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Rowena is a single mother from Southern California who enjoys reading, blogging and basketball.  She spends too much time reading, blogging and driving her daughter around to play basketball…but she’s happy doing it all.

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Rowena’s Top 5

The Year We Hid Away (Ivy Years #2) by Sarina Bowen: This book hit every single one of my feels and I absolutely loved it. I ugly cried through the entire book because Bridger’s story broke my heart, as did Scarlet’s. Sarina Bowen wrote an incredibly compelling story that wrapped me up in feels and love. This is one of my favorite books for sure.

The Wedding (Laird’s Fiancee’s #2) by Julie Garwood: This book is one of those books that has stayed with me since the first time that I read it so many years ago. My adoration has stayed true throughout the many re-reads I’ve done of this book. It’s good and stuck on my list of favorite books.

Heart of Obsidian (Psy/Changelings #12) by Nalini Singh: I have come to love the hell out of the Psy/Changelings series and this book had me hooked from the very first chapter. Kaleb and Sahara’s story hit me hard and I completely love the hell out of them, their story and this world.

Gone too Far (Troubleshooters #6) by Suzanne Brockmann: Sam Starrett was one of the very first heroes that I obsessed over. He’s probably my one true love of all romance heroes and when I finally read his and Alyssa’s story, my heart was filled to the brim with love for them both that they finally got their shit together and made things work. Love, love, love this book!

Scandal in Spring (Wallflowers #4) by Lisa Kleypas: I haven’t read a book that hit me the way that this book hit me. I connected with this book in a way that I really haven’t with any other book. Mostly because I connected with Daisy’s character. I felt like her story was my story and I loved that she finally got her happy ending and Matt? He was the perfect guy for her. Just absolutely loved their story.

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