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Wicked Deeds on a Winter’s Night by Kresley Cole

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Book description:

Bowen MacRieve of the Lykae clan was nearly destroyed when he lost the one woman meant for him. The ruthless warrior grew even colder, never taking another to his bed — until a smoldering encounter with his enemy, Mariketa the Awaited, reawakens his darkest desires. When sinister forces unite against her, the Highlander finds himself using all his strength and skill to keep her alive.

Temporarily stripped of her powers, Mari is forced to take refuge with her sworn adversary. It’s rumored that no one can tempt Bowen’s hardened heart, but soon passion burns between them. Though a future together is impossible, she fears he has no intention of letting her go.

If they defeat the evil that surrounds them, can Mari deny Bowen when he demands her body and soul — or will she risk everything for her fierce protector?

I was highly impressed when I read Kresley Cole’s first paranormal, A Hunger Like No Other. The story of Lachlain and Emma was intriguing from page 1. The world that Kresley created pulled me in immediately and still hasn’t let me go. Wicked Deeds was the long awaited (for me) story of Bowen MacRieve and Mariketa the Awaited.

We first met Bowe in A Hunger Like No Other. Since losing his mate almost two centuries ago, the pain has still not left poor Bowe. It haunts him daily how his mate, Mariah, died. See, she was running away from him on the full moon. Even I know that you probably shouldn’t run away from a Lykae on a full moon, even if you are scared out of your freakin‘ mind. Hello common sense? Anyway, Bowen is obviously very tortured.

We follow Bowe’s tortured journey in No Rest for the Wicked. There, he is competing in the Hie for the chance to win Thane’s key. What is Thane’s key, you ask? Thane’s key is the key which will take Bowe back in time so he can save his mate. When he comes face to face with Mariketa the Awaited, he is disgusted. First by his reaction to her and second b/c she’s a witch. See, Bowe is a major witch hater. In No Rest for the Wicked, we learn that Bowen trapped Mariketa and several other creatures of the Lore in a cave. In return, Mari put a powerful curse on him which will not allow him to regenerate from his injuries. So he’s majorly effed up by the end of that book.

Wicked Deeds brings us back to the Hie, but from Mari and Bowe’s point of view. There is an instant and undeniable attraction between the two. Bowe hasn’t felt attraction for another woman since he lost Mariah and he is convinced that Mari has put an enchantment spell on him. Mari is determined to stay away from Bowen b/c he’s about 200 years older than her and he obviously disdains everything she stands for.

After Bowen loses the Hie, his cousin Lachlain finds him and takes him to his home so he can heal from his injuries. When Bowen insists that all Lachlain needs to do is bring Mariketa to him to remove the curse, he finds out that not only is Mariketa and the others still entombed, but that she’s mortal. If that news isn’t bad enough, he’s just about started a war b/c Mari’s coven wants her back and wants her back now.

The relationship between Bowen and Mari is truly unique. On one hand, Bowen finds his Instinct awakened and will do anything to protect Mari. He’s soon convinced that Mari is Mariah reincarnated (when I read No Rest for the Wicked, I thought that was the case). He wants her, but he hates what she is. He doesn’t trust magic or Mari’s use of it. Mari refuses to believe that she’s Bowen’s mate. Four years before, it was foretold that a male from the Lore would recognize her as his and claim her thus taking her away from the Coven. Since then, Mari has cloaked herself in fabric and magic, at the insistence of her Coven. Mari knows that she could never be with someone like Bowen. Someone that would smother her and not allow her to be who she is.

As Bowen and Mari grow closer, there are obvious forces trying to keep them apart. After a plane crash nearly kills her, Bowe has already realized that he will hold onto Mari with everything he has. She is is mate, reincarnated or not. When Mari finally recovers from her injuries (after several heartbreaking days), who shows up at the door? None other than Mariah. Though Bowen is torn between the two, Mari makes the decision for him and leaves through a mirror. Did I mention that she could walk through mirrors and her reflection would talk back to her?

It’s in this other dimension that Mari will practice her craft and finally fulfill her destiny. It doesn’t take her long to realize that her destiny lies with Bowen MacRieve.

I thoroughly enjoyed the 3rd installment in the Immortals After Dark series. There were several new characters introduced, one of which will have his book come out sometime next year. I believe she has back-to-back full releases coming out in May ’08 and June ’08.

If you haven’t read this series, try it.

By the way, I hate the cover. It looks too cartoonish for me.

4.5 out of 5.

