooks I can listen to in the car, at practices and at work. Otherwise, I’d have read nothing this week.

I reread a couple books; Mystery Man and Broken Dove by Kristen Ashley and Repeat by Kylie Scott. Aside from that I finished The Iron Duke by Meljean Brook (so good!) and listened to Good Girl by Lauren Layne (it was awful) and Hot as Puck by Lili Valente (I liked it).

I’m currently listening to Trade Me by Courtney Milan. I’m not quite halfway through but I’m enjoying it so far.

Rowena: I’ve been in training all week on a new position at work so I haven’t been reading much of anything. The only thing that I read this week was The Iron Duke (Iron Seas #1) by Meljean Brook and I really enjoyed that but other than that, I haven’t read anything.

I’m starting Coming Up Roses by Staci Hart and Water Bound by Christine Feehan, wish me luck on that.

Giveaway Alert

We are very fortunate here at Book Binge. We have loads and loads of books to read and we want to share the wealth so each week, we’ll be tacking on a Freebie Friday giveaway to our What Are You Reading posts. This week, we’re giving away…

What Are You Reading? (+ Karen Ranney Giveaway)To Love a Duchess by Karen Ranney
Series: All for Love #1
Also in this series: To Bed the Bride
Publisher: Avon
Publication Date: July 31, 2018
Genres: Historical Romance
Pages: 372
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Amazon | Barnes & Noble | The Ripped Bodice | Google Play Books
Series Rating: four-stars

From New York Times Bestselling Author Karen Ranney comes the first book in a royally romantic and deeply emotional new series about taking risks and allowing the power to love satisfy the questions of the heart...

Undercover as a majordomo, spy Adam Drummond has infiltrated Marsley House with one purpose only—to plunder its mysteries and gather proof that the late Duke of Marsley was an unforgivable traitor to his country. At the same time, Adam is drawn to a more beguiling puzzle: the young and still-grieving duchess—a beauty with impenetrable secrets of her own. For Drummond, uncovering them without exposing his masquerade will require the most challenging and tender moves of his career.

That a servant can arouse such passion in her is too shocking for Suzanne Whitcomb, Duchess of Marsley, to consider. Yet nothing quickens her pulse like Drummond's touch. It's been two years since the duke lost his life in a tragic accident—and even longer since she's been treated like a woman. But when Drummond's real mission is revealed, and the truth behind Suzanne's grief comes to light, every secret conspired to tear them apart is nothing compared to the love that can hold them together.

What Are You Reading: To Love a Duchess by Karen Ranney

What are you reading this week? Any new favorites or books that drove you crazy? Share!

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