What Are You Reading? (512)

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Holly: I’m glad Rowena is reading, because I’m not. I haven’t read a book yet in 2020, and this week isn’t looking good either. I took a new position at work and all my extra brainpower is going there. Fingers crossed things relax soon. I miss reading.

Rowena: I’m really kicking ass in 2020 on the reading front. I’ve read hella. This week, I read The One for You by Roni Loren, which was my first 5 star read of the year. I cried a bunch while reading that one. I have enjoyed the series so much and this book really ended the series on the right note. I loved the friendships, the romance, and I really loved Kincaid and Ash’s love for her. Gah, I’m a sap. I also read Love Lettering by Kate Clayborn, which was another good read though it took me quite a while to warm up to Meg, to Reid and to whatever it was they were planning and doing in the beginning but boy does it end on such a high note. I also read Headliners by Lucy Parker, which was another fabulous addition to that series. Parker’s redemption game with Nick Davenport was strong because going into that one, I wasn’t a really big Nick fan but after? LOVE!!! Team Davenport right here. Ha! After that, I read The Rebel King by Kennedy Ryan, which knocked me on my ass at every freaking turn. That entire duet was so intense and so angsty that it took me a while before moving on to my next read. Maxim and Lennix gutted me but Kennedy Ryan put me back together so all is well. I ended my reading week with Heartland by Sarina Bowen. What a sweet romance for Dylan Shipley. Sarina Bowen is a champ for keeping the True North books coming. I absolutely adore this series. I’m curious about Dylan’s friend Rickie and if he’s going to end up with Daphne, maybe? Though I really want to see Keith get a book. I need more of that musician in my life. Fingers crossed!

Now, I’m reading The Witness by Nora Roberts. Book club is next week and I’m preparing this month’s discussion and game so I better get my ass in gear and get this book read.

What are you reading this week? Any new favorites or books that drove you crazy? Share!

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5 responses to “What Are You Reading? (512)

  1. DiscoDollyDeb

    I read ACTING LESSONS by Katie Allen (aka Katie Ruggle). It’s a fake relationship where the heroine falls for the uncle of the man with whom she’s faking it. It’s madcap fun, but there’s lots of Daddy-kink and age-play (if that is or is not your thing)

  2. Kareni

    Holly, best wishes for the new work position. Rowena, you’ve been on a tear! I’d like to read four of the books you read and would happily reread The Witness, too.

  3. Kareni

    Recent reads here ~

    — Free Hand (Irons and Works Book 1) by E. M. Lindsey, a contemporary male/male romance, which I enjoyed.
    — Linesman, Alliance, and Confluence by SK Dunstall and enjoyed them all again!

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