What Are You Reading? (336)

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Casee: Casee is having a blast in Alaska and we’re super jealous. She’ll be back next week to share what she’s been reading. 🙂

Holly: This has been a pretty lame reading week for me. I started several books, but none of them worked for me. I DNF’d The Darkest Corner by Liliana Hart, Wired by Julie Garwood and Wolf’s Mate by Celia Kaye. I plan to go back to The Darkest Corner at some point. I wasn’t into the story, but I think that had more to do with me than the book. Wired by JG just didn’t grab me. Wolf’s Mate was ridiculous. I wanted to like the story, but both main characters made such ridiculous choices I couldn’t keep going.

I finished All I Ever Wanted by LuAnn McLane. I’m still deciding how I feel about it.

Rowena: It’s been a slow reading week for me. I started Ready to Run by Lauren Layne and got one chapter in and haven’t picked up a book since. It’s a mood thing so I’m hoping that things will turn around next week. Wish me luck!

What are you reading this week? Any new favorites or books that drove you crazy? Share!

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8 responses to “What Are You Reading? (336)

  1. Jen

    I’ve decided to dive back into the Psy Changeling series, because I really liked the first few I read but then it just kind of got away from me. I realized it was silly not to pick it back up again because they are so good, so I read book 4 this week. And then I read Hunting Season by Shelly Laurenston, which was kind of a proto version of her Crows series. Not as good as the later Crows books, but it was fun to see Laurentston’s world building process a bit. And I read Highland Dragon Warrior by Isabel Cooper, which TBH I mostly read because of the cover and because I’m on a dragon kick. It was a medieval romance and that’s not really my thing, so I was underwhelmed. Oh, and finally I read Overwhelming Force, which is part of a Harlequin Intrigue series I’ve been enjoying, but I didn’t like this book and hated the last one too, so it may be time to give up on the series.

  2. I am worried about Casee – she is referring to herself in the 3rd person . . perhaps her brain is frozen!

    I have been re-reading Larissa Ione”s Demonica series – Eidolon sigh – am on book 4 and really enjoying them. Next up is Nora”s latest, looking forward to that one.

    Wishing Rowena luck – wrestle that muse to the ground !

  3. Kareni

    Some recent reads here ~

    — Jo Goodman’s most recent western historical romance A Touch of Frost which I enjoyed.
    — The Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Cookbook by Ann Crile Esselstyn and Jane Esselstyn and found a few promising new recipes that I’ve passed along to my husband (the chef de la maison).
    — The No-Salt, Lowest-Sodium International Cookbook by Donald A Gazzaniga which was quite different from the above but worth a read.

  4. Kareni

    Once again having to post this in parts ….

    — The Compass Rose by Gail Dayton is a fantasy of which I’ve seen not infrequent mention; I enjoyed it. Then I read the sequel, The Barbed Rose, and now I want to read the third book but my library doesn’t own it. Drats!
    — a work of mainstream fiction which I quite enjoyed ~ Miss You: A Novel by Kate Eberlen
    — the young adult novel Things I Should Have Known by Claire LaZebnik which I found to be an enjoyable read.
    — and Werecat: The Rearing by Andrew J. Peters which I thought would be a male/male paranormal romance but wasn’t quite. An interesting read; I’ve heard the series improves as it goes.

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