What Are You Reading? (322)

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Casee: I’m still on Elle Kennedy. I finished her Killer Instincts series and have moved onto her Outlaws series. I finished Claimed and am reading Addicted. I’m almost done with that and then will move onto Ruled. Rowena told me it was steamy and she was correct. This series is hot.

So now that I’m almost done with Elle Kennedy, I really need some recommendations. Who should I glom next? I loved Lexi Blake and Elle Kennedy. Do you guys have any suggestions? I honestly don’t know who to read next.

Holly: This was a slow reading week for me. I reread Love in the Afternoon by Lisa Kleypas, and then Cold Hearted Rake and Marrying Winterborne, which I’d never read before. That entire series was great. I’m glad I read it.

Rowena: This week was a pretty relaxing week for me. I’m working through some things at work but at home, things are pretty quiet. Basketball is done and Brenna has turned her attention to passing the rest of her classes and making plans for after she graduates from high school. Her plans have changed but they’re good plans so I’m pretty excited for her.

I did manage to get some reading done and that always makes me happy. I read Broken by Lauren Layne, which was good but not my favorite of the bunch and then I read Crushed by Lauren Layne (the book following Broken) and holy cow, I enjoyed that book a lot more than I was expecting to. Michael St. Claire is all kinds of yummy and I ate every word of his story up. After that, I read Cold Hearted Rake by Lisa Kleypas and enjoyed that one as well. Devon and Kathleen were fabulous character with a charming romance that took me to my happy reading place and I’m super excited to jump right into Marrying Winterborne…which is what I’m reading right now. So far? It’s great!

What are you reading this week? Any new favorites or books that drove you crazy? Share!

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13 responses to “What Are You Reading? (322)

  1. Jen

    I didn’t have much reading time this week, but I did manage to squeeze in a reread of one my all-time comfort reads, Lost to the Desert Warrior by Sarah Morgan. It was just the kind of week where I badly needed that book! (And I may have actually reread it 1.5 times. Ahem.) Plus I read a book called Live Wire by Caisey Quinn which started a new romantic suspense series. It wasn’t perfect but I really liked the voice.

    • I need to read more Sarah Morgan. I’ve only read a couple of her books but have enjoyed them so I don’t know why I haven’t read more.

      Hi Jen! I hope you get to read more books next week. 🙂

      • Jen

        I just love Sarah Morgan so much. Lost to the Desert Warrior is maybe not where I’d dive in, unless you have a fondness for HP’s as I do. You can’t take that book too literally though–it’s a fairytale that doesn’t make as much sense if you examine it too closely, ha.

        Spring break is coming up though, so I am very much looking forward to some more reading time!

      • Jen

        I liked Live Wire. There were some pacing problems, but something about the voice intrigued me. (I loaded a review if you want to hear more about my thoughts!) I will be waiting to see what the next book in the series is like.

  2. Sharlene Wegner

    I love the Lisa Kleypas books & hope to read the new one, Devil in Spring this week. I am in the middle of The Stolen Mackenzie Bride by Jennifer Ashley. Love that series, too!

  3. Kareni

    Books read here ~

    — The Tin Box by Kim Fielding which was a poignant read in that it featured (as a back story) the treatment of homosexuals in insane asylums in the 1930s and on in the US. I’ve enjoyed all of the books by this author that I’ve read; she has quite a range of settings and styles. This book was a contemporary male/male romance.
    — Scriber by Ben S. Dobson: This book is a work of fantasy, not a romance. The main female character is a woman of rather epic proportions (almost eight feet tall) who leads a band of soldiers (all women); she is strong and honorable. While the book has a goodly amount of violence, I’d say that it would be appropriate for teens as well as adults. I enjoyed it.
    — A Dead Bore (John Pickett Mysteries Book 2) and Family Plot (John Pickett Mysteries Book 3) by Sheri Cobb South. These are regency mysteries with a slowly building romance.
    — the contemporary romance Private Politics (The Easy Part Book 2) by Emma Barry which I enjoyed. It’s the second book in a series, but it stands alone well. Now I’d like to read the other two books.
    — Eve Silver’s post-apocalyptic romance Driven: A Northern Waste Novel; it was a pleasant read but not likely a book I’ll soon re-read.
    — an advanced reader’s copy of Star Crossed (Fly Me to the Moon, Book 4) by Emma Barry and Genevieve Turner which I enjoyed. This is a female/female romance set during the 1960s space race. I came to have this copy because the authors put out a call recently asking for suggestions for a bar name. The name I suggested, The Tipsy Abbess, was one of two chosen to appear in the book; I even got a credit in the acknowledgements. Fun times!
    — I very much enjoyed Anne Bishop’s Etched in Bone which is the fifth book in her The Others series; this is a series I’d recommend reading in order. I’m tempted to go back and re-read all of the series to date.
    — and currently reading two different books.

  4. JenM

    I don’t re-read very often, but I did so with About Last Night, by Ruthie Knox so I could refresh my memory before I read Madly (the hero in Madly is the a-hole brother of the hero in About Last Night). I adored this book the first time and it was just as good the second time. Easily my favorite of Ruthie’s books.

    I also adored Undecided by Julianna Keyes. I loved everything about it and now I’m dying to read the second book, Undeclared. Even though it was written in first person, present tense from the heroine’s POV, the author did a great job in developing the hero through his actions and he was just delicious in every way. If I had any criticism at all, it would be that I would have loved to actually been in his head, even if it was a brief glimpse.

    Finally, I read and loved Black and Blue by Emma Jameson, the fourth book in her Lord and Lady Hetheridge mystery series after re-reading the first three books since it had been a couple of years since I first read and inhaled them. The mystery this time was a bit lacking, but the romance was great. I hope the author continues this series, but she’s been working on a different one lately and she’s not a fast writer so it might be awhile (sob).

    • Jen

      I have the opposite problem–I hated About Last Night. Well, I actually enjoyed the book all the way up to the ending. I thought Nev’s big art show thing was so invasive to Cath’s privacy and ugh even thinking about it now makes me so mad. Plus Winston was so terrible, I’m kinda scared to see what he’s like in this book.

      • CelineB

        So, I liked Winston in Madly, but if you’ve read (or reread) About Last Night recently you may have a different opinion. I remembered him being a jerk in that book, but it wasn’t fresh in my mind so that may have helped me buy his change.

        I remember feeling that way about Nev’s art show, but it didn’t ruin the whole book for me. I really need to reread it.

  5. CelineB

    I finished The Thing About Love by Julie James and I really enjoyed it. Since then I’ve been working on the Marie Harte titles I own plus Zero to Sixty, the third book in the Body Shop Bad Boys series, which I got from my local e-library. I liked the first two books in the Body Shop series, but the third one was just okay. Then I read the second book in her McCauley series, How to Handle a Heartbreaker, which I enjoyed more than Zero to Sixty even though their incredibly similar. Right now I’m finishing the McCauley series with the fourth book (I’d already read the first and third) What to Do with a Bad Boy and I’m liking it so far. After that, I’ll read my last Harte book, A Sure Thing then move on to Devil in Spring by Lisa Kleypas.

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