Sunday Spotlight: Just the Sexiest Man Alive by Julie James

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Sunday Spotlight is a feature we began in 2016. This year we’re spotlighting our favorite books, old and new. We’ll be raving about the books we love and being total fangirls. You’ve been warned. 🙂

A few weeks ago, a friend and I were talking about all things books when our love of Julie James came up. Mention of Julie James made us both realize that it has been a while since we’ve gotten a new release from her and I really hope that we’ll be getting something new soon because she’s great and new things from Julie James is always a good thing. So because I’m missing reading the goodness that is a fresh Julie James book, I thought I’d revisit an old favorite to remind everyone that Just the Sexiest Man Alive is a fantastic book.

Sunday Spotlight: Just the Sexiest Man Alive by Julie JamesJust the Sexiest Man Alive by Julie James
Publisher: Penguin, Berkley Sensation
Publication Date: October 1, 2008
Format: eBook
Source: Purchased
Point-of-View: Alternating Third
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 296
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No woman could resist him—except the one he wanted most...

Cool, Calm, Collected...

Nothing fazes Taylor Donovan. In the courtroom she never lets the opposition see her sweat. In her personal life, she never lets any man rattle her—not even her cheating ex-fiancé. So when she's assigned to coach People's "Sexiest Man Alive" for his role in his next big legal thriller, she refuses to fall for the Hollywood heartthrob's charms. Even if he is the Jason Andrews.

Confident, Famous, Irresistible...

Jason Andrews is used to having women fall at his feet. When Taylor Donovan gives him the cold shoulder, he's thrown for a loop. She's unlike any other woman he's ever met: uninterested in the limelight, seemingly immune to his advances, and shockingly capable of saying no to him. She's the perfect challenge. And the more she rejects him, the more he begins to realize she may just be his perfect match.

Julie James is known for writing strong heroines who don’t take shit from anyone. Taylor Donovan is one of those heroines and she really kicks ass in this book. She wasn’t intimidated by anyone, not even A-List celebrity hotshot Jason Andrews. This was the first book that Julie James released and I have such fond memories of all the laughing I did while reading it. It’s a good one guys and here’s a short excerpt that showcases the magic that is Taylor and Jason.

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“You’re here.”

“I am.”

Jason boldly took in the way she looked.

“I take it you don’t often wear that dress in court.”

“Probably not a good idea.”

He grinned. “Yes, I can imagine it would be somewhat awkward standing before a judge who has a huge hard-on.”

“Is that the effect this dress has?”

Taylor’s eyes traveled downward, to the zipper of Jason’s pants, and he was momentarily caught off guard by her bluntness.

Her eyes sparkled, amused.

“You’re blushing, Jason. That’s cute.”

If you haven’t read this book yet, you should definitely fix that because it’s fun, flirty and smart. It takes place in my hometown of Los Angeles and Julie James got the L.A. setting down great. This a closed door romance though so we don’t get to see the steamy scenes but I don’t think the story suffers from that at all. It’s pretty awesome, I promise!

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About Julie James

New York Times bestselling author Julie James practiced law with one of the nation's largest firms for several years until she began writing screenplays. After Hollywood producers optioned two of her scripts, she decided to leave the practice of law to write full-time. Her books have been translated into twenty-two languages and Julie’s ninth novel, THE THING ABOUT LOVE, is now available.

Julie James lives with her husband and two children in Chicago, where she is working on her next novel.

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  1. Kim

    Julie James writes such great characters and dialogue. This book was a great debut. She writes humor so well and the characters feel so authentic.

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