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Guest Review: Big Package by Opal Carew

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Guest Review: Big Package by Opal CarewReviewer: Tracy
Big Package by Opal Carew
Published by Swerve
Publication Date: October 25th 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Erotic
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Baby it’s cold outside…but things are about to heat up.

I missed the last bus to my sister’s for Christmas, and now I'm stranded in a bus station—in the middle of a blizzard—with a giant package covered in naughty wrapping paper.

Then he shows up: Kalen Welles, the football star from my high school fantasies—and offers me a ride.

Just when the car is getting cozy, the roads get shut down due to snow.
Luckily there’s a nearby cabin where we can hole up for the night.

A warm fireplace, cozy blankets, pent-up longing we both spent years ignoring… maybe I’ll be able to unwrap Kalen's big package before Christmas morning.

But when the snow clears and the ice melts, will the former football star and the shy nerd finally get a happy ending?

Holly broke up with her boyfriend a week before she’s supposed to go to her sister’s house for Christmas.  She thinks he’s being nice when he offers to drop her off at the bus station but then gets her there late and leaves her with a big Christmas package.  The bus driver won’t let her on and won’t stow it because there’s only 1 bag allowed.  She can’t leave it cuz the jerkwad told her that her grandmother’s necklace was inside.  She’s sitting there contemplating her options when a gorgeous man notices her.

Kalen’s on his way to Ottawa too and strangely enough she knows him from high school.  She was heavy in high school but had always had a crush on him.  They head off to Ottawa but the snow storm gets worse and the road gets closed.  Luckily her sister’s cabin isn’t far and they head there to spend the night.  One thing leads to another and soon they’re in bed together and Kalen has really big package for her. She’s intimidated but ready to roll.

Holly has some self-esteem issues so when Kalen says he’s always liked her but never asked her out she doubts him.  He wants to keep seeing her but there might be other obstacles in their way that keeps them apart.

This was a cute story that was pretty sexy.  I liked Kalen – he seemed like a good guy for the most part.  Holly was so very insecure it almost ruined the relationship a couple of times but she came through in the end.

The whole thing with the big Christmas package was funny.  Holly’s ex was a total ass and when she found out the contents of the box it was funny – not for her but for the reader.  Now, Kalen’s big package?  I didn’t care for that as much. I mean, he’s got a 12-inch penis that’s got a head like a billiard ball.  I know it’s supposed to be the whole play on words but it just got a little…old.  Maybe it was me but I didn’t find it erotic – just kind of annoying.

Anyway, in the end I found this to be a cute erotic Christmas novella.

Rating; 3 out of 5


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Guest Review: All Bite, No Growl by Jenika Snow

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Guest Review: All Bite, No Growl by Jenika SnowReviewer: Tracy
All Bite, No Growl by Jenika Snow
Series: Out for You
Also in this series: The Changing Years
Published by All Romance eBooks
Publication Date: June 1, 2015
Genres: Erotic, m/f/m, m/m, Paranormal
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Forget the foreplay. For the truly committed, it’s all bite.

Willow has loved Devon and Case for as long as she can remember, but as lion shifters they will eventually find their mates. When she allows herself to be with her two lions after a drunken party, she fears she’s ruined a lifelong friendship and flees before morning.

Devon and Case have been inseparable since they could walk, but they can’t tell anyone that they are mates. The pride of shifters they belong to won’t accept a same-sex mating. There’s no way they’ll accept their love for Willow?

When a shocking revelation brings Willow’s world crashing down, she has no choice but to tell Devon and Case how she feels. Will they be able to accept what fate has thrown at them? Do they want to?

Tracy’s review of All Bite, No Growl (Out for You series) by Jenika Snow

Case, Devon and Willow have all been best friends since they were five years old. Now they’re 18 and life is changing. They are all lion shifters and can recognize their mate as early as age 16. With Case and Devon they found out really early but never told anyone. They act like best friends in public but never share their real feelings for each other.

One night after Willow had had too much alcohol at a party she spends the night at Case’s house (his parents are out of town) and wakes up in the middle of the night to get a drink. When she hears grunts and groans she investigates and finds Case and Devon making love. She knows it’s an invasion of their privacy but she’s so turned on by the two men she can’t pull herself away. The men, of course, know she’s there and soon invite her to join them. She’s been in love with the two men for years and as much as she wants to be in bed with them she knows it will change their friendship. She finally agrees and much sexin ensues. Case and Devon love her and want to be with her as well but after that night Willow feels like she’s intruding.

Willow’s family issues and Case and Devon’s decision to come out to their lion council take them away from each other. When they reunite they find that not only do they want to be together, fate wants them together as well.

This was a cute story but one that unfortunately I did have some issues with. The story itself was interesting and showed a lovely bond between the three main characters. Unfortunately, as the story was so short, we didn’t get to learn too much about any of them. With Case and Devon it was all about their being together (before Willow came into the picture) and coming out. With Willow we got to know her family a little bit but not much else. I wish we could have gotten just a touch more info on all of them.