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November New Releases

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November 1st:

Ice Storm by Anne Stuart

Behind her mask is a deadly secret…

The powerful head of the covert mercenary organization The Committee, Isobel Lambert is a sleek, sophisticated professional who comes into contact with some of the most dangerous people in the world. But beneath Isobel’s cool exterior a ghost exists, haunting her with memories of another life…a life that ended long ago.

But Isobel’s past and present are about to collide when Serafin, mercenary, assassin and the most dangerous man in the world, makes a deal with The Committee. Seventeen years ago Isobel shot him and left him for dead. Now it looks as if he’s tracked her down for revenge. But Isobel knows all too well that looks can be deceiving…and that’s what she’s counting on to keep her cover in this international masquerade of murder.

Caine’s Reckoning by Sarah McCarty

Caine Allen is a hardened Texas Ranger, definitely not the marrying kind. But when he rescues a kidnapped woman and returns her to town, the preacher calls in a favor. One Caine’s honor won’t let him refuse.

From the moment he beds Desi, Caine knows turmoil will follow. Desi might have the face of a temptress, but she also has a will of iron and while she needs his protection, she’s determined that no man will control her again. They establish an uneasy bond, but it still isn’t enough for Caine. He wants all Desi has to offer. He wants her screams, her moans, her demands…everything. Yet there’s still a bounty on Desi’s head and keeping her satisfied is proving easier than keeping her alive.

Cut Throat by Sharon Sala

He killed her once…

Throat slashed and left for dead next to her murdered father, a thirteen-year-old girl vows to hunt down the man who did this to them—Solomon Tutuola. Now grown, bounty hunter Cat Dupree lets nothing— or no one—stand in the way of that deadly promise.
Not even her lover, Wilson McKay.

Their sexually charged encounters leave McKay wanting more, but Cat is determined to keep her distance. She doesn’t need a man making emotional demands, not now, when revenge is near.

Suspecting that Tutuola is still alive, despite witnessing the horrific explosion that should have killed him, Cat follows a dangerous money trail to Mexico, swearing not to return until she’s certain Tutuola is dead—even if it means destroying her very soul….

Payback by Jasmine Cresswell

For twenty-five years multimillionaire businessman Ron Raven played the loving husband and father— to two very different households. But when Ron disappears, his deception is revealed. Now it’s time for…PAYBACK.

The police assume bigamist and wealthy businessman Ron Raven paid the price of his crimes with his life—a conclusion his “second” family, the Fairfaxes, accepts. So when restaurateur Luke Savarini outrageously claims to have seen his former investor—in the flesh!—Kate Fairfax is furious.

When her anger cools, evidence leaves Kate facing the possibility that her father is still alive. With Luke’s help, Kate is willing to risk everything to find Ron Raven, if it means bringing him to justice, once and for all.

Highland Wedding by Hannah Howell

The vivid scar that spans Sir Iain MacLagan’s cheek is a daily reminder of the wife he lost-and of the enemy that still stalks him. Commanded by Scotland’s king to remarry in order to unite two powerful border clans, Iain reluctantly weds Islaen MacRoth, a woman whose delicate appearance belies a playful, seductive nature that proves dangerously attractive to a man who has vowed never to jeopardize his heart, or his loved ones, again.

Raised with eleven boisterous brothers, Islaen has little time for foolish romantic notions. Even so, she hoped for more than a forced marriage to a man who shares her bed, but not her life. Step by step, Islaen sets out to wear down Iain’s defenses. But can her ruggedly handsome husband learn to give her his love as freely as he bestows his passion?

November 6th

Creation in Death by J.D. Robb

NYPSD Lieutenant Eve Dallas keeps the streets of a near-future New York City safe in this extraordinary series. But even she makes mistakes, and is haunted by those she couldn’t save-and the killers she couldn’t capture. When the body of a young brunette is found in East River Park, artfully positioned and marked by signs of prolonged and painful torture, Eve is catapulted back to a case nine years earlier. The city was on edge from a killing spree that took the lives of four women in fifteen days, courtesy of a man the media tagged “The Groom”-because he put silver rings on the fingers of his victims. When it turns out that the young brunette was employed by Eve’s billionaire husband, Roarke, she brings him in on the case-a move that proves fitting when it becomes chillingly clear that the killer has made his attack personal. The victim was washed in products from a store Roarke owns, and laid out on a sheet his company manufactures. With the Groom’s monstrous return, Eve is determined to finish him once and for all. Familiar with his methods, Eve knows that he has already grabbed his next victim. Time is running out on another woman’s life. And chances are he’s working up to the biggest challenge of his illustrious career-abducting a woman who will test his skills and who promises to give him days and days of pleasure before she dies: Eve.

