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What I’ve Been Reading This Week

Posted August 17, 2008 by Tracy in Features | 11 Comments

Well it was a good week this week if very tiring. The girls going back to school threw me for a freakin loop. Getting up 45 min. to an hour earlier than summer just kicked my butt for some reason and I kept falling asleep early at night. God I felt old! lol Of course falling asleep early just puts a huge kabosh on the whole reading at night after the kids go to bed plan. This week only I read 2 full length novels and then a bunch of novellas and stories that weren’t more than 150 pages each!

Right now the girls are driving me batty. I’ve escaped to the computer and had hubby take over. If one of them comes up to me just one more time and says, “She looked at me funny!” I’m going to blow my fuckin lid! lol I love mykids, I love my kids, I love my kids…

Ok – so on to what I read this week…

It Had To Be You by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. See review below.

Next was Twin Temptations by Elizabeth Lapthorne. This is a cute little novella that is #6 in the Rutledge Werewolf series. I haven’t read the first 5 but whatever. 🙂 Oh, it’s “Twin” because the girl is a twin. You thought boobs or even menage, huh? Yeah, I did too! lol

Hide and Seek by Elizabeth Lapthorne was next. This is #2 in the Rutledge Werewolf series and strangely enough it’s about the parents of the twins I read about in book 6 – kinda weird, but ok. I liked the story but there was a huge build up to the major conflict in the book and then it was just settled without a whole lot of fanfare. It was kind of anti-climactic.

It’s been 2 weeks or so since I’d read a book in the Troubleshooters series by Suzanne Brockmann and that’s just not right! I read Force of Nature which is book 11 in the series (I’ll soon be all caught up, dammit!). This was another fantastic read. I just love Brockmann’s characters and this one didn’t disappoint. Annie, Ric, Jules, Robin, Martell and all of the others in this book were just great – even the bad guys are written so you really hate them. Let me just also say that Brockmann’s dedications almost always bring me to tears. (I’m such a sap)

Ok so last week I read Samantha Kane’s At Love’s Command which was fab. I really liked it and I decided to read the rest of the Brothers in Arms books that she has out. I wasn’t planning on reading them one right after another, but that’s just what happened. I went from The Courage to Love to Love’s Strategy to Love Under Seige. I liked all of these books. There was a time in one of the books – I think it was The Courage to Love that I started skipping a love scene and thought wow this has a lot of sex! lol Yeah, I don’t say that very often! haha. But like I said they were all good. I think At Love’s Command is my favorite but they’rea ll worth reading.

I ended my reading week with Educating Rose by Lissa Matthews. Educating Rose is Lissa’s first book, a short about a girl (virgin librarian) who has the desire to be a submissive, but only for 1 man. Although this story was only 36 pages I very much enjoyed it. Obviously you can’t delve too far into the characters with such a short story but after I was done reading I felt like I knew them. I’m not a huge bdsm book fan but this one was very enjoyable. Great job Lissa.
You can also find Samantha Kane and Lissa Matthews at Kiss and Tell which is where I found out about Lissa’s release.

Happy Reading!

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What I’ve Been Reading This Week

Posted August 11, 2008 by Tracy in Features | 14 Comments

Hey Kids! How’s it hangin??? Did you have a good week? I hope so!

My week was very quiet as the kids were at my parents all week and John didn’t get home until Friday…but they’re all home now which is wonderful!

School starts for my kids next week…WTF?!!! lol Seriously how did that happen? I just can’t get used to this only 2 months off in the summer thing. They’re looking forward to it, I’m the one who’s not. haha

I also realized that RAW is only about 6 weeks away! My goal was to read at least 1 book by each author – totally easier said than done. Truly. I read a lot, this should be no problem. I just haven’t been motivated for some reason so I’m trying to jump further into that bandwagon.

Ok then started my week off with Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer which I liked…thoughts below. As I said in that post, I think I’m in the minority but, whatever. 🙂

Trying to read my RAW authors I read a short novel (novella) by Sylvia Day, Misled. It’s about vampires in outer space. Whodathunk? Really. It was ok – lots of sex.

Next was another RAW author, Dawn Ryder. She also writes under Mary Wine who I like. Strangely enough, both of them will be at RAW! lol Anyway, this one was Hawk’s Prey. Another sci-fi book about a girl who moves with her brother and father to a penal colony even though she’s an innocent because she doesn’t want to be alone and shunned. Wow – big move. She meets up with a Hunter, Hawk, who is more a less a guard. They hit it off, sex ensues. However, Hawk is “linked” with his partner so then you’ve got the old menage goin’, even though her feelings are for Hawk. This sounds strangely weird, but it was actually strangely intriguing. I think I might be reading more in the series…not sure yet.

