What Are You Reading? (405)

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Holly: Things are crazy at Casa De Holly right now. I’ve had zero reading time. I’ve been re-reading a few Kristen Ashley books, but that’s about it. I’m hoping things will settle down in the next week and I’ll get back to reading for real.

Rowena: What a week! My sister went back to her home in Las Vegas on Monday and now my nephew from Colorado is in town and the rest of his family will be here next week so, my week has been family filled and I love it. I read some pretty great books this week and I’m super stoked about that.

First up, I read Hooking Up (Shacking Up #2) by Helena Hunting for a buddy review that I’m doing with our friend Bookish Ames and I really enjoyed that book. A lot more than I enjoyed the last Hunting book that I tried to read. Lex and Amie were a fantastic couple and their romance was super hot. I will be reading a lot more from Helena Hunting, thanks to this book.

After that, I read The Ones that Got Away by Roni Loren and that was an emotional read that was full of angst and drama but I enjoyed the heck out of that. I adored both Liv and Finn. They were a great couple and I loved seeing them come together in love after being apart for so long. The whole story was well written. I cannot wait for more books from this series.

My last read for the month of November was Roomies by Christina Lauren and that was another enjoyable book. I will admit that this was my least favorite read of the week because the first half of the book was really slow for me. Once the story picked up, it really picked up and I ended up really liking the last half of the book.

My first read for December is Love, Life and the List by Kasie West. I’ve only read one chapter so far so I don’t know how well I’m going to like it just yet but it’s a Kasie West, I have all the faith in the world that I will like this book.

What are you reading this week? Any new favorites or books that drove you crazy? Share!

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2 responses to “What Are You Reading? (405)

  1. Kareni

    Since the What Are You Reading? (404) post, I’ve read ~

    — Linesman (A Linesman Novel) by S. K. Dunstall which I quite enjoyed.
    — Baking With Kafka by Tom Gauld, a fun collection of comics. I enjoyed it as did my husband with whom I was sharing choice tidbits as he was trying to fall asleep.
    — Foretold (A Ghost Gifts Novel, Book 2) by Laura Spinella. It’s book two in a series, and you’d definitely want to read the series in order. I’m now looking forward to the third book which is expected out next year.
    — A Conspiracy in Belgravia (The Lady Sherlock Series) by Sherry Thomas; I recommend this one, too. And, yes, this series needs to be read in order.
    — A Certain Magic by Mary Balogh (an older Balogh romance I’d never read)
    — Ghost Planet by Sharon Lynn Fisher (intriguing scifi romance)
    — Sunder (Darksoul, Book 1) by Lexi Ander (m/m)
    — Love Can’t Conquer and the sequel Love is Heartless by Kim Fielding (m/m)
    — The New Wolf by RJ Scott (m/m)
    — Hour of the Lion by Cherise Sinclair
    — re-read My Reckless Heart by Jo Goodman
    Novella/stories read:
    — The Substitute Guest by Mary Balogh
    — A Waltz Among the Stars by Mary Balogh
    — The Light Within by Carla Kelly
    — Let Nothing You Dismay by Carla Kelly
    — A Christmas for Oscar by Alex Whitehall (m/m)
    — God Rest Ye Merry Vampires by Liv Rancourt
    — Soldiering On by Aislinn Kearns
    — Human Frailties by Jaye McKenna (m/m)

  2. Looks like some good reading here Rowena! I have been curious about Kasie West, but still on the fence. I do want to read Roni Loren though, her covers are so sexy and romantic.

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