Into Thin Air by Cindy Miles

A twelfth-century warrior-turned-Guardian Knight, Gawan of Conwyk is about to finally become mortal. But then he finds a beautiful woman by the side of the road near Castle Grimm-she is his soulmate, and it’s up to him to save her life.

Ellie doesn’t remember who she is or how she got to the north of England. Together they set out to solve the mystery of her almostdeath, but neither Ellie nor Gawan is prepared for the soul-searing passion they discover…

Atlantis Awakening (Book 2) by Alyssa Day

To rescue the world from an overwhelming evil, Poseidon’s warriors have risen from Atlantis. Chief among them is Ven, serving as the King’s Vengeance by birthright and by battle challenge. None can conquer him-except perhaps for one human female.

November 27th

Come as You Are by Amy J. Fetzer

Captured, tortured, and nearly executed…just another day on the job for Logan Chambliss and Dragon One. Their mission: clean up a highly sensitive mess the CIA made in Venezuela involving the country’s marked vice president. Too bad the plan went belly up–then downhill with the appearance of a gutsy, gorgeous, take-it-or leave-it female Logan just happens to know intimately. And who should be dead…

Tessa Carlyle should never have answered the phone. There she was, going native in Fiji for her job as a National Geographic location scout when a voice from her past crashes her perfect life. Threatened with blackmail, her only choice is to help a man she despises–to help a man she never forgot. But her unlikely resurrection puts her directly in the crosshairs of a ruthless killer…

From the rain forests of Venezuela to the streets of Caracas, Logan and Tessa will have to negotiate a twisted trail of deceit and betrayal. At stake is the fate of two nations and a deadly threat that could kill millions…

The Down Home Zombie Blues by Linnea Sinclair

In this steamy, suspenseful new novel from RITA Award–winning author Linnea Sinclair, a dangerously sexy space commander and an irresistibly earthy Florida police detective pair up to save the civilized galaxy . . . but can they save themselves from each other?Bahia Vista homicide detective Theo Petrakos thought he’d seen it all. Then a mummified corpse and a room full of futuristic hardware sends Guardian Force commander Jorie Mikkalah into his life. Before the night’s through, he’s become her unofficial partner—and official prisoner—in a race to save the earth. And that’s only the start of his troubles.Jorie’s mission is to stop a deadly infestation of biomechanical organisms from using Earth as its breeding ground. If she succeeds, she could save a world and win a captaincy. But she’ll need Theo’s help, even if their unlikely partnership does threaten to set off an intergalactic incident. Because if she fails, she’ll lose not just a planet and a promotion, but a man who’s become far more important to her than she cares to admit.

Midnight Awakening by Lara Adrian

With a dagger in her hand and vengeance on her mind, Darkhaven beauty Elise Chase prowls Boston’s streets in search of retribution against the Rogue vampires who took from her everything she cherished. Using an extraordinary psychic gift, she tracks her prey, well aware that the power she possesses is destroying her. She must learn to harness this gift, and for that she can turn to only one man—the deadliest of the Breed warriors, Tegan.No stranger to loss, Tegan knows Elise’s pain. He knows fury, but when he slays his enemies it is with ice in his veins. He is perfect in his self-control, until Elise seeks his aid in her personal war. An unholy alliance is forged—a bond that will link them by blood and vow—and plunge them into a tempest of danger, desire, and the darkest passions of the heart. . . .

Redeemed in Darkness (Paladins) by Alexis Morgan

A fiercely beautiful female leader from the Other world, Lusahn q’Arc can’t forget the Paladin warrior she met in battle — his chiseled body and piercing, thoughtful eyes still haunt her dreams. While investigating the smuggling of the mysterious blue stones used to light her shadowy world, Lusahn receives word that her missing brother, Barak, is alive — and working with the Paladins. Although angry at his betrayal, she arranges to meet him. But at the appointed time it is not Barak who arrives, but Cullen Finley — the enemy warrior who torments her memory.

Intense attraction immediately burns between Lusahn and Cullen despite their rival loyalties, and they can’t help surrendering to passion. Their time together is limited, though, for soon Cullen must return to his own world — with or without Lusahn. But when carefully laid plans go awry, together they must fight to keep their forbidden romance a secret — and keep each other alive.

