Guest Review: His Innocent Sweetheart by Paula Jane

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Guest Review: His Innocent Sweetheart by Paula JaneReviewer: Tracy
His Innocent Sweetheart by Paula Jane

Publication Date: August 12th 2016
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Rachel is doing just fine for herself after being promoted to the post of Hotel Manager at The President, the same hotel where she met Hollywood’s hottest action hero Matthew Harrison five years ago. After a night of unrestrained passion with her, Matthew unfortunately met with a serious accident that almost robbed him of his life.

Matthew is all set to go back to Marlos after five years, the same place where he’d braved that fatal accident. A meeting with the newly appointed manager of the hotel where he’s staying throws his mind into a tizzy. Has he met her before? Why does she resent him so much? And why the hell does his body seem to go out of control whenever she’s near him?

Matthew is determined to find answers to these questions, but how?

Our story opens with Rachel, who is a supervisor at a hotel, having to go deal with a Hollywood action star, Matthew, who is a guest at the hotel.  He’s displeased with his food and she’s asked to try and resolve the issue.  When she gets to his room he’s instantly attracted to her and asks her to have dinner with him.  Despite being against the rules she’s allowed to do that and they end up in bed together.  He gets in an accident the next day and Rachel never sees him again.

Cut to five years later and Matthew is returning to the island where his accident occurred.  The accident had caused him to forget the 24 hours prior to his accident and he feels like he’s missing something that he should remember.  It’s bothered him for five years and he’s determined to figure it all out.

Where do I begin?  The writing was stilted and amateurish which made this hard to read.  The story was very short, thankfully, so I didn’t have to endure the writing for long.  If it wasn’t short this would definitely have been a DNF for me.  This was supposed to be a love story but the H/h fell in bed together with virtually no build up and no chemistry between them – I didn’t feel the attraction much less anything like emotions. (Oh, and of course she was a virgin but that’s kind of mentioned after the fact.) Having had no chemistry, it was hard for me to believe that Rachel and Matthew fell in love and had been pining for each other.  (Of course Matthew didn’t know he was in love because he couldn’t remember those 24 hours.)

The amnesia aspect of this was so far-fetched, imho.  It just so happens that he can remember everything in his life except the 24 hours that Rachel was in his life and he happened to fall in love?  Really?  I just didn’t buy it and the author certainly wasn’t selling it. I usually try to find good aspects about all of the books that I review. I’m sorry to say that I just couldn’t find one in His Innocent Sweetheart and can’t recommend it.

Rating: 1 out of 5


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