WTF Cover Saturday (370)

Posted October 3, 2020 by Casee in Features | 3 Comments

I’m aware that alien romance covers can be interesting. This one is just gross. It looks like bones are sticking out of his back. Yuck.

Share your thoughts on this cringe-worthy cover in the comments below!

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3 responses to “WTF Cover Saturday (370)

  1. JenM

    Admittedly, the guy doesn’t scream “sexy”, but I love this series. It’s one of my guilty pleasures featuring heroes who are huge and lethal (with prehensile tails LOL), but who are total cinnamon rolls for their heroines.

  2. Kareni

    I suspect this individual would have a difficult time buying a winter coat! (I haven’t read this book, but like JenM I’ve enjoyed others by this author.)

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