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Guest Review: How to Ensnare a Highlander by Michelle McLean

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Guest Review: How to Ensnare a Highlander by Michelle McLeanReviewer: Tracy
How to Ensnare a Highlander (The MacGregor Lairds #2) by Michelle McLean
Series: The MacGregor Lairds #2
Also in this series: How to Lose a Highlander
Published by Entangled, Entangled Scandalous
Publication Date: February 12th 2018
Genres: Historical Romance
Pages: 227
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When Lady Elizabet Harding’s family is targeted by the notorious Highland Highwayman, she finds herself wounded and an unwelcome guest of the charming outlaw who’d ruined her reputation earlier that day. Elizabet only wants to get even for her family’s downfall, but the more time she spends with the scoundrel, the more complicated her feelings become.

By day, Laird John MacGregor graces the court of Charles II. By night, he exacts revenge on his enemies – one of whom is betrothed to the fiery heiress who has, quite literally, fallen into his arms. The daughter of one enemy and promised to another, Elizabet should be the last person John wants. Yet even as she exasperates him, she is all he has ever desired for himself. When her life is put in danger, he will do anything necessary to protect the women he never expected to love…even if it means they cannot be together.

Lady Elizabet’s family is set upon by a notorious highwayman and then when Elizabet is accidentally shot, he takes her with him when he leaves in order to heal her.  He has no idea he’ll fall in love with her.  Elizabet is charmed by the man called Jack but he’s after her father and the man she’s supposed to marry.  She doesn’t care about her supposed betrothed but ruining her father will ruin her mother Elizabet won’t stand for that.  Jack wants Elizabet to turn on her father, but she won’t.  Jack is stuck in revenge mode because of the smuggling that Elizabet’s father and betrothed are involved in.  Because of that smuggling his brother was killed and he’ll stop at nothing to ruin the men.  Except…when it comes to Elizabet he’s not sure that he can do it if it makes her unhappy.  He falls in love with her and she with him but she’s all but married to someone else. How can they ever be together, especially when truths come out and people go to prison?

This was such a good story.  I was really on the edge of my seat for most of the book and the end made me very happy. I loved how McLean didn’t wrap things in a pretty little bow at the end.  She made things more like they might have been in real life and I appreciated that.  I would have liked to have seen her father and betrothed pay, but I understood why that never happened.

Reading about Jack and Elizabet falling in love was a pleasure.  There were extenuating circumstances when Elizabet got shot and he didn’t want her to die so that’s why he took her with him.  His friends told him to take her home but he was so attached to her by that time he couldn’t bring himself to do it until he had no more excuses.  I loved the way that they talked and came to trust each other, despite the fact that Jack never took his mask off.

I really enjoyed my second read by this author and will look into reading more from her.  I just saw that she writes contemporary romance under the name Kira Archer so I’ll have to check those out as well.

The MacGregor Lairds Series

Rating: 4 out of 5


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Guest Review: The Highlander’s Accidental Marriage by Callie Hutton

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Guest Review: The Highlander’s Accidental Marriage by Callie HuttonReviewer: Tracy
The Highlander's Accidental Marriage by Callie Hutton
Series: Marriage Mart Mayhem #6
Published by Entangled Scandalous
Publication Date: November 30, 2015
Genres: Historical Romance
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She never intended to take a husband...

Scotland, 1817

The Duke of Manchester's sister, Lady Sarah Lacey, always abides by the rules of etiquette. Fate, however, has no such confines. On a journey to the Scottish Highlands, Lady Sarah is set upon by misfortune-leaving her without carriage or chaperone, and left to the mercy of a kind and handsome gentleman. Whom (in order to secure a room at an inn) she announces is her husband.

When she proclaims they're married in public, Professor Braeden McKinnon can't bring himself to correct the lovely Lady Sarah. After all, her reputation would be ruined. Nor can he tell her that her proclamation is not only legally binding in Scotland, but sharing a room is considered to be an act of consummation...

Now they are bound together until death do they part-even if Sarah has no intention of becoming any man's wife.

Lady Sarah Lacey is on a trip to the Highlands to visit her sister who is about to give birth.  On the way she runs into a horrible storm and her carriage is run off a cliff, killing her driver and footman.  Luckily Sarah and her lady’s maid were thrown from the carriage and their lives were spared.

