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Here at Book Binge, we are fortunate to have a really great review team. They keep us afloat and they work really hard to review the books you see featured here every day. Here’s a quick introduction to each member of our amazing review squad.

Manitoba, Canada
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Ames is just a girl, living in her bookish world. With awesome sidekicks. R.I.P. Maximus.


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Jen devoured romances in high school and college, but then drifted away. The past couple years she’s rediscovered romance, and now it’s all she wants to read. She has an unnatural fondness for Harlequin Intrigues, for PBS, and for discovering new recipes she never has time to cook.


Southern California

TG is 18. She likes animals, the color purple and long walks on the beach. Well, mostly swimming in the ocean. She’s an avid reader, sometimes knitter, often opinionated aspiring art therapist. Pardon her feminism.

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Tina loves to read. She also enjoys cooking & baking, cookbook collector , flower gardening, art journaling, mixed media art, ATC’s, Pinterest junkie, diy blogs, supporter of animal adoptions.


Southern California
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Tracy has been reading romance since she was a young teen. She loves HEA’s- just a romantic at heart.

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