WTF Cover Saturday (281)

Posted October 13, 2018 by Casee in Features | 7 Comments

It doesn’t seem to matter how long I stare at this cover, I can’t seem to grasp what is going on here.

Too Young to Wait by Peter Kanto Book Cover

Help a girl out. Any guesses?

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7 responses to “WTF Cover Saturday (281)

  1. Nikki Hilton

    I have no clue but love the strategically placed wine bottle (phallic symbol, much?) and glass.

  2. JenM

    Not to mention the strategically placed elbows. You can just hear the artist thinking “ok, she needs to be naked but we can’t show nipples….” And what is that in her hand?

  3. denise

    Is it a vintage cover? Looks like something that would have come out around the time of Peyton Place. And the cover says college students on a sex spree at a resort…

  4. Kareni

    I’m with Denise. This looks like a book cover from the fifties or sixties. Everything old is new again?

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