What Are You Reading? (329)

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Casee: I finally finished Lethal Lies by Rebecca Zanetti. It was really good. Moving on has been fairly difficult. I don’t know why. I tried to read a few romantic suspenses, but they didn’t really grab my attention. After the Cynthia Eden Sunday Spotlight, I decided to start The Devil in Disguise (free for Kindle right now), which is the first book in the Bad Things series. I’ve only read one chapter. April sucks.

Holly: Holly is getting distracted by Rowena right now. They’re doing bad things.

Rowena: I’m reading two books right now and that’s all I’ve been reading all week. After I finished Moon Called by Patricia Briggs, I moved on to An Affair with a Notorious Heiress by Lorraine Heath but I also started Blood Bound by Patricia Briggs because I really enjoyed Moon Called. Both books are good and I’m planning on getting them both read before the weekend is up.

What are you reading this week? Any new favorites or books that drove you crazy? Share!

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9 responses to “What Are You Reading? (329)

  1. JenM

    I’m trying to make a dent in my TBR mountain and picked up Reaper’s Property by Joanna Wylde. It languished for quite awhile because in general, I’m not a fan of MC club books (other than Kristen Ashley LOL). However, I’m now completely hooked on this series and must read more! Luckily, I already have the next two books also.

    A couple of other good books I’ve read recently:
    – Walk of Shame by Lauren Layne. I LOVED this book hard. Georgie was such a sweetheart and Andrew was so adorably confused by her sunny disposition.
    – Love On Tap by Meg Benjamin which was very good. I love unusual professions for heroines and this one featured a female brewmaster.
    – Just What I Needed by Lorelei James which featured a sweet, caretaker alpha type hero and an artistic heroine. The book reminded me of how much I’ve always enjoyed this author.
    – Little Tea Shop of Horrors by Jane Lovering was a lovely British romance between a plain heroine who runs the tea shop at the local castle, and is overlooked by most people even though she’s very smart, and a damaged hero who lives in a broken down bus and runs falconry demonstrations at the castle. The thing I love about British romances is that there’s usually never any insta-love or lust. Relationships are given time to grow and develop and sexy times are usually not the main focus of the books.

    • Kristen Ashley writes great MC romances.

      I adored Walk of Shame, too! I love Lauren Layne’s books so much. I’ll have to check out the Meg Benjamin cause I’ve never heard of that but I’d like to read about a female brewmaster.

      I’m putting Jane Lovering on my wish list too because I do love the same things about British romances. They slow burn romances that grow over time. So good!

      Thanks for stopping by, JenM. You had a fabulous reading week!

  2. Jen

    Another week of zero reading time. Summer cannot come soon enough, sigh. Casee, I’m really interested to know what you think of The Devil in Disguise! I’ve had it on my TBR pile for a while now but keep putting it off for some reason.

  3. Sharlene Wegner

    I had a really busy week at work & lots of stress at home (deciding college for my daughter next year – eek!), so I didn’t get much reading done. So bummed out. I tried reading Carolyn Brown’s The Barefoot Summer & just didn’t care from the premise, though I usually love everything she writes. I am in the middle of A Mackenzie Family Gathering & liking it. I won a signed copy of Julie James’ The Thing About Love & meant to start it last wk-end, so will give it another shot tomorrow. Walk of Shame is on my list for soon, too.

    • Ooh, you’re in for such a treat with both The Thing about Love and Walk of Shame. Both books are so great! Happy reading, Sharlene. I hope your week slows down some so that you can get some reading in and good luck to you and your daughter on choosing a college. That’s a huge decision! 🙂

  4. Kareni

    Some recent reads here ~

    — Holly and Hopeful Hearts: A Bluestocking Belles Collection by Caroline Warfield and Jude Knight and several others: As with many anthologies, I found the stories to be uneven in appeal. The collection is unusual though in that not all of the couples in this linked regency collection are the standard ton couple — there is a Jewish couple, a character who is part Turkish, and a couple who are lesbians. It’s also a lengthy read, some 650 pages plus.
    — Bound to You: A One Night of Passion Novella by Beth Kery. I was interested in reading this as it featured a couple who made an appearance in another of the author’s books.
    — Parker’s Sanctuary: A Guardsmen Novel by Cooper West. While it’s book two in the series, it stood alone well. It’s a contemporary paranormal romance. There is a short prequel that is currently free for Kindle readers ~ Rescued: A “Parker’s Sanctuary” Story. The author also offered a free epilogue at the end of the full length book which I read with pleasure ~ Second Chances.
    — Claudia Connor’s contemporary romance Worth the Fall (The McKinney Brothers, Book 1) and Worth It All (The McKinney Brothers Book 3) both of which Ienjoyed.
    — I enjoyed the time travel romance Paradox Lost by Libby Drew; this is a book I’ll be re-reading. It’s always interesting to see how an author handles the time travel aspect in such a book. Here visitors to the past can stay only a brief time before the world becomes hostile to them and tries to get rid of them (by car accident, tree falling, etc.). It’s a bit reminiscent of the body attacking an invader. This is a male/male romance.
    — I also liked Amy Crook’s short (57 page) fantasy story Untrue Love (Consulting Magic) which happens to be currently free to Kindle readers.
    — a happy re-read of Anne Bishop’s Written In Red as well as Murder of Crows. I’m now in the middle of book three in the series.

    • Hi Kareni! I’ve had my eye on the Claudia Connor books but haven’t read them yet. I’m glad to see that you enjoyed them because they’re back on my radar and I’ll probably end up getting them and trying them out myself.

      You’ve had another amazing week of reading and my fingers are crossed that this week brings more reading goodness your way!

      • Kareni

        I hope you’ll enjoy the Claudia Connor books if you do get them, Rowena. I’m looking forward to book three at some point.

        And thanks for the good reading wishes. I’m continuing to make my way through my Anne Bishop re-read of the Others series; I’m now re-reading book five with pleasure.

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