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Best of 2007: The Heroes

Posted December 27, 2007 by Holly in Features | 13 Comments

With only one week left of 2007, it’s about that time for us book lovers to break out our book journals and analyze the reading we did this year. It’s about that time where we decide which books were our favorites, what heroes we liked best and what heroines we only wanted to choke a little bit. With so many things to analyze, we’ve decided that here at Book Binge, we’ll be listing our favorites of the year. Until the end of the year, we’ll be listing our favorite heroes, heroines, secondary characters, genres and all that good stuff here at your neighborhood friendly Book Binge.

To kick things off, we decided that today we’ll be posting about our favorite Heroes. With the amount of reading that we did this year, this was no easy task. There were so many different heroes to choose from, with Dashing Dukes and Sexy SEALs and then Hottie Cowboys, how can you choose just one?

We didn’t.

Because we’re suckers for a great hero, we decided that we would list our Top 5 Heroes of 2007. Now, this didn’t mean we’re only ranking our favorite heroes that came out in 2007, oh no…we’re ranking our top 5 heroes that we met for the first time this year as well as the ones that came out this year. So here’s what we came up with.

Rowena’s Picks:

1) Jack Sheridan from Virgin River by Robyn Carr.
2) Sebastian Dain from Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase.
3) Mick Hennessey from Tangled Up In You by Rachel Gibson.
4) Alex Stewart from Love, Rosie by Cecelia Ahern.
5) Mitch Wyatt from Every Breath You Take by Judith McNaught.

Honorable Mentions: Dean Roubillard from Natural Born Charmer by Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Alec Buchanan from Murder List by Julie Garwood and Christian Hawkins and Kid Chronolopolous from Crazy Cool and Crazy Kisses by Tara Janzen.

It’s hard to choose my absolute favorite hero because look at my list? How can you choose just one of those guys as your favorite of ’07? If I absolutely had to, I think I’d choose Jack Sheridan because he embodies everything I want in a man…and I’d only choose him if I absolutely had to, like they were going to cut off my arm or one of my legs if I didn’t…if I didn’t have to choose just ONE hero to be my favorite, then all of them are my favorites, one for each day of the week! LOL.

Holly’s Picks:

In no particular order:

1) Restell Gardner from If His Kiss is Wicked by Jo Goodman
2) Viscount Simon Iddesleigh from The Serpent Prince by Elizabeth Hoyt
3) Roarke from JD Robb’s In Death Series
4) Judd Lauren from Nalini Singh’s Caressed by Ice
5) Colin Ames-Beaumont from Meljean Brook’s Demon Moon

I know there are tons of other ones I read about, and picking 5 was so hard for me, but I’m pretty confident in my choices…for now. Who knows what my picks will be next week. 🙂

Isabel’s Picks:

1) Edward from Twilight
2) Sebastian from Lord of Scoundrels
3) Harry Potter from The Deathly Hallows
4) Dan from Dirty
5) Jack from Virgin River

Honorable mention: I have to list Connor from The Wedding. He didn’t earn the top 5 spot since this was a reread.

Casee’s Picks:

1) Judd Lauren from Caressed by Ice by Nalini Singh
2) Jack Sheridan from Virgin River by Robyn Carr
3) Colin Thorne from My Steadfast Heart by Jo Goodman
4) Branden Kel Paten from Games of Command by Linnea Sinclair
5) Tegan from Midnight Awakening by Lara Adrian

Man but 2007 was a good year of the heroes, now that we’ve listed ours…who was YOUR favorite hero of 2007? Can you choose just one or are you a slutty hussies like us and had to choose 5? Let us know, we’re nosy like that.

Happy Reading Ya’ll!

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Booking Through Thursday: 12/20/07

Posted December 20, 2007 by Casee in Features | 4 Comments

1. What fiction book (or books) would you nominate to be the best new book published in 2007?(Older books that you read for the first time in 2007 don’t count.)

2. What non-fiction book (or books) would you nominate to be the best new book published in 2007?(Older books that you read for the first time in 2007 don’t count.)

3. And, do “best of” lists influence your reading?

Wena Says:

1. Does Natural Born Charmer counts as fiction because if it does then that’s my pick of Best of 2007, atleast for me. I’m looking through my book log and there weren’t many books that came out this year that I read and loved as much as I remember loving that book…best hero of the year though, new hero anyway is Jack Sheridan…YUMMALICIOUS!

2. Non fiction? What’s that…LOL.

3. Depends on who’s best list it is, if it’s a blogger doing the Best Of list then I’d say that it might influence the books that I buy but if it’s a publishing house, well…I guess it does because the books that sell the most or the books that are favorited a lot are the books that get my attention so yeah, I guess it does.

Casee Says:

1. I would nominate Caressed by Ice by Nalini Singh. I was highly impressed and thoroughly happy with how she stayed true to Judd’s character.

2. Who has time for non-fiction where there are so many unread romances out there? LOL

3. I do read best of lists, but they don’t really influence what I read one way or the other.

Holly Says:

I agree w/ Casee. I can’t help it. She’s always right.

Isabel Says:

1. I guess Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows would have to be my fav book of 2007. That and Virgin River.

2. I haven’t read any non fiction this year.

3. Not really.

What about you guys?

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Booking Through Thursday: 11/15/2007

Posted November 15, 2007 by Holly in Features | 5 Comments


Today’s question comes from Conspiracy-Girl:
I’m still relatively new to this meme so I’m not sure if this has been asked yet, but I’m curious how many of us write notes in our books. Are you a Footprint Leaver or a Preservationist?

