Guest Review: Fully Ignited by Shannon Stacey

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Guest Review: Fully Ignited by Shannon StaceyReviewer: Judith
Fully Ignited by Shannon Stacey
Series: Boston Fire #3
Also in this series: Heat Exchange, Controlled Burn, Heat Exchange, Controlled Burn, Fully Ignited, Fully Ignited, Controlled Burn, Hot Response, Hot Response (Boston Fire, #4)
Published by Carina Press
Publication Date: March 1st 2016
Pages: 182
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When Jamie Rutherford takes a temporary assignment as lieutenant of Boston Fire's Engine 59, she doesn't anticipate any problems. She's been in the fire service for a long time and, even though she's fairly new to Boston, she knows how to make any firehouse her home. What she's not prepared for is her reaction to firefighter Scott Kincaid.

Scott is looking for a wife. It's been a fun ride as a single guy, but he's tired of being the third wheel, and nearly losing his brother-in-law finally made him realize just how much he wants a family of his own. When the new guy at the firehouse turns out to be a capable, confident and very attractive woman, his plan is completely derailed.

Hooking up with a fellow firefighter has never been part of Jamie's plan, but she's tempted by Scott—even though getting involved with him could tarnish the reputation she's worked so hard for. And Scott can't stop thinking about Jamie, despite the fact that she's his superior and not sticking around. Chemistry can crush the best-laid plans, though, and while Jamie and Scott might not be each other's future…there's no resisting the right now.

This is the third and final novel in the Boston Fire trilogy and once again Ms Stacey had blessed her fans with a novel that is filled with wonderful characters, some hot loving, tension in relationships and a look-see into the lives of firefighters and the ups and downs of their professional lives.  We also see into the life of a woman who always wanted to be a firefighter but who knows the unique challenges that come from being a woman in a man’s world, especially a world that relies greatly on physical strength and quite simply, body mass.  Jamie Rutherford knows she has to prove herself every single day, she has to make sure that no one ever sees anything in the discharge of her duties that can be interpreted as weakness.  So getting involved with another firefighter is way up at the top of the “no-no” list.

Scott wants a permanent relationship but NOT with another firefighter.  How can he live with a woman who puts herself in danger daily?  How can he have children where their mother might lose her life in a fire storm?  Somehow he thought that was vastly different than asking the same questions of him as a husband and a dad.  Nevertheless, Jamie and Scott are instantly drawn to each other and figure that since Jamie is a temporary sub for their injured lieutenant, any fling will just go away when she is transferred.  This thinking comes under the heading of “best laid plans of men and women.”

This is a story that makes the reader anxious as there is so much here that is temporary.  The reader knows that Jamie is only assigned to the company for a short stint.  The reader knows that Scott has walled off his emotions so that he and Jamie are just having fun together.  Throughout their affair the thought of a longer term relationship rears its head from time to time, but both are uneasy with this for a bunch of reasons.  Doesn’t look like there will be a HEA for them.  And even though we are hoping against hope that these two make it, the author keeps throwing in the literary wrenches in the works and the tensions get more and more intense.  Friendships and old loyalties are wonderful but even they can be negative forces in the situation in which Scott and Jamie find themselves.  It’s the kind of story that kept my eyes glued to the pages.  I read this one straight through and will probably find myself doing that again soon.

It’s another winner, and although I didn’t read the first book in the trilogy, I have no trouble believing that it, too, will be a wonderful reading experience.  This book was just released and you will do yourself a favor to latch on to it and spend the time to enjoy it.  I give it a rating of 4.5 out of 5.

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