Casee’s RWA16 Highlights

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Holly and I went to RWA16 in San Diego a few weeks ago and let me just say…omg. I’ve met Nora Roberts before, but there is nothing quite like walking by her and her entourage. She always seems so put together, so classy. Then you read this letter from her and realize that she’s just almost the same as we are. She’s not a peon like the rest of us, but she loves to eat, shop, and relax. And she loves her fans.

Holly was my guide as this was my first RWA conference. Unfortunately I had to leave early, but in the time I was there, it was jam packed. I met some wonderful people including Rosie, KristieJ, and Wendy the Librarian. I met authors that I’ve read…Carolyn Jewel, Jaci Burton, Lauren Dane (hilarious!), and Jessica Scott. Jessica Scott was my absolute fav because that bee-yotch tells it like it is and makes no bones about it. She is amazing.

The absolute highlight of the whole trip was lunch with Nalini Singh. Yes, I had lunch with effing Nalini Singh. And Holly and Nalini were in on the surprise. Holly tricked me into thinking we were having lunch with some editors. Those who don’t know me, well, I like to be extremely prepared. So I was grilling Holly about what we were going to discuss, who was going to be there, anything I could think to ask, I asked. Then we were waiting at the concierge desk and up walks Nalini. Holy shit. Or Holly shit. I couldn’t love her more than I did at that moment. Nalini and I have been friends via email since Slave to Sensation came out, but that is nothing compared to sitting down with her for lunch.


Then, what did Nalini do, but pull out a copy of Archangel’s Heart then take it away. Holly wanted to borrow it then use the restroom (I have no doubt she could have read it in 10 min), but alas Nalini would not give it up. She said all she had was one copy. Yep, she looked us in the eye and said that. That was so not the case. At the Berkley signing, we naturally begged for her only (uh-huh) copy and she pulled out another copy and offered it to us because she spilled tea all over it. Being the awesome BFF I am, I shouldered Holly aside and took it for myself. I felt bad for two seconds, but got over it quickly. I read it on the plane home and finished it the next day. You guys, it was amazing. I’ve already written my review and can’t wait to share it.


All my highlights revolve around Nalini and I don’t care because I LOVE HER. I’m a total fangirl and I’m not afraid to admit it.

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4 responses to “Casee’s RWA16 Highlights

  1. Jen

    That sounds so amazing! I can feel your excitement oozing out of my screen. 🙂

    I love hearing about people’s trips to conferences I can’t attend. Thanks for your post, and yay for Holly for her incredible surprise!

  2. I am not jealous, no, no, no, no! Much!

    Looks like you had a wonderful time meeting/seeing all those beloved authors. Not jealous, no, no no!

    And what a fab surprise from Holly – did you mind go blank when Nalini walked up?

    Willa *who has turned a shade of green* lol!

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