Don’t forget to leave a link to your actual response (so people don’t have to go searching for it) in the comments—or if you prefer, leave your answers in the comments themselves!

Rowena Says:

No, I never write in my books. I don’t leave any kind of written notes on my books, but when I’m researching stuff for posts or for a book discussion or something, I can get kind of crazy with my post its, to save a certain part so that I can include it in a post or whatever I need it for…but I don’t ever actually write in my books. I don’t have the heart to do that, I never did that in school either, in school, I wrote down the page number and paragraph in my notebook ….now for Church lessons, I mark up my lesson book with little notes and I highlight things I want to include in my lesson, but I have to do it very neatly so that it’s still pretty. I’m a dork like that.

Holly Says:

People actually write in their books? I think that’s got to be sacrilegious or something. LOL Obviously I’m not the type to write in my books. I’m actually kind of anal about that. If I need to mark a passage, I use a sticky note or a piece of paper to hold the page or I write on a separate piece of paper. Unlike Ween, I don’t color code them. I’ll tell you, tough, having an eReader helps with this. You can add markups and notes to your books w/ the device and then clear them when you no longer need them. It’s really nice to have.

Casee Says:

Dude, people actually write in their books? I never have. Ever. Not even in my text book for my Accounting class. I got a highlighter to highlight some helpful things and I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

So the answer is no. I’m most definitely not a footprint leaver.

Isabel Says:

No, I don’t leave any notes in my books. No book marks, nothing. In my college text books I did. I’d high light stuff but that was about it.

What about the rest of you? Do you leave footprints in your books? Ever gotten a book that had footprints in it?

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Our Favorite Reads of October.

Posted November 6, 2007 by Rowena in Features | 1 Comment

With the month of October come and gone, us ladies over here at Book Binge have read some good books and some bad books and like every other month, this post serves to share with our readers, our favorite reads of the month.

I’ll start, here’s my list of books that I’ve read this month:

Shelter Mountain by Robyn Carr
Whispering Rock by Robyn Carr
Ready or Not by Meg Cabot
Georgette Heyer
Mine Till Midnight by Lisa Kleypas

I’ve read some really great books, books that I’ve come to love so much…I think that even though I gave one book a higher grade then the other, I loved both books just the same. So this month, my favorite reads were Shelter Mountain by Robyn Carr and Mine Till Midnight by Lisa Kleypas. I loved Shelter Mountain because of the small town of Virgin River and the sense of family and unity they had in that town, the book was filled with deep roots and a storyline that flowed flawlessly and just totally rocked my socks. Mine till Midnight, I loved because of Cam frickin’ Rohan. That guy is the absolute favorite thing about reading this month. I have loved all of Lisa Kleypas’ books and she didn’t disappoint me with her latest release…Cam and his book rocked my socks!



Never Love a Cowboy by Lorraine Heath
Never Marry a Cowboy by Lorraine Heath
The Wedding by Julie Garwood
Nothing But Velvet by Kat Martin
Silk and Steel by Kat Martin

I best read for the month of October has to be my reread of The Wedding. I love this book. It is one of my favorite books. Everything else was all right. My favorite read that wasn’t a reread would have to be Nothing But Velvet.

Since we’re a week late with this, we’re just going to make our rounds around the blogosphere to see what everyone else is reading…We hope November brings along some fantastic reading for everyone!

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Booking Through Thrusday: Typography

Posted October 18, 2007 by Book Binge Guest Blogger in Features | 8 Comments

You may or may not have seen my post at Punctuality Rules Tuesday, about a book I recently bought that had the actual TITLE misspelled on the spine of the book. A glaring typographical error that really (really!) should have been caught. So, using that as a springboard, today’s question: What’s the worst typographical error you’ve ever found in (or on) a book?

Don’t forget to leave a link to your actual response (so people don’t have to go searching for it) in the comments—or if you prefer, leave your answers in the comments themselves!

Wena Says:

Alright, I’m not one of those readers that catches every single error in books but I do catch those glaring errors, especially if they involve, the heroes. Like, In Julie Garwood’s The Bride, the hero, Alec Kincaid had brown eyes but he returns in The Wedding, his brother Connor’s book and he no longer has brown eyes but a piercing silver gaze or something like that and I remember my sister, Helen could not get over it. I told her about it and she read it for herself and it bothered her, a lot. That, for me was the worst error that I’ve ever caught myself….and it was a whopper of an error if you ask me. =)

Holly Says:

I seem to be one of the few readers who catches every error in novels. But the ones that drive me especially batty are the inconsistencies in clothing/appearance. Take Dangerous Tides for example. At one point the heroine of the piece was wearing pants that hugged her bottom on the way down the stairs, but 5 minutes later, she was wearing a skirt that flirted about her legs. Crap like that annoys me.

Casee Says:

In a book I recently read, the heroine got dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. Two minutes later, she had on gym shorts. I can’t stand inconsistencies like that. Spelling errors don’t bother me quite as much, but I’m kind of anal about spelling too.

I catch way more spelling and grammar errors than I do with clothes or description inconsistencies. I have no idea why.

Izzy Says:

I rarely catch errors. I think there was a Julie Garwood book where is the heroine is described with having a certain eye color in one book and another color in the sequel. Since I can’t really remember which book it was, it must have not bugged me that much.

For the most part, I don’t really notice them until Holly points them out to me.

Although! I was just reading my book and I came across this sentence: “I don’t thing about Daniel so much anymore.”

What about the rest of you?

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