WTF Cover Saturday (362)

Posted August 8, 2020 by Holly in Features | 3 Comments

I’m fairly certain we’ve seen this guy before.

The font, the..flames??…the way his head sits on his neck… I don’t see a lot here (or really anything) that I like.

Share your thoughts on this cringe-worthy cover in the comments below!

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3 responses to “WTF Cover Saturday (362)

  1. denise

    icy flames on the sword?

    why do they always place swords near the peen–is it supposed to make us swoon?

    and that left arm looks misplaced and ill-proportioned.

  2. Kareni

    I’m not sure that holding a sword in a lightning storm is a good idea. (But, frankly, compared to some other covers you’ve featured, this one isn’t bad at all!)

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