Guest Review: Ancient Heat by Kira Shayde

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Guest Review: Ancient Heat by Kira ShaydeReviewer: Tracy
Ancient Heat by Kira Shayde

Publication Date: June 10th 2017
Pages: 332
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She's trapped in another woman’s body…and the other woman is a werelion.

Nicole Abramson gains more than razor-sharp claws and a taste for raw meat. With a latent telekinetic talent, she’s a weapon to be used in a millennia-long war, but will she serve or resist? Fighting for her life, Nicole rails against the thief who stole her ordinary and safe life, even as she seeks comfort from the woman’s intended mate, the gorgeous Sander Evans.

Although drawn to her outspokenness, Sander keeps Nicole at bay while he defends his clan. Werelions and humans don’t mix, yet he can’t deny the passion igniting between them, particularly with her body in heat. As the danger around them amplifies, they’ll need more than courage and strength to fight for their newfound attraction—and their lives.

Nicole wakes up in a strange room, in a strange bed, with a strange man in her room.  To say she’s freaked out is putting it mildly.  When she finds out that she’s in someone else’s body, all hell breaks loose.

Apparently her brain/soul was put into the body of a shapeshifter named Marseille who is “engaged” to the alpha of the Werelions, Sander.  When he finally believes that what Nicole is saying is true he’s pissed off, to say the least.  They head to Nicole’s house (about 3 hours away) and find Sander’s intended living quite happily in Nicole’s body.

It seems that Marseille never intended to mate with Sander – she was just there because the elders had a plan that involved Nicole helping their kind win a war against their enemy, the Followers.  Everyone is mad but despite that Nicole and Sander start getting closer.  Or do they? Every time Nicole thinks they’re on the same page, Sander pushes her away.  Nicole cries and then he feels bad and then the cycle happens again.

Nicole can definitely help the werelions with the enemy but when she starts to fall in love with Sander she’s confused.  What will happen when she gets back in to her human body – he’ll hate her.  Can they even be together if they survive an attack by the Followers?

There were a lot of good things about this book. I liked the premise, and the writing was definitely engaging.

Unfortunately there was just as much bad as good. The heroine of this story annoyed the ever-loving shit outta me with her whining and constant pity parties. While the hero was better he was still a bit of a bastard at times.

Werelions actually think that humans stink.  Like, they have an odor that can hardly be tolerated. Sander says he has feelings for Nicole but if she goes back to her human body what will happen?  When Nicole asks Sander if he had a choice of being with Marseille in Nicole’s body or Nicole in Marseille’s body, would he overcome his aversion to humans to be with his intended his reply is ridiculous.  He says – would you have sex with a dog?  Seriously?  He thinks humans are dogs but he’s falling in love with Nicole? Ugh.  My brain was just fried by that point.

Between Nicole’s ups and downs and her supposed telekinetic abilities that no one except the elders even knew about, including Nicole, it was all a bit much.  I do have to say that the author’s imagination is pretty darned creative.  Her Werelion/Follower war was inventive and that’s what kept me reading.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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  1. Kareni

    Well, I agree that the premise is intriguing, but — Humans stink? — I think I’ll be skipping this book.

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