WTF Cover Saturday (208)

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Our guest reviewer Jen sent in today’s cover. Oh, Jen, Why??

This cover is full of win. The terrible Photoshop job, the panther sinking into the naked man..but my favorite part is the stars from nowhere. Are they meant to be a tattoo. Is it a flesh-colored banner the cat has attached to it’s paw? I can’t figure it out.

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5 responses to “WTF Cover Saturday (208)

  1. Jen

    YES! The stars are my favorite part too. I certainly hope they have some relevance to the story and aren’t just totally random, haha. And I like to think the panther is crawling OUT of the man. 😉

    • I am pretty certain that is a woman on the cover and the panther is about to do something illegal to her. But you are right – the stars are the real winner! *face palm*

      • OK – so I checked out the blurb on this book and it is a M/M so that is a guy! But the panther is still about to boink him!

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