Blood Brothers by Nora Roberts

In the small village of Hawkins Hollow, three best friends who share the same birthday sneak off into the woods for a sleepover the evening before turning 10. But a night of pre-pubescent celebration turns into a night of horror as their blood brother oath unleashes a three-hundred year curse.
Twenty-one years later, Cal Hawkins and his friends have seen their town plagued by a week of unexplainable evil events two more times – every seven years. With the clock winding down on the third set of seven years, someone else has taken an interest in the town’s folklore. Quinn is a well known scholar of local legends, and despite Cal’s protests, insists on delving in the mystery. But when the first signs of evil appear months early, it’s not only the town Cal tries to protect, but also his heart.
Her Secret Fantasy by Gaelen Foley

In an encore to the Knight family series, the Spice Trilogy features three exciting new Knight cousins who will be arriving in Regency London from India under the British Raj. Fearless cavalry officers Gabriel and Derek Knight and their gorgeous sister Georgiana are an adventuresome, exotic trio. Don’t miss out on the fun as they arrive to knock some of the stuffing out of the stuffy London ton. Georgie, the youngest, is tempted to follow in the footsteps of her scandalous aunt, the Duchess Georgiana Hawkscliffe (aka the Hawkscliffe Harlot), and as for the guys, word soon spreads among the ladies of Society that these stunningly handsome, deadly soldiers also happen to be masters of the Kama Sutra…

So what relase(s) are you all looking forward to this month?


Highlander Untamed by Monica McCarty

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Book description:

Rory MacLeod is a bold and powerful Highland Chief with only one allegiance–to his clan. He vows revenge against the rival MacDonald clan, though duty demands a handfast marriage to Isabel MacDonald–a bride he does not want and has no intention of keeping. But Rory couldn’t have anticipated the captivating woman who challenges his steely control, and unleashes the untamed passion simmering beneath his fierce exterior.

Blessed with incomparable beauty, Isabel MacDonald is prepared to use every means possible–including seduction–to uncover her husband’s most guarded secrets. Instead Rory awakens Isabel’s deepest desires and her sweetest fantasies. Now Isabel has found the happiness she’s always dreamed of with the very man she must betray, and discovers that passion can be far more dangerous than revenge.

I’ve had this book for ages, but was just not in the mood for a medieval. I’m glad I finally picked it up b/c it was really very good. I read it about two weeks ago, so this is really a brief review.

Isabel MacDonald has always wanted approval from her family. After her mother died when she was just three years old, Isabel has strove to get attention from her father and three brothers. Always falling short of the mark, Isabel finally has a chance to prove her worth by handsfasting w/ Rory MacLeod. Given the duty of finding Rory’s secrets, Isabel arrives with vague intentions of seducing his secrets out of him and then leaving after the required year.

Rory MacLeod has his own agenda when it comes to his handsfast bride. Agreeing only to placate the King, Rory has no intention of forgoing his revenge on Isabel’s uncle, MacDonald of Sleat. After a slight to his sister that he can’t ignore, Rory has every intention of not only avenging her, but defeating Sleat once and for all.

Though Isabel commits to Rory with every intention of betraying him, she soon finds herself caring for her husband. Though she doesn’t want to let her family down, she also wants to fight for the marriage that never thought she wanted. Though she wants to confide in Rory, she hesitates b/c she is not sure he would forgive even the thought of betrayal.

I thought this was a very good debut for McCarty. Isabel was a very like able heroine while Rory was exactly what I’ve come to expect in a Highland Laird. Always putting the duty to the clan first, Rory is arrogant and stubborn enough to figure out a way to have his revenge while keeping the bride that he should not want. Though he is at first blinded by her beauty, Rory learns that there is much more to his wife than first meets the eye.

The resolution of the conflict between the characters was believable. That’s always important to me. I don’t like finishing a book and thinking “WTF just happened?”.

I recommend this series to readers who are looking for a good medieval romance.

4 out of 5 stars.

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Robyn Carr: Contest!

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Robyn generously offered to give away an autographed set of the Virgin River trilogy! All she asks is that you sign up for her newsletter. To do that, email us w/ your email address to . We will forward your email address onto Robyn and you will be signed up and therefore entered to win. Robyn wants to assure everyone that she NEVER shares reader information with anyone. Nor will she sign you up for anything other than her newsletter. All in all, it’s definitely worth it!

You didn’t think it’d be that easy, did you? In addition to emailing us, we’d also like you to tell us why you love the Virgin River series so much. Is it the small town? The hot men? Rick? If you haven’t read it, tell us why you want to read it.

Comment by midnight PST on Friday, October 26th and the winner will be announced later that day.

*Please Note: This is a sticky. Please scroll down to see our regularly scheduled programming.

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Robyn Carr: Q&A

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Robyn is here with us today to answer reader questions!
Here are a few to get us started:
Q: Does Rick end up with Liz?

Rick’s story is ongoing and I really can’t give anything away without spoiling the outcome, which will come in the 6th book in the series. Suffice it to say, he is presently a little busy in the USMC — but he will be back and his love life will be settled.