There were also quite a few editing problems in this one and it threw me out of the story every time – especially when Case was, at one point, referred to as Sam. Crazy.

Overall a cute yet sexy short story.

Rating: 2.5/3 out of 5

This title is available from ARe. You can buy it here in e-format. This book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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Guest Review: Night Owl by M. Pierce

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Guest Review: Night Owl by M. PierceReviewer: Tracy
Night Owl by M. Pierce
Series: Night Owl Trilogy #1
Also in this series: Last Light
Published by St. Martin's Griffin
Publication Date: February 11, 2014
Genres: Contemporary, Erotica
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At twenty-eight, Matt Sky has the perfect life. He has a beautiful girlfriend, a massive inheritance, and four national bestsellers -- all penned under his airtight alias, M. Pierce.

At twenty-seven, Hannah Catalano is a train wreck. Her boyfriend is a deadbeat and her job is abysmal.

Matt and Hannah meet online as writing partners. Their relationship is safe, anonymous, and innocent...

Until Matt sees a picture of Hannah. Hannah's picture sparks an attraction Matt is powerless to ignore. When circumstance brings Matt and Hannah together, the strangers begin a love story that's passionate, poignant, unforgettable, and unstoppable.

Warning: This review contains minor spoilers.

Hannah and Matt are writing partners. Matt has a strict no info policy. I’m not gonna tell you about me, I don’t want to know anything about you. Matt’s all about the secrets. One night the pair are IMing and the end up sexting. They get each other off and then Matt disappears. Hannah is distraught as she never does that and she’s afraid she’ll lose her writing partner. She emails Matt and unthinkingly sends the email from her personal email account – which has her picture attached as her email icon. Matt is pissed that she’s sent personal info – her name is the email address – and that he now knows what she looks like. He can’t get her face and body out of his head and becomes obsessed.

Both Hannah and Matt are in relationships but Hannah leaves her boyfriend to move back into her parents home – which happens to be in the same city as Matt. They end up getting together and they have some incredible sex. Hannah’s a little disturbed that she doesn’t know hardly anything about Matt but that doesn’t stop her from wanting to spend her days with him.

Matt is still dating his girlfriend, but she’s on vacation at the time he gets with Hannah. He gets more and more obsessed with Hannah and can’t stay away from her. He knows that he’s a lowly scumbag for the things he does – cheating on his girlfriend, deceiving Hannah, packing up his girlfriend’s stuff and hiding it so that he can bring Hannah to his apartment – but he can’t seem to stop himself.

Matt’s secrets eventually come out and Hannah is devastated. Matt spirals into self-destruction and without Hannah in his life may do himself in. Hannah is asked to help Matt but even her love may not bring Matt out of the limbo he’s in.

I have to say that normally when I start reading a book and it contains cheating I put it down. I hate reading about infidelity. In this book I did consider it but I continued and eventually realized that we couldn’t have had the second part of the book without the cheating. The spiral into Matt’s self-destruction wouldn’t have been understood had we not seen how he did it all to himself. I certainly didn’t like the lying as it showed me what kind of person Matt was – not a good one. I could only hope he could learn and grow from his mistakes.

I can’t say that I admired either Matt or Hannah in this story. I did get interested in where it all would go but I wasn’t necessarily rooting for them to get back together after Matt’s secrets came out. Both Hannah and Matt had some issues, that’s for sure. Matt is at times surly and bossy but can be very sweet. Hannah seems confident but loves Matt to use her and humiliate her in bed. They certainly made a pair.

While I didn’t love the story I thought it was a decent read. I can see how people would either absolutely love it or absolutely hate it. I was on the fence. Parts I liked, parts I didn’t, but overall it kept my interest. The epilogue gave us a WTF moment so that we’ll be interested in reading the next book. I can’t say I appreciated the sequel baiting but do I now want to read the next book to see what happens? Kinda, yeah. Lol. Maybe I’m a glutton for punishment. 🙂

Rating: 3 out of 5


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Guest Review: Cato by Celeste Prater

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Guest Review: Cato by Celeste PraterReviewer: Tracy
Cato by Celeste Prater
Series: Fueled by Lust #3
Published by Siren Publishing
Publication Date: April 10, 2014
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Erotic, Science Fiction
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While monitoring the airwaves for potential mates for the earthbound Insedi, Cato Telarius becomes mesmerized with a sensual, feminine voice captured during a pay phone conversation with a hotline operator. Cato’s obsession with finding the woman attached to the voice leads him to a discovery that will shock the Insedivertus race and a love that will test the boundaries of his sanity.

Luna Jasper has been working hard to get out of an unfulfilling relationship, and just as she sees freedom within reach, one small mistake spirals her into a fight for her life, a huge push into the arms of a man she never believed could exist, and a surrealistic encounter with an alien world beyond her wildest imagination.