Next up, on the advice of Lisabea, I read Samantha Kane’s At Love’s Command. Samantha just won a Passionate Plume award for best historical erotic romance, 2007. Congrats Samantha! At Love’s Command is a m/m/f romance and it was wonderful. I loved this book and now want to go back and read all of Samantha’s Brothers In Arms series. Wonderful story, wonderful. Very, very sexy book.

Ended my week with Acheron by Sherrilyn Kenyon. I have to thank Kat for turning me on to the Dark-Hunter series. So dang good. I was very much looking forward to Acheron to learn all about his past, what makes him tick, how the hell he was gonna get away from Artemis and who was gonna be the love of his life. All of my questions were answered and it was a fabulous, fabulous book. Wonderful. Grade A+

Happy Reading!

What have you been reading this week?

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What I’ve Been Reading This Week

Posted August 4, 2008 by Tracy in Features | 15 Comments

What a fantastic week!!! Started it off really well by going to San Francisco (adventures & pictures posted below) continued it by going to a dear friends’ daughters wedding which was a blast! Ended it with spending the day with my wonderful children. We headed to Borders and B & N where we went a little crazy…so glad I can pass the book addiction on to my kids!

I bought
Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer
The Rest Falls Away by Colleen Gleason
Kiss of Fury by Deborah Cooke
Just One Bite by Kimberly Raye
First Blood Anthology
Dangerous Secrets by Lisa Marie Rice
(between my 2 girls…5 other books – yikes)

I actually forgot to buy Cry Wolf that I’ve been looking forward to reading – tragic! Oh darn, now I’ll have to go back.

We then had lunch at Johnny Rockets where were served by a very cute man whom my kids insisted looked like Elvis. When my oldest told him that he said, “I actually get that a lot!” Too funny!

Then we went to Ben and Jerry’s, got ice cream and saw an afternoon show of Mamma Mia which was great. I saw the stage show a long time ago and have the soundtrack which my kids listen to all the time so it was fun for them to see the movie.

So I didn’t think I had read that much since there was so much going on…but I was wrong. I mean, I did have Wednesday off work while trying to recover from SF, with no kids, so I read!

First I read Nightkeepers by Jessica Andersen. I had some mixed feelings (I felt that about a lot of books this week!) about this book. It was good, but I never had a problem putting it down. The “love” was one of those that was pre-destined so there wasn’t really a romance at all. I am glad that the author actually put that in the book herself so it wasn’t like she was trying to pass it off as something it wasn’t, which I appreciated. I am curious to see what happens next so I’ll be reading the next one when it comes out.

Next I read Into the Flame by Christina Dodd. This was the fourth and final book in the Darkness Chosen series. It was ok but let’s just say that I’m glad the series is over. I like her contemporaries much better than her paranormals.

Truth or Dare by Lori Foster was an impulse buy last week. This was 3 related shorts about a dare between 3 female friends relating to a porn shop. Interesting concept…don’t think it really worked out. I liked the men a lot and I have to say that when they got involved with the women they were already mostly in love with them…but the women fell really fast and that just was soooo no believable to me. Cute, but, eh.

Secrets of Surrender by Madeline Hunter has been on my shelf for a while so I finally decided to read it. I liked this book, but there were soooo many secrets it was ridiculous. I know that’s the title of the book but I expected a couple…maybe a trio…there were many more and it was a little much. Good though.

Colleen Gleason will be a guest author on the DIK blog this week and I’ve never read her work before so I wanted to read at least one book before she got there. So I got The Rest Falls Away and read it. I have extremely mixed feelings about this book. I liked it, yet, I didn’t. I liked the whole idea of it but I found Max incredibly annoying (but a DIK girl actually picked him for one of her heroes so I’m thinking he gets better in the series?), the trio of Victoria’s mom and her friends…annoying, Sebastian…I wanted to punch. Phillip, oh Phillip. I loved Phillip and Victoria both. They were great. The end? That had me throwing the book after I finished it and growling for about an hour afterward! Lol My oldest daughter finally said, “Mom? Stop. Go start another book and it will get that one out of your head!” Kids, very smart. I can’t decide if I’ll read the rest of the series! Mixed. Feelings.

I only read Meljean Brook’s novella out of the First Blood Anthology, Thicker Than Blood. Meljean? I love you! lol I truly love every story this woman puts out! She got so much said and done in 107 pages it was amazing. Loved the story. Great! Loved it.

Happy Reading!

So what have you been reading this week?

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What I’ve Been Reading This Week

Posted July 28, 2008 by Tracy in Features | 4 Comments

This has been a great week..well, if I don’t count today! (lol – nope, not talkin about it!) I read some really good books, which is always nice, and life was just, well, normal. I like normal. I’m kind of a homebody during the week so it was nice to hang with the fam and not have drama.

