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Casee: It was another slow reading week for me. I have been reading Devil’s Cut by J.R. Ward for a week now. I love this series. It is so soap opera like. I adore it. I dare say that I like it more than the BDB. I really admire JRW for ending it with this book. I’m hoping that I have some quiet time to really get into it this weekend. I know once I do that I won’t be able to put it down.

Holly: This was a quiet reading week for me. I read Fused in Fire by K.F. Breene, the conclusion to the Fire and Ice Trilogy. It wrapped up the overarching storyline, but I still have so many questions! Luckily the author’s note said she plans to explore the world more through different characters. I started several books and couldn’t get in to them. Hidden Fire by Elizabeth Hunter ($.99 for Kindle right now!), Charred Heart by Lizzy Ford (currently Free for Kindle!), and A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas. I think I was suffering  a book hangover from the Fire and Ice Trilogy and that’s why I couldn’t get into them. I’m going to set them aside for now and come back to them later.

I ended up rereading Sweep in Peace and One Fell Sweep by Ilona Andrews. I started Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie last night. I’m a little concerned I won’t love it as much as I used to, because it’s been years since I’ve read it. I’m sure it’ll hold up and I’m worrying for nothing.

I’ve been craving Arthurian romances since I finished Spellbinder by Thea Harrison, but I’ve been having a hard time finding any. Amazon popped up with a recommendation for Magic Waking by Eva Chase. I’m going to start that next.

Rowena: It’s been a productive reading week for me and I’m glad to finally be reading on a regular basis. This summer has been a struggle on the reading front so really, I’m glad to be reading something again. This week, I read Links by Lisa Becker, which was an overall good story but I struggled with the dialogue and the heroine a bit. The hero was fantastic though. After that, I jumped into Gentlemen Prefer Heiresses by Lorraine Heath and I really enjoyed that one. It was a quick read but I adored both Andrew and Gina in the other books and they really shined in their own story. My only gripe is that I wish it had been longer…but that was just me being greedy. Their story was damn near perfect.

Right now, I’m finishing up Royally Screwed by Emma Chase and it’s got me silly grinning at work. I really am enjoying Nicholas and Olivia’s story and I can’t wait to buddy review this one with my friend, Ames. After I finish Royally Screwed, I’m going to jump into Clean Sweep by Ilona Andrews so that I can finally see what everyone else has been going on and on about. Everyone loves Ilona Andrews so I’m going to find out if I love her too. Finally.

What are you reading this week? Any new favorites or books that drove you crazy? Share!

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  1. Jen

    My fall is going to be aaawwwwfulll, so I’m probably not going to have much, if any, reading time. This week the craziness was ramping up but I purposely made sure to squeeze in one book. It was an OK Harlequin, Bodyguard Reunion by Beverly Long. It was a second chance love story which I love, but the characters didn’t quite connect on as deep an emotional level as I wanted. Not terrible though.

    • I hope you find SOME time to read this fall. I’ll keep my fingers crossed you can sneak one in a pleasure read at least once a week. 🙂

  2. Kareni

    Books I’ve read in the past few weeks ~

    — Everyone’s a Aliebn When Ur a Aliebn Too: A Book by Jomny Sun. This is a graphic novel and a quick read that I read on a half hour bus ride today. I was amused by the nod to The Giving Tree (a book I detest), but overall I think the book fell flat for me.
    — In the Company of the Courtesan: A Novel by Sarah Dunant. I read this for my sister’s book group which I attended while away from home. It was an intriguing read, and the conversation was lively.
    — Beauty Like the Night (The Spymaster Series) by Joanna Bourne. This is a historical romance by a favorite author which I was eagerly anticipating; it did not disappoint. I recommend this series.
    — He Speaks Dead by Adrienne Wilder. I enjoyed this male/male romance which featured a non-scary ghost. The ending went in a direction I wasn’t anticipating.
    — Sarina Bowen’s Pipe Dreams and Stay (co-author Elle Kennedy). These were new reads both of which I enjoyed but not as much as Bowen’s The Year We Fell Down (The Ivy Years Book 1) and Blonde Date: An Ivy Years Novella which I reread.
    — Reread Anne Bishop’s Murder of Crows (A Novel of the Others Book 2), Vision In Silver (A Novel of the Others Book 3), and Marked In Flesh (A Novel of the Others Book 4). Somehow these have become comfort reads.
    — Amy Crook’s Untrue Love (Consulting Magic prequel) and The Courtship of Julian St. Albans (Consulting Magic Book 1). These are male/male paranormal romances. I enjoyed them both, but be aware that food and drink feature prominently in the text. These would likely be half as long if all the eating and drinking (primarily of tea) were off stage!
    — Remember When (The Remember Trilogy Book 1) by T. Torrest. This romance was set in the eighties and featured high schoolers. It was an enjoyable read, and I may yet read on as the next two books take place when the characters are ten or more years older.
    — A reread of Aftershock (The Aftershock Book 1) by Jill Sorenson which is a contemporary romance that takes place in the aftermath of an earthquake.
    — Feel Me: An O’Brien Family Novel (The O’Brien Family) by Cecy Robson. An okay read, but I found myself skimming this contemporary romance.

    And, hey! It looks as though as I can make a LONG post! Thank you.

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