4 responses to “WTF Cover Saturday (233)

  1. N is for Natural, because they’re in the forest.
    A is for Abs, because the kid has ’em.
    M is for Man, because MAN is that messed up.
    B is for Beaver, because is that a BEAVER on the right or what?
    L is for Lederhosen, because at least it’s a KILT and not Lederhosen.
    A is for Adult, because that dude is DEFINITELY an adult, right?

    What does that spell? Yeah, this book is right up their alley.

  2. Oh. My.

    This cover brings to mind pedophilia, child-weight boxing (which is not a thing, I hope), and sad-sad-sad photoshop skillz. Oy. I’m getting a headache looking at this.

    Great selection!

  3. Tracy

    You win. I actually looked at this and said, “What the f^%$_?” LOL So many things wrong about this cover! (And I’m pretty sure that’s an otter. What?)

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