Q: What are your plans for Paul and Vanessa?
Paul loves Vanessa — that much is clear in Whispering Rock. In the next book in the continuing series — he’s going to have to learn a few lessons about the cost of not stepping up to the plate as he faces losing her a second time. It’s a rocky ride for Paul; he’s not the only man interested in Vanessa. Not only that, there’s a new woman in Paul’s life who isn’t going to sit by quietly and wait for him to come out of his shell — so the chase is on, and there are too many contestants in this race.
Q: When is the Grace Valley trilogy going to be reprinted? Can the readers do anything to speed that along (i.e. write letters, etc.)?
The Grace Valley series is going to be available again, with new cover art, in Oct. 08. Nothing will hurry this — the publisher is up to their eyeballs in Grace Valley and Virgin River books and it has everyone from the art dept. to the marketing team is working very very hard — and fast. One thing that always helps — haunting the booksellers. Just asking for these books a lot results in booksellers asking sales reps who ask the publisher. I only mention this because it is already happening, and that’s getting things done.
Q: Did you have any idea how wildly successful Virgin River would end up being?

I believed in the stories — from the beginning I knew I had something that worked. But believing in something isn’t enough to make it happen. I had to work very hard to get the word out, just so they’d be read and then, God willing, talked about. To that end I bought ads, gave away about 1,000 copies of Virgin River to get the ball rolling, and other promotional activities including lots of travel. Still — when the response came and it was huge, I was stunned. I don’t know that it’s a feeling you ever get used to.

Q: What are your future plans for Virgin River?

I thought I was done with Virgin River after 4 books, but then more ideas started to rise to the top and I just kept writing. Since it’s a whole town and there’s nothing preventing newcomers from arriving on the scene, who knows how long it can go on? Right now I have plans for a total of 8 books, but I can see the potential for even more.

Q: Do you have any books planned outside of Virgin River?

Yes, absolutely. In fact I have 2 women’s fiction finished — more along the lines of The House On Olive Street, something we once called “girlfriend books.” As soon as we get the editing done on all these VR novels, my editor will want to take a look at those. I love doing both types of women’s fiction — those that are mostly romance and those that are more about women in relationships with other women as well as their relationships with men. In both types I’m able to give lots of space to women’s issues.

Q: What is your typical writing day like?
I get up early — 6 a.m. or so — and go straight to the computer. I have other responsibilities of course — I have a house and family and dog, plus I do a lot of community service for my local library and I have to keep my hair cut and colored 😉 But mainly I write and don’t leave my computer till about 7 pm. And I do that everyday that I’m home, 7 days a week. In fact, I so enjoy the writing, I’m not very happy about it when I have to be away from it. But then, Virgin River is such a pleasant place to be — who wouldn’t?
Q: What kind of advice can you give an aspiring author?
Read read read, write write write — that’s the best training. And very importantly — learn to take and appreciate criticism. It’s part of the process. No matter how big you get, no matter how good, you’re going to be asked for revisions and if you learn to LISTEN and weigh the advice given to see if it will make a better book, you’ll be way ahead of the game.
Q: How do you feel your writing has changed – if at all – since you wrote your first novel?
Well, my first 10 were historical romances, though I’ve been chasing this contemporary voice since the first. The second book I wrote was contemporary romance and took ten years to sell, but it was more fun for me to write than the historicals. And — I’m getting LOTS faster.
Q: Do you have a clear picture in your mind as you write of your characters? I.e. do you picture a certain celebrity, real life person, etc?
I haven’t been able to picture celebrities — in fact after the books are finished I sometimes go in search of celebrities that fit for me. But yes, I can see the characters clearly in my mind.

Q: What’s your favorite food?

I don’t have a sweet tooth — I love carbs, not the best thing to love. Pastas, breads, pizza, sandwiches, that sort of thing. Heavy, fattening, carbs!

Q: If you were stranded on a desert isle, what’s the one thing you wouldn’t be able to survive without?

If I had a computer and could access the Internet, I might not even realize I was on a desert Isle.

Q: What did you want to be when you were a little girl?

A cowgirl.

Q: What’s your biggest weakness (shoes, books, clothes, dessert)?

Well, books. More than I need, more than I can read, more than I can store or afford. But I am now beginning to learn to give them away — it just borders on ridiculous.

Q: If you could choose to be anything in the world – with the exception of a writer – what would you want to do? Why?

I would be a singer. One teensy little problem, I can’t carry a note in a bucket. I’m horrible — probably tone deaf. but when I’m alone in my car, I sing my butt off! No one’s there to say, “Ewwww….”

Robyn will be dropping in out and throughout the day, so if you have any questions for her, ask away!

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