What Are You Reading? (332)

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Casee: It’s been a decent reading week for me. I’ve been plugging away at D.B. Reynolds Vampires in America series. I just finished Sophia. Now I’m reading Duncan, which is book five in the series. My favorite part of this series is that the original couple, Rafael and Cyn, are in every book. The pov’s always rotate between the two, so it’s always from a fresh perspective.

Holly: I finished up my reread of the Kate Daniels series with Magic Stars and Magic Binds. Can the next books just be out already?? I’m dyyingg.

I started the Riley Jensen series by Keri Arthur. Full Moon Rising (book 1) was okay. There were some areas that were problematic for me (mainly the way Riley acted), but I enjoyed it enough to continue on. I’m starting book 2, Kissing Sin, today.

Rowena: I actually have books to report for this week. Woot! I finished The Girl with the Make Believe Husband by Julia Quinn and while I enjoyed it, I struggled a bit with it because I’m not a fan of the secret keeping trope that is involved in this one. Still, Quinn entertained me overall so I wasn’t mad about reading it. After that, I read Alex, Approximately by Jenn Bennett and I really enjoyed that one. It was light, fun and touching. I enjoyed both main characters and the love interest was too cute for words. Right now, I’m reading Shadow Reaper by Christine Feehan and to be honest, I think this is going to be my last book in this series because it’s slow going and I’m just not feeling it right now. I’m going to give it a little more and if things don’t pick up, I’ll be adding another DNF to my reading list for the year. My plan is to pick up Second Chance Season by Liora Blake. I really enjoyed the first book so I’m looking forward to digging into this one.

Happy reading everyone!

What are you reading this week? Any new favorites or books that drove you crazy? Share!

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2 responses to “What Are You Reading? (332)

  1. Kareni

    Recent reads here ~

    — Fabricating Jada by Vanessa Marie. This was a pleasant read; it’s a new adult romance.
    — re-read, with pleasure, Pretty Face (London Celebrities) by Lucy Parker and Oracle’s Moon (Elder Races Book 4) by Thea Harrison.
    — For my book group: Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf. My, what a surfeit of semi-colons! What the book lacks, however, is chapters, and even page breaks are in short supply. At one point, I checked and there were some forty pages plus between page breaks. I would read along and be thinking, “My kingdom for a page break!” This was a dense read with multiple story lines and points of view. I don’t regret reading it, but I was happy to be done.
    — a re-read of Ruth’s Bonded (Ruth & Gron Book 1) by V.C. Lancaster and the sequel (a new read for me), Gron’s Fated (Ruth & Gron Book 2). These are categorized as science fiction romances and were entertaining reads.
    — Nathan Burgoine’s novella In Memoriam which I enjoyed quite a bit. It’s a short male/male romance that I’ll be re-reading.
    — Sarina Bowen’s contemporary romance Shooting For the Stars which I enjoyed.
    — the science fiction romance novella Jumping Barrel (Cyborg Sizzle Book 7) by Cynthia Sax which was a pleasant read. It would not make much sense if you haven’t read other books in the series. It’s currently free for Kindle readers.
    — a fantasy book that had some unique world building: Silver Blood (Series of Blood Book 1) by Emma Hamm
    — a(nother) re-read of Anne Bishop’s Etched in Bone and Vision in Silver. I’m not sure what needs of mine these books are meeting.
    — Just finished the cyborg romance (yes, that appears to be a genre!) ~ Peyton 313 (Cyborgs- Mankind Redefined) by Donna McDonald. It was a pleasant read even though the heroine spent a lot of time crying and repenting her prior actions. This book is currently free for Kindle readers.

  2. JenM

    I’ve been in a campy SF Romance mood. I read the first three books of Celia Kyle’s Dragons of Preor series (alien were-dragons! LOL) and Alien Mate by Cara Bristol, in which an innocent woman accused of murder is sent to a frozen wasteland planet along with 50 other women to become mates of the natives who lost most of their women after an asteroid destroyed their civilization and spread a virus that killed most of the women and children – total campy fun, kind of similar to Ruby Dixon’s Ice Planet barbarians series.

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