What Are You Reading? (333)

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Casee: I’m still glomming D.B. Reynolds. I’m reading Vincent, which is book eight in her Vampires in America series. I just adore this author. I can’t wait until the next book in her Stone Warriors series comes out.

Holly: This week I continued reading Keri Arthur’s Riley Jenson series. I finished books 2-4; Kissing Sin, Tempting Evil and Dangerous Games. Though I enjoyed them for the most part, there are some things that are bothersome to me (mostly the choices Riley makes) so I’m going to take a break from the series for now.

I did a re-read of Silver Silence by Nalini Singh. I still love Valentin. He makes the whole book for me. After that I read Tanner by Sarah Mayberry. I love Mayberry’s books. This was no exception. Tanner was adorable and I really liked the pro-rodeo setting.

I started The Darkest Corner by Liliana Hart last night. It’s the start of a new series. I’m only a couple chapters in. It’s shaping up to be a good story.

Rowena: This week was for haggling with insurance folks over who is going to pay for the damage to my car from some punk ass who hit me last week. It’s an on going battle right now so I didn’t get a lot of reading done. I did manage to read one book though. I read and enjoyed Second Chance Season by Liora Blake and now I want more Braden. I can’t wait for Braden’s book. Now, I’m reading Black Tie Optional by Ann Marie Walker. So far, it’s good and I’m hopeful that it will continue to be good. After this, my plan is to read Always and Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han. I’ve been itching to get that book read since it came out. Wish me luck!

What are you reading this week? Any new favorites or books that drove you crazy? Share!

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8 responses to “What Are You Reading? (333)

  1. Kareni

    Some recent reads here ~

    — In my re(re)-read of Anne Bishop’s the Others series, I finished her Murder of Crows plus Marked In Flesh both of which I enjoyed once again.
    — I also read Half by Eli Lang which was a pleasant male/male paranormal romance. I don’t think it’s a book I’ll be re-reading though.
    — Storm Season (Accidental Roots Book 1) by Elle Keaton — a male/male romance. I enjoyed this so much that I bought the follow on book.
    — Moving in Rhythm by Dev Bentham — enjoyable male/male contemporary romance
    — The Clockwork Heart by Kim Fielding — short romance novella about a man and a clockwork golem. I enjoyed this.
    — A Shift in the Water (Elemental Shifter Book 1) by Patricia D. Eddy — pleasant urban fantasy but not likely a book I’ll re-read.
    — Rayzor’s One (Alien Bounty Hunters Book 1) by Michele Mills — science fiction romance; not stellar (a pun!)
    — Takoda and Horse (The Good Fight) by Andrew Grey — very short work
    — Tremolo: A Verismo Short Story by E.M. Lindsey — I have another book by this author that I’m looking forward to reading.
    — A Most Unusual Courtship (The Mage and the Leathersmith) by Nancy M. Griffis — I’d be interested in reading more by this author.
    — Flashbulb (Flight HA1710 Book 3) by Clare London. I enjoyed this male/male romance and will likely re-read it at some point.
    — Laura Florand’s contemporary romance Trust Me (Paris Nights). While this is third in a series, it stands alone well. The heroine is a survivor of a terror attack — which does not seem as fictional an event these days as one would wish.
    — Half-Blood Dragon: Book One of the Dragon Born Trilogy by K.N. Lee. This was an enjoyable fantasy except for two facts — first, it ends with a definite cliffhanger and second, some of the language doesn’t seem to fit the setting (for example, use of the word okay). It’s currently free to Kindle readers if you wish to read it.

    • I was just looking at Trust Me by Florand on Goodreads. She’s a pastry chef, right? That one is going on my to read list.

      You continue to slay at reading all of the books, Kareni. Hope this week brings about some more fabulous reading for you.

      • Kareni

        Yes, the main character is indeed a pastry chef. (Don’t read the book when you’re hungry; it could be dangerous!)

        Enjoy your reading, too!

  2. Jen

    This was my week for reading series I haven’t gotten through yet! I read Torn by Cynthia Eden because I’m trying to catch up before the new LOST book comes out at the end of the month–but then again I’ve read the whole series completely out of order so it probably doesn’t matter if I make it through the one I’m missing (book 3) before the new one, ha. And speaking of series I am reading out of order, I read a Harlequin Intrigue called Disarming Detective–I read book 2 already so I went back for book 1 when I happened to spot it at the library, but it was nothing special. I also finally finished the last book in Shelly Laurenston’s Pride series (Bite Me). I am terrible at starting but not finishing long series, so I actually feel kind of accomplished now! 🙂

    • Congratulations on finishing the Laurenston’s series. I want to be accomplished too. I haven’t finished anything lately. I need to get my act together.

      I’ve been hearing good things about the Cynthia Eden series but I haven’t picked it up. Should I?

      • Jen

        I’ve been enjoying it, but I usually like Eden’s books. I’ve especially enjoyed the heroines this time. Lots of smart, accomplished women! The one that really interests me is the book I haven’t read yet, because she’s a profiler and daughter of a serial killer and he’s some kind of semi-criminal/bad boy alpha.

  3. CelineB

    I finally seem to have my reading mojo back. I’m still not getting quite as much read as I’d like since I’ve been busy, but at least I have no problem reading when I have time. I read Silver Silence which I got as an arc through Penguin First to Read and I also love Valentin so much. For some reason the idea of bear changelings in books never really appealed to me so I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about this book, but it was great. I also read Rock Wedding which was good although it didn’t quite live up to the high expectations I had for the book. Now I’m finally reading Archangel’s Heart. I think I’ve checked this out of the library at least ten times now. I’m about 2/3 of the way through so it looks like I’m going to get it finished this time!

    After I finish Archangel’s Heart, I have A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah Maas to read before it’s due at the library.

    • I was the same way. The bears didn’t really hold any appeal for me in the other books but boy did I love them in Silver Silence. I’m looking forward to where Nalini takes us in this new Psy/Changeling adventure. There’s so much to look forward to. I’m right there with you on Rock Wedding, I enjoyed it but not as much as the other books.

      Have a great week, Celine! 🙂

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