What Are You Reading? (396)

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Casee: I’ve finally found a book that should get me out of this, well, whatever it is I’m in. Storm Gathering by Rebecca Zanetti is the fourth book in the Scorpius Syndrome series. I’m a sucker for dystopian romance and this series is everything I love about the genre.

Holly: Rowena and our friend Grace forced me to re-read old Julie Garwood novels this week. I wanted to read other stuff, but I just couldn’t make myself set aside those comfort reads. I read The Prize, The Bride, The Wedding, Guardian Angel, Honor’s Splendour and Saving Grace.

Rowena: It’s been a rough reading week for me but I did manage to get the one new to me read finished just last night. I did a bunch of re-reading this week and I blame that all on our friend Grace and Holly. How dare they interrupt my reading schedule with a bunch of Julie Garwood comfort reads. Ha! I re-read Julie Garwood’s The Prize, The Wedding and Saving Grace and each of those reads lived up to my love of Julie Garwood historicals. I also read Duke of My Heart by Kelly Bowen and had high expectations going in since the heroine was a historical Olivia Pope and I thought it would be really interesting but it took me a while to get into that one though I did end up liking it. I just didn’t love it.

Now I’m jumping into Only with You (The Best Mistake #1) by Lauren Layne.

What are you reading this week? Any new favorites or books that drove you crazy? Share!

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3 responses to “What Are You Reading? (396)

  1. After two attempts on audio and one in print, I’m officially giving up on Archangel’s Heart. I can’t seem to keep my eyes or ears open for it. I’ve re-picked up A Gathering Storm, which didn’t grab me on first try, but seems to be working now.

  2. Willa

    Waves to Willaful

    Am still on a Nora re-read binge, have read Whiskey Beach, Sanctuary and now on The Search.

  3. Kareni

    Recent reads here ~

    — The Necromancer’s Dance (The Beacon Hill Sorcerer Book 1) by SJ Himes which I enjoyed but not as much as I liked the author’s Wolfkin Saga books. That said, I’d like to read the next book in this series.
    — the novella Blood on Sand by Ofelia Gränd. This was a curious paranormal read that was both intriguing and repugnant; it featured a lizard shifter and a werewolf. In case you’re interested, it’s currently free for Kindle readers.
    — re-read A Dragon’s Family Album: A Collection of the Elder Races by Thea Harrison.
    FYI this collection containing two novellas and a story is currently free to Kindle readers. The collection features characters that are showcased in the author’s Dragon Bound.
    — for my book group I read The Year of Pleasures by Elizabeth Berg which I quite enjoyed.
    — Empyrean (The Leron Series Book 1) by Nicole L. Bates. This was a pleasant science fiction romance, but I had hoped for a little something more. That said, I did read all 492 pages rather than cast it aside, so ….
    — On another site, I’m participating in a challenge to read a self-published work; I read several.
    — The Necromancer’s Dance (The Beacon Hill Sorcerer Book 1) by SJ Himes
    — If It Ain’t Love by Tamara Allen …. FYI: currently free to Kindle readers.
    — Maps (Life According to Maps Book 1) by Nash Summers
    — Dead In L.A. (L.A. Paranormal Book 1) by Lou Harper
    — Te Quiero (Falling for You Book 1) by Suki Fleet

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