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Guest Review: In Bed with the Viking Warrior by Harper St. George

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Guest Review: In Bed with the Viking Warrior by Harper St. GeorgeReviewer: Tracy
In Bed with the Viking Warrior by Harper St. George
Series: Viking Warriors #3
Published by Harlequin
Publication Date: December 20th 2016
Genres: Vikings, Romance
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"I still don't know who I am. What if I'm an enemy?"

Injured in battle, Magnus awakens with no memory of who he is. Knowing he is in danger, he flees only to encounter a Saxon maiden in peril.

Aisly hates the Danes who invaded her land and killed her husband. Yet, when a mysterious wounded warrior saves her life, she cannot turn her back on him. As Aisly tends to Magnus's injuries, desire surges between them. But when Magnus's true identity is revealed, she's thrown into turmoil she has invited her enemy into her bed!

Aisly’s husband was recently killed by the Danes.  She knows she should feel bad about that fact but he wasn’t a very nice husband so while she grieves in her own way she’s not too terribly torn up about it. When she is almost attacked in the forest by her village by a Dane she is saved by a man who can’t remember who he is and is very injured.  She takes him to her house, despite the elders of the village and her former father-in-law having a mighty cow about the fact and nurses him back to health.

The man is Magnus, at least he thinks that’s his name.  He woke up in a pile of dead bodies that were being burned.  He escaped and then at one point while fleeing he was set upon by a man who called him Magnus.  It doesn’t sound right to him so he doesn’t share it with the saintly Aisly.  He finds himself wanting to protect and take care of Aisly but the elders, and Aisly’s brother, try to keep them away from each other.  When Magnus finds out that Aisly may be put out of her how by her father-in-law unless she’s found pregnant by her dead husband Magnus offers to get her pregnant.  Such a hardship, I’m sure! 🙂  They both go into bed telling each other that it’s strictly for procreation reasons but they both know that there’s something stronger between them and becoming lovers makes it even stronger.  Of course when Magnus starts to remember will Aisly want him anywhere near her?

I love a good Viking story and this was definitely a keeper.  Between the amnesia story, the Viking aspect, the man in the enemy camp (even though he didn’t know he was the enemy he strongly suspected) it was just really good.  The romance was rather quick but totally appropriate for the setting and time period.  I thought the author did a great job with it while taking into consideration the battles being fought and the lands being taken over and the obvious hatred between the Danes and Saxons.  I have to say that I really wasn’t sure how this one was going to end up and that doesn’t happen very often.

I loved Aisly and Magnus together.  She had been treated so badly by her previous husband and Magnus was a whole other type of man – loving and caring.  Yes, he was a warrior but it didn’t make him a brute to the woman he loved.  He didn’t have to prove himself to her with his fists.  I also love how Magnus finally stood up for himself at the end and went for what he wanted.  I had so much respect for him at that moment it was ridiculous.

So, overall a very good Viking romance that I definitely recommend.  I’ll have to go back and read the other books in this series as well and hope they’re just as good.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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Guest Review: Lord of the Runes by Sabrina Jarema

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Guest Review: Lord of the Runes by Sabrina JaremaReviewer: Tracy
Lord of the Runes by Sabrina Jarema
Series: Viking Lords #1
Published by Lyrical Press
Publication Date: October 11th 2016
Genres: Vikings, Romance
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Following his father’s murder, Eirik Ivarson plunges into a maelstrom of brutal warfare. As outsiders threaten his homeland and all he holds dear, Eirik vows to maintain his focus and avenge the jarl’s death. In his quest for revenge, he will leave everything behind, all he knows, and all he loves.

Asa Sigrundsdottir, a spirited shieldmaiden with warm brown eyes, is wary of the golden-haired warrior discovered half-frozen in a storm. It is clear Eirik is a man of valor, bestowed with the gift of reading runes and destined for greatness. And despite the shadows in her past, he chooses her to help him on his journey. But when their bond is tested, it will take the strength of a hero to keep their love alive . . .

Eirik Ivarson is just back from the raiding season and has been celebrating.  Unfortunately he passes out and doesn’t hear the attack on his village right away.  A group of outcasts have attacked and are taking over the village.  Eirik sees his father die and Eirik almost dies as well when he’s pulled over a cliff.  He survives but knows he needs help.  He tries to go to his cousin’s place which is far away to get assistance but during a blizzard he almost freezes to death.  He is saved by people in a village and given shelter.  He doesn’t tell them who he is as he doesn’t trust them right away.  They don’t trust him either. He ends up having to stay the winter as the storms are too fierce to travel in.  He falls in love with Asa Sigrundsdottir who is a shieldmaiden but Asa has some issues in her past that cause her to shy from men.  Eirik is determined to free her from her fears so that they can be together but there are many more obstacles in their way then just fear and they must conquer all of them in order to be together.

I love a good Viking romance but haven’t read one in a while.  I also have a set of runes (somewhere) that I used to love to play with way back when so when I saw the title of the book I had to grab it.  I’m so happy I did as it was a good one.

Eirik is a good man who is trying to save his village.  His mother and sister are still in the village so he wants to make sure they are safe as well.  He’s frustrated that he can’t get to his cousin’s place but it ends up being a life changer when he falls for Asa.  He’s very calm and quiet with her and as big as he is she still learns to trust him and his touch.  She learns to grow and deal with her issues with Eirik’s help and realizes that she can be the true shieldmaiden she’s always dreamed of being.

Between the fighting, the love story, the rune casting and the magic in this book I couldn’t help but enjoy it.  It’s not a typical romance as Viking love stories never are, imho, but if you like them as much as I do then this one would be one that you shouldn’t miss.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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