Guest Review: Latte Girl by Katia Rose

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Guest Review: Latte Girl by Katia RoseReviewer: Tracy
Latte Girl by Katia Rose
Publisher: Self-Published
Publication Date: August 17th 2017
Format: eARC
Genres: Contemporary Romance
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Hot coffee is a regular fixture in Hailey Warren’s life. Hot guys? Not so much.

Her grueling shifts at a cafe in the heart of the city’s business sector are rarely punctuated by anything special, so when the gorgeous heir to the security company next door strides into Hailey’s life, it feels like punctuation with a capital P (or D, depending on your preferred terminology).

Jordan Knox is enough to send her heart racing faster than a triple shot of espresso, and when the attraction proves to be mutual, no hidden corners or empty offices are safe from their game of cat and mouse.

But when she’s ready to drop the pretenses, Jordan continues to hold back, and Hailey realizes he’s been hiding secrets that could make whatever’s brewing between them boil over and burn.

Hailey works at Dark Brown Coffee Co. and hates it. One of her co-workers ends up falling down a flight of stairs and breaking bones which then puts Hailey in charge of the “catering.”  Her first job is next door at Knox Security.  She sets up coffee and pastries but not after making a fool of herself in the lobby by dropping a bunch of spoons.  Luckily a hot guy was there to help her out.

Once in the conference room she sees the hot guy again and learns that he just started at the firm, his name is Jordan, and he’s the son of the owner of the company. They end up having another encounter when Hailey returns his briefcase to his office.  They share some humor and witty banter.

Jordan’s “uncle” Ludo sees Hailey leaving and assumes that Jordan has “tapped that.”  Jordan then gets a reputation with his team that makes him out as a complete lady’s man.  He hates that everyone on his team is a sexist pig but his team productivity is awesome so he decides to play along.  He eventually tracks down Hailey and they realize it’s the start of something – or at least Hailey thought it was.  Jordan pulls away, however, and soon she’s questioning if she can trust him at all.

Jordan had serious parent issues.  His mom had always been frail and his dad was a complete ass that would hold his mother’s health over Jordan’s head anytime he tried to manipulate Jordan.  She’d actually had a stroke and as Jordan at that time in his life was doing what he wanted instead of what his dad wanted, his father actually blamed the stroke on Jordan!  I couldn’t believe that any parent would do that to their kid.  Not only did he blame Jordan but then kept her location a secret from Jordan so he hadn’t seen his mother in a long time.  As his dad was manipulating him he started working at Knox security even though that was the last thing he wanted to do.  He loved being with Hailey because she brought sunshine and light into his very dull, dreary world.  He felt he was a better person when he was with her and was afraid that she’d find out not only what he’d done to his mother but his reputation at the office.

Hailey was a hardworking 22-year-old.  She worked at the coffee shop even though she hated it because it gave her the opportunity to be there for her 7-year-old sister, Amanda.  Her mother worked night so Hailey was happy to help.  Yes, it severely impaired her social life but she usually didn’t mind.  Finding Jordan was unexpected but she loved being with him.  The problem was his on-again off-again attitude that drove her nuts.  I was happy when she finally put her foot down and got on with her life.

Latte Girl was a sweet contemporary romance and a good start to Katia Rose’s writing career.  The relationship between Hailey and Jordan was definitely up and down the author kept it interesting. It was a story of romance, love and redemption and I found myself wanting to read faster and faster.  If you want a quick, fun contemporary romance this would be a good one to pick up.

Rating: 3.75 out of 5


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