Luna has made some mistakes in her life but the one she’s involved in currently is the worst ever. She hooked up with an old boyfriend so that she could get out of town after her mother and brother died. At first everything was great but now he’s getting more and more controlling and verbally abusive and she wants out. Of course every time she gets enough money to leave he finds it or finds out she’s leaving and stops her. Now she’s finally had enough and she wants out. She tries to leave but fate is against her and when she stops to make a phone call she is attacked and beaten within an inch of her life.

Cato is a man from another planet. He has been surfing the airwaves trying to find mates for his fellow Insedi. He hears Luna’s voice and is immediately drawn to it. He figures out what phone booth she’s calling from and tries to see her when she makes a call. Unfortunately he is never successful. One night he gets notification that the phone booth is being used and it’s Luna – only he hears her getting beat up and comes to her rescue. He manages to save her life and get her away from the hospital but isn’t sure how to tell her that he believes that she is his mate and that he’s from another planet.

Fueled by Lust: Cato is the third book in the Fueled by Lust series. The story was a little odd going in as I hadn’t read the first two books. On one hand this seemed like a standalone novel but most of the time I was completely lost as I hadn’t read books 1 & 2. When the story began I would have never known that Cato was from another planet had I not read the blurb. There was no indication that he was an alien of sorts but as the story went on it was obvious. It took almost half the book to go by before the MC’s meet and that bothered me a bit.

When Cato and Luna finally meet – after she awakens from being beaten up – Luna trusts Cato more than I thought she would. Yes, she’s suspicious at first but she accepts his explanations far faster than I would think a woman in her position would have.

I thought the descriptions of Cato’s planet were vivid and I could see it all clearly in my head. It was written well and I enjoyed that part of the book. There was a secondary storyline involved with Cato and his father as well as another that had to do with the leader of their people. It was confusing as I had no idea who these people were and I found that frustrating. No explanations were offered so I would suggest reading the previous two books if you plan on reading this one.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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Review: Love Between Men – anthology edited by Shane Allison

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Review: Love Between Men – anthology edited by Shane AllisonReviewer: Tracy
Love Between MenPublished by Cleis Press
Publication Date: March 18th 2014
Genres: Contemporary, Erotic, Gay, m/m, Romance
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Filled with romance, passion, and lust, Love Between Men offers irresistible erotic fun while celebrating the coming together of souls as well as bodies. Two traveling husbears meet a willing twink in Jeff Mann's "One Afternoon in the Bible Belt." A sneaky environmentalist gets sandwiched between hedonistic mountain men in Bob Vickery's "Loggers." Two partners share a leisurely Sunday morning with scintillating surprises in Hank Edward's "Breakfast in Bed." Rob Rosen's "Skyrockets in Flight" is particularly delicious, with naughty bits in every line. Perfect bedtime reading for gay couples, Love Between Men is an inspiring and enticing testament to same-sex love.

Love Between Men is an anthology of 17 stories of erotic get togethers either between strangers of men who have been in a relationship for years.

The overall tone of the stories was a happy one which was nice. I must say I didn’t enjoy quite as many in this anthology as I have in the past.

A few that I really enjoyed were:

Tokens by Pepper Espinoza – Jake and Ian met and got together. Ian, at first, limited himself from enjoying Jake’s company to just twice a month. Time in between meets gets shorter and shorter as they just can’t seem to stay away from each other. In this story it’s obvious that Jake wants more from Ian than just sex but Ian is being stubborn. We really know nothing about the characters except what we see in the hotel room but it worked. In the end there was the hope of something more and that made the story worth reading.

Tom’s Feet by Gregory L. Norris – This was an interesting story of a couple who have been together for 10 years and one of the men isn’t happy. The story doesn’t really go into depth about the instances that brought him to this unhappiness but he’s had a hard time making the move to leave because of various reasons. One of those is – you guessed it – Tom’s feet. A mild foot fetish this is not. The guy gets incredibly excited by stinky, smelly, sweaty feet. NOT my cuppa, let me tell you, but it worked for this story. I won’t give anything away but to say I was pleased with the ending.

Line of Sight by Nathan Burgoine was one of my favorites. Cam is a psychic and ends up saving Johnny from death. Johnny befriends Cam but as it’s all about Johnny he ends up wanting to use Cam to find out if there’s anything between his boyfriend Bill and Bill’s roommate, Tate. Cam meets the two men when Johnny invites him over for a bbq but that doesn’t end well. Johnny breaks with Bill but that leaves him open to giving Tate a wonderful birthday present – Cam. A very sweet story that was, like all the stories in the book, incredibly hot. I liked the psychic element in the story as it just added a little something extra.

In the end if you’re wanting some hot and sweaty man love on a pleasant afternoon this would be the book for you.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Shane Allison


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