I had a great time over at DIK this week, too. Sarai will be posting hot menz Mon-Wed. of this week so if you need to drool, head on over. 🙂

Tomorrow I’m off to San Francisco to meet some great blogging friends who will be there for RWA. I can hardly wait. I won’t be attending the conference but I could hardly pass up the opportunity to fly up since I’m so close, even if it’s just for a day or so.

My dad came and got the kids for a few days and my husband left for the incredibly crazy Sturgis bike rally in South Dakota. He’ll be gone for a couple of weeks so it will be quiet around here.

Alright – first up was a novella called Gone with the Wolf by Loribelle Hunt. Interesting story with shapeshifters, witches, zombies and a Vegas casino. It was ok…let’s just say I’m glad it was short.

Pleasure Unbound by Larissa Ione was up next and I loved this book. I have to say I let it sit on the shelf for a while and when I first picked it up I wasn’t so sure about it, but it sucked me in. There were a few issues that I had with it but overall a really entertaining read. Can’t wait for Shade’s story.

I always try to mix up my contemporaries, historicals and paranormals so I don’t get into a rut so next up I chose Never Trust A Scoundrel by Gayle Callen. This was an impulse buy at Borders when they were having one of their 4 for 5 romance book sales. It looked good but it did sit on the shelf for a while before I dug it out. It was really good. I was so pleasantly surprised at the story. It started out with the typical “let me make a bargain with you” type thing that always ends in sex but it was done in a great way and I thought it was charming. Towards the end it got a little too predictable but it ended well and I was very pleased with it. I hadn’t read any of her work before but I will definitely be reading more of it in the future.
Into the Shadow by Christina Dodd was my next choice. I read the first two in the Darkness Chosen series but they were just ok reads for me. I really had no plans to read the last 2 books in the series but for some reason I caved when the 3rd book was published. I really enjoyed it. Yes, it had some completely unbelievable parts in it but overall I thought it was pretty entertaining.

Ready or Not by Anara Bella – a novella was cute. Boy thinks girl is a flake but likes her anyway. Girl has had crush on boy forever. It wrapped up pretty quickly for me but it was cute.

Last one for the week was Into the Storm by Suzanne Brockmann. You thought I was gonna go an entire week without reading a Troubleshooters novel? Yeah, right. I mean there are only a few left! What the hell am I gonna do then? Oh, yeah, move on to her other series! 🙂 This was an interesting story. I thought the romance started off really well, but then it didn’t develop as well as I think her others romances have. Still a great book.

Happy Reading!

What have you been reading this week?

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What I’ve Been Reading This Week

Posted July 21, 2008 by Tracy in Features | 16 Comments

Greetings and Salutations!

I’ve discovered that trying to get your kids in bed/asleep and working on blog posts is not something I should do at the same time. Yeah, I know…it seems so apparent that it can’t work, but I thought I’d give it try anyway. Nope, not working. So – another post with no links – sorry! 🙂

The first book I finished this week…not necessarily the one I started first…was Heart of the Hunter by Tina St. John. I started another book but remembered the TBR challenge and read this one really quickly. It was ok. You can see the review a couple of posts back.

Read Jet Mykles’ Tech Support. Really liked this novella. I hadn’t read her before but I like the way she writes very much and am looking forward to reading more of her work.

Charlie’s Bargan by Evangeline Anderson was next. Strangely enough the man in this story was considered “alien” but since it was sci-fi and they were already on another planet, did it bother me like the book below? Not at all. huh. Pretty good short erotica story. The wording on a few things was odd, but hey – it’s sci fi.

Finished Season of Strangers by Kat Martin (the first book I started…see above). Review below this one. Alien Abductions – all I’m sayin.

Dangerous Ground by Josh Lanyon was next. Great little novella – enjoyed it a lot. Want to read more about these characters.

My love affair with Suzanne Brockmann’s Troubleshooters continued with Breaking Point. Oh my lord I loved this one! Just so good. I really love how she follows up with characters from previous books and there’s always 3 or more stories going on at the same time. Loved it.

Mistress to the Beast by Eve Vaughn…funny name. Modern day beauty and the beast. It was ok. Not great, not horrible. Silly trivia…my grandma’s maiden name was Vaughn and I always thought if I ever wrote books (which will never happen) that I’d want my pen name to be Vaughn. Now do I have to think of a catchy first name that starts with a J? 🙂

Lastly…Lover Eternal by J.R. Ward. Ok, I know this is like the 3rd time I’ve read it but it was calling to me! lol I just love this story – so stinking good. Simple parts of the book just get to me. Rhage in Mary’s house after their date and she tells him he’s really good friend material and he’s so floored…in a good way. Or when John Matthew’s having dinner with Wellsie and Tohr for the first time and Wellsie automatically gives JM the bowl of rice with the ginger. He’s so moved that they understand him, and his stomach is full for the first time in his life. I won’t even mention the end that tears me up every time. Yeah, I’m a sap. Love this book!

Happy Reading!

What have you been reading this week?

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