Guest Review: Reclaim by Beth Yarnall

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Guest Review: Reclaim by Beth YarnallReviewer: Tracy
Reclaim (Recovered Innocence #3) by Beth Yarnall
Series: Recovered Innocence #3
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group, Loveswept
Publication Date: July 5th 2016
Format: eARC
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense
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Nolan: Nothing’s ever come easy for me, especially not my dream job at Nash Security and Investigations. Righting wrongs is what I’m meant to do . . . except I manage to blow the very first chance I get. So why don’t they fire me on the spot? Hell, I’d fire myself if I could. Instead, my boss hands me an assignment that’s too important to screw up—and partners me with Lila Garcia, a gorgeous attorney with curves so distracting they should be illegal.

Lila: Like my client, a grieving mother charged with the murder of her own son, I know how quickly the American dream can become a nightmare. If anybody can help me clear her name, it’s Nash Security and Investigations. But Nolan Perry is a wild card. Bending the truth, breaking the law—that’s his business. I need to focus on the evidence. Not on how Nolan’s body fits so perfectly against mine. With a case this personal—and this dangerous—losing control is simply not an option . . . no matter how badly I want to give in.

Nolan is a PI at Nash Security and Investigations.  He’s pissed off at himself that he flubbed his last assignment and (he feels) ended up getting people hurt and someone killed.  It wasn’t his fault, nor does his boss Cora feel it was.  He is of the mind that he has to work hard for everything his has.  Nothing is given to him and he usually has to try two or three times before he gets things right.  When Cora tells him that he will be the lead on the next Freedom Project case (trying to get an innocent person freed from prison) he’s not so sure he should be trusted to handle it.  Then he meets the lawyer working on the case from the FP and he’s almost immediately smitten.

Lila is a woman who is proud of her Mexican heritage.  She feels a connection with the woman, Carla, that they are trying to help free from prison. Carla too came to America illegally but she ended up a prostitute instead of a lawyer like Lila.  She’s in prison for a crime that wasn’t a crime.  Her small son had accidentally strangled himself while wearing a blanket while playing a superhero.  It was negligence on her part but not homicide. Lila is determined to find out why her lawyer didn’t fight for her and then get her out.  While Carla gives them some information when her and Nolan start digging they get more than they bargained for and end up putting both of their lives in danger.

I really like Yarnall’s writing style and as with the first two books she pulled me in almost immediately and I didn’t put the book down until I was done.  I did have some issues with the book but it was still engaging from page one.

The things I didn’t like:  Nolan and Lila really didn’t much of a relationship – which is actually mentioned at the end of the book.  They didn’t date, they went straight to sex and then tried to work things out from there.  I did like that in the end they were trying to fix it all and stay in a relationship but it bothered me throughout the book.

During the course of the book they were trying to find Carla’s lawyer to find things out.  During that part of the investigation they discovered things about the lawyer’s wife but when all was said and done nothing ever came of that.  What was made a big deal of just fell by the wayside and as a reader I was left hanging.  That bothered me a lot.

The end was wrapped up a little too quickly for my liking but that might just be personal preference.

The things I liked:  I liked Nolan and Lila a lot.  Both of them had their idiosyncrasies but for the most part they were good people.  Together they had sparks flying all over the place and when they had sex it was completely explosive.

I liked the premise of the story and what they were trying to accomplish.  I like the fact that Yarnall has continued on with the Freedom Project theme in the books as I love the concept.  I loved the digging that Nolan and Lila did and the uncovering of facts throughout the book that led them to the conclusion.

I really liked the fact that Nolan, after finding out some truly disturbing information about Lila (from Lila herself), still wanted to try and make a go of a relationship with her.  He could have easily run from it all and most people would have. I loved that he was invested enough to try despite everything.  It showed his strength of character and that was a big plus for him in my book.

In the end it was an engaging book with suspense, lust, mystery, sex and a HFN ending.  Hopefully there will be a book four as I’m looking forward to reading more in this series.

Rating: 3. 5 out of 5


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