Oh It’s On and Crackin’ Now….

The lines have been drawn and sides have been taken. Holly has joined the St. Vincenators, but we all know that the better hero is none other than, DEREK CRAVEN! I know that Izzy will side with the Cravenators because nobody loves Derek more than her, well maybe Kristie J. But let it be known […]

Let’s Get Ready to Ruuuumbllle….

The lines have been drawn, y’all. The players selected and the teams are manning the battle lines. That’s right, it’s a full on blog war…. What prompted this, you wonder? Well, I’ll tell you…. Sebastian St. Vincent and Derek Craven. Two swoonworthy heroes, but one man is better than the other…what side are you on? […]

Booking Through Thrusday: Typography

You may or may not have seen my post at Punctuality Rules Tuesday, about a book I recently bought that had the actual TITLE misspelled on the spine of the book. A glaring typographical error that really (really!) should have been caught. So, using that as a springboard, today’s question: What’s the worst typographical error […]

Julia London

Julia London

For all Julia London fans, Julia has started a new bulletin board that you can visit here. She has written many unforgettable historicals…among them The Devil’s Love and Wicked Angel. If you register as a user, you will be automatically entered to win 1 of 6 ARC’s of Julia’s new book, The Dangers of Deceiving […]

Guest Blog: Historical Vs. Contemporary Heroines

First of all, a big thanks to the Book Bingers for asking me to write a guest post. I feel so special. 😛 So basically all I’ve got are some ramblings on characters: historical and contemporary heroines and characters in series. Historical vs. Contemporary Heroines – what gives? A hero is a hero – no […]