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Guest Review: Three Alarm Tenant by Christa Maurice

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Guest Review: Three Alarm Tenant by Christa MauriceReviewer: Tracy
Three Alarm Tenant by Christa Maurice
Series: Arden FD #1
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Publication Date: May 4, 2009
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Series Rating: four-stars

Katherine lost one hero in the line of duty — can she risk loving another? 
Katherine Pelham’s fiancé was a police officer, shot and killed during a robbery. Left with a house she can’t afford, she must rent out the first floor to solve her money woes. Before she can finish putting up the For Rent sign, along comes a man who seems interested in more than just the apartment.
Fireman Jack Connelly is in a bind: he’s rescued a dog, and his lease doesn’t allow pets. The new apartment would be great. The new landlady, even better…

Jack Connelly is the first person to come along when Katherine puts the For Rent sign in her yard. He quickly asks to see the apartment and gets an application. Yes, he’s anxious to get the apartment but he doesn’t rush the application back to Katherine that same day because of that. No, he rushes it back because he wants to look at Katherine some more. Katherine seems more than interested in him as well, but seems to close right up when she see’s that he works for the fire department. Jack gets the apartment and he wants to get Katherine too. Although they get along really well Katherine seems to be hot and cold. She seems ok one minute then the next she’s clamming up and rushing off.

Katherine’s fiancé died a few years ago and though she’s not against dating again she’s bound and determined to date a man who is NOT a hero. That means definitely no cops and as much as she’s attracted to Jack, no firefighters. She really likes Jack though and he’s so nice, and hot, and kind and thoughtful and did she mention hot? But even though he’s the hottest thing she’s ever seen she’s still not getting involved.

I have to say that Katherine’s indecisiveness about Jack was the thing that really annoyed me in the book. It was a fine story, and I loved Jack to pieces, but Katherine just couldn’t make a decision. Well, she thought she’d made a decision but she really did care for Jack and so she kept being wishy washy. She just wouldn’t allow herself to verbalize it her thoughts or feelings. I think she hurt Jack unnecessarily in the book but yet – that was pretty much what the book was about – should I or shouldn’t I?

For Jack’s part he was positive that Katherine was the one for him. He was even willing to quit his job with the department to get her into his life, even though it made him miserable to do so. I can’t say I agreed with that thinking because I believe that you should be loved for who you are – and that includes your job – but I understand the desperation that he was feeling.

I think that the author did a good job of showing us the emotions that the two main characters were feeling and I’m pretty sure that’s what saved me the book for me. I really didn’t want to stop reading and that gave it extra points. A cute story if you can overlook Katherine’s indecision.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


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