Professor Braeden McKinnon is also on his way from Edinburgh to the Highlands to wait for a letter letting him know if he has been accepted on an archaeological expedition.  That’s really the only thing he’s thinking about so as much as he wants to help the ladies on the side of the road he’s exasperated at having to delay his trip.  Braeden and his friend end up traveling with the ladies until a series of events makes it so that only Braeden and Sarah are traveling alone.  They manage until they come across one inn that’s very crowded and instead of two rooms there’s only one and Sarah doesn’t want to let it go.  Braeden had decided that they were to pose as brother and sister but when the innkeeper recognizes Braeden Sarah decides to claim they’re married so that they can have the room.  Unbeknownst to Sarah declaring you’re married in front of a witness is as a good as a wedding in Scotland.

Braeden doesn’t tell her their married in the eyes of the law until they reach her sisters house but that doesn’t stop them from consummating the marriage (whether Sarah knew that’s what they were doing or not).  Once she finds out she’s not happy at all. She never plans on getting married as she’s an author who is about to be published and she plans on that being her life.  She knows if she’s married her husband will either stop her from writing/publishing or in Braeden’s case make her go on his expedition with her to Rome rather than go back to London to do book signings and make appearances.  When Sarah finds herself in love with Braeden she’s still torn on what to do and it may tear their relationship apart.

This was a very cute though highly unlikely story.  I couldn’t seem to wrap my brain around Sarah, who at first seemed highly proper and unlikely to travel alone with a man, not only does but then sleeps with him as well (and takes the chance of getting pregnant which was strange when she said she didn’t want kids).  As much as that furthered the story it didn’t match up with my knowledge of how women acted back in the 19th century.  Of course this is a romance and fiction so I let that go after a bit. 🙂

Sarah and Braeden were very sweet together if a bit odd. He was so worried about his expedition and she was so worried about her publisher that though they fell in love they were both so stubborn that they couldn’t work out their issues.  I did think that Sarah was much more stubborn than Braeden but then Braeden’s expectations of what would happen now that they were married were a bit prosaic – but fitting with the times.

Overall the story was very cute and I was happy when the pair finally worked out their differences.  They each came to a compromise and I loved seeing that not just one of them, but both, had to give up something in order to find a middle ground. This was my first book by Callie Hutton but it was a good one and I’ll be reading more from her in the future.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


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Guest Review: The Affair by Lily Maxton

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Guest Review: The Affair by Lily MaxtonReviewer: Tracy
The Affair by Lily Maxton
Series: Sisters of Scandal #1
Published by Macmillan, Entangled Scandalous
Publication Date: April 14th 2014
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London, 1817.

When a beautiful stranger ducks into his bookshop during a rainstorm, Cale Cameron, well-known rake, is instantly attracted to her.

Elizabeth, Lady Thornhill, is restless and hungers for something she cannot name. Society would never accept a countess and a mere bookseller, so they agree to a one-week affair to indulge their desire. As their passion ignites and their connection grows, Elizabeth threatens the one thing Cale has protected above all else—his heart. Letting her go is the only solution, and the one thing he is not prepared to do.

Elizabeth is a widow who lives with her parents. Her parents are all about making yet another good marriage for her so that her sisters will have good prospects as well, once they head into the marriage mart. She’s also there because there wasn’t much money from her deceased husband’s estate to live on. Now she’s out of mourning and she’s so excited to be wearing colors again! It’s a bit freeing for her and once she leaves there she decides to send the carriage home and walk. That would have been a great idea if it hadn’t started pouring rain. She ducks into a shop and ends up bumping into a man. The offers tea and though Elizabeth is leery she accepts. Once she’s got tea in hand she starts to talk to this man who seems a bit forward. She finds out that he is Cale Cameron who is the owner of the bookshop she’s in and she also knows his reputation as a rake. Even though she’s intrigued by him she doesn’t let him know this and bickers with him.

After she leaves the shop neither one of them can stop thinking about the other. Cale finds her at a ball and they talk. He invites her to a dinner that he’s hosting of authors and he also invites her into his bed. Elizabeth is shocked but again, intrigued. She’s curious but she’s not sure sleeping with him is the best idea. She’s being courted by her dead husband’s cousin who inherited the Thornhill title. Does she play it safe and accept Thornhill’s proposal or does she take a chance on a rake?

This was a quick read that was fun and sexy. Cale and Elizabeth were great together and I loved reading them banter back and forth.

The first meeting between the two was a bit odd, I must say, as I didn’t really feel like they were getting along at all but then Elizabeth couldn’t stop thinking about him. After they talked at the ball I saw the sexual tension and the invisible pull between them and understood the attraction. Cale really saw Elizabeth for the intelligent woman she was and didn’t see her just as a wife and mother. He was a kind man and showed Elizabeth that kindness.

Unfortunately the story was too short as I would have liked to have kept reading about these characters. Despite that I was charmed by the story and found myself smiling by the end.

Rating: 3.75 out of 5


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