Guest Review: Wishing for Us by Sydney Landon

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Guest Review: Wishing for Us by Sydney LandonReviewer: Tracy
Wishing For Us by Sydney Landon
Series: Danvers Series #9
Also in this series: Not Planning On You, Fall For Me
Publisher: Berkley
Publication Date: November 1st 2016
Format: eARC
Genres: Contemporary Romance
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Series Rating: three-stars

Since the loss of her fiancé, Lydia Cross has refused to allow herself to feel anything close to love. That is until corporate hotshot Jacob Hay comes to her aid outside of the Danvers International corporate headquarters and captures her attention. Too bad he doesn’t show any signs of reciprocating her feelings.

Things change when, after a rowdy Vegas bachelorette party, she wakes up next to his newly wedded wife! Lydia is stunned, but Jacob seems remarkably calm and isn’t inclined to end their hasty merger. In fact, day by day he gives her everything she’s been missing—especially in bed. But when the magic of Sin City fades, Lydia grows concerned she’ll find herself alone once again...

Lydia wakes up with a righteous hangover and is confused when she finds a man in her bed.  Of course she soon discovers that it’s not her bed and not only is he a man, he’s her husband.  Surprise!  Lydia immediately starts talking to Jake about a divorce but he’s not so sure he wants one.

After a few days of being back in the real world, Jake and Lydia talk.  Jake tells her that his baby mamma is giving him grief and holding custody of his six-year-old daughter over his head if he doesn’t marry her.  He has no desire to marry her but he can’t seem to get that out of her head.  He asks Lydia if they can stay married longer so that he can get Chris off his back.  She agrees but then they begin a sexual relationship that soon turns into more.  Each of them have their issues, however, and neither are sure that it will all work out permanently in the end.

This was a cute book.  I always love the waking up in Vegas married trope.  It just always adds a nice twist to things and forces the people to deal with each other. Well most of the time, that is. In this case it seemed like Jake was happy about the marriage from minute one and Lydia was confused about that.  He seemed all in at times but then when they got series he ran like a man being chased by a zombie. Lol  Luckily it all worked out in the end.

Now, the characters, quite frankly, weren’t my cup of tea.  Sure they were nice enough something about them rubbed me the wrong way.  Jake was a really nice guy but at times was completely oblivious.  He also, from the start of the book, seemed really cheesy to me.  IDK what it was but whenever he talked to Lydia and called her sweetheart or honey I always pictured him with his shirt hanging open and the gold chains hanging. Lol  I couldn’t think of him as hot even though EVERY woman in the book was lusting after him – even when they had their own men.  Lydia was a nice enough person as well but kind of boring.  She needed to be forthright with Jake and ended up more milquetoast. Then there was Chris – the baby mamma.  She was supposed to be this horrible person that plagued Jake right and left but we only saw it a couple of times and then she decided to play nice with Jake and Lydia.  Sure Jake was worried about losing custody of his daughter but it didn’t seem as bad as he had said in the beginning.

Overall it was a decent book but was pretty…sedate.  I wanted more heat and more conflict but it just wasn’t there for me, unfortunately. While this didn’t work well for me it might work for you if you like the Danvers series and have read every book.  I’ve only read a couple in the series and wasn’t invested in ALL of the characters/couples that they were talking about and didn’t have that emotional connection I think the author was hoping for.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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