A Statement About Santino Hassell

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Recently some allegations have come out about MM author Santino Hassell. It seems he was caught catfishing. There are a good number of reviewers and authors who feel betrayed by Santino Hassell.

For those of you who aren’t plugged into the online romance community, let me sum up: MM author Santino Hassell cultivated an online persona and became friends with a goodly number of other authors and readers. He presented himself as a bisexual single dad with serious health problems and massive medical bills. He asked for readers to donate to help with said bills so he’d be able to continue writing. It was then revealed that he was married, and did not in fact suffer from liver cancer liked he previously claimed. It seems there is also some question about whether or not he’s bi-sexual or if he said so to take advantage of the LGTBQ community. This is a brief summary and I’m sad to say there are a lot of accusations against him, including deceit, abuse toward readers – specifically those in the LGTBQ community – and much more.

If you want the full story, the entire thing is laid out here on Tumblr: The Santino Hassell Debacle. Riptide Publishing has broken all ties with Santino Hassell. Santino Hassell posted an apology, though, as far as I can tell, it admits no wrongdoing and only asks that other authors aren’t abused because of the allegations against him.

To be honest, Rowena and I are still sorting through the entire mess. Not everything is clear to us at the moment (there is just too much to get through and we haven’t had time to read through it all. As a result we don’t fully understand all that’s happened yet). However, we at Book Binge do not condone the abuse of readers, nor do we support those who Catfish, Doxx or deceive readers for personal gain. We have removed all Santino Hassell content from this site and will not post any in the future. Our hearts go out to those who have been victimized and hurt by the actions of this author.

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11 responses to “A Statement About Santino Hassell

  1. This whole thing sickens me. Not the alter-ego thing, or the misrepresentation of his/her sexual relationship(s). It’s the abuse and accepting money for his/her “cancer” that I can’t stomach. Appalling.

    • Same. I spent most of yesterday reading through everything and every new thing that was revealed made me sick to my stomach. My heart hurts for everyone that was hurt by SH. From the accepting of money for the fake money but also the people, whose stories he used in his books without their permission. That’s such a huge violation and I can’t even imagine how they’re feeling right now. What a mess.

  2. Diane Sallans

    Thanks for explaining what was going on – I’d seen some reference, but couldn’t figure out what people were upset about. I agree that it is abhorent to plead for money for a cancer that the person doesn’t have.

  3. Nikki H

    I could care less about the fake name–lots of authors use different names and there’s no harm there. But to ask for money, claiming cancer and being a single parent is really despicable.

    • The fake name was nothing. It was the building up a fake life and then accepting money for that fake life that pissed everyone off and then the abuse he put his readers and other authors through. Yikes. So bad.

  4. I am grateful that this person’s reviews are being removed from blogs. They do not deserve the kudos of being reviewed by any website. I was one of the authors Santino Hassell attacked. I cottoned on to the Patreon scam in Dec 2016 and wrote a blog post about author/reader boundaries. In an attempt to silence me he set his fellow hanger-on authors and his fan base of adoring women on me to try and damage my career. Lies were spread, bloggers who worshipped him were told to ignore my work or leave bad reviews, I had to turn off the comments in my blog and remove the contact page for my website because of troll messages.

    I would urge readers who have ever purchased a Santino Hassell book from Amazon to contact them and get a refund. They are offering no questions asked refunds, no matter when you bought the books. I am sure their is more to come from this mess.

  5. I agree, using a pen name isn’t uncommon or bothersome in the least. Creating a fake persona to go along with your pen name isn’t even that bothersome to me. But lying about health issues and taking money under false pretenses is a major deal.

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