Guest Review: Return of the Jerk by Andrea Simonne

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Guest Review: Return of the Jerk by Andrea SimonneReviewer: Tracy
Return of the Jerk by Andrea Simonne
Series: Sweet Life in Seattle #2
Publisher: Self-Published
Publication Date: September 17, 2015
Format: eARC
Genres: Contemporary Romance
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Series Rating: four-stars


Wedding cake baker Blair Thomas loves her life. Her business is thriving, her Seattle condo has a great view of the water, and her refurbished ‘65 convertible Mustang “Isadora” is the coolest car ever. She barely even thinks about that jerk she married five years ago. The one who abandoned her after four months of marriage. The one who left a note on her pillow saying, “See you later, babe.”

Seriously, who does that?

Definitely over him.

The only problem is Blair never got around to divorcing him so technically they’re still married. And after five years of traveling the world—Nathan “Road” Church—has finally decided to come home. He arrived on Blair’s doorstep this morning, and now he’s in her bathroom taking a shower. The nerve of him! Oh, and did I mention he’s still hot? Blair doesn’t know what to do.

The jerk has returned.

Tracy’s review of Return of the Jerk (Sweet Life in Seattle #2) by Andrea Simonne

After Road, her husband of 4 months, left her and never came back, Blair was devastated. She had loved Road since the first day she set eyes on him and he never paid attention to her – or so she thought. They got married because she was pregnant but she lost the baby at 3 months along. At 4 months Road bought a ticket to the farthest away place possible and Blair hasn’t seen him since.

Blair and her partner, Natalie, started a bakery that is doing wonderfully well and Blair’s life is good. Sure, it could be better but she never expects Road to just show up on her doorstep. He does and once he gets into her condo he doesn’t leave. He wants the keys to his classic Mustang but Blair put her heart and soul into that car so she’s not giving it back. The car was given to Road by his uncle when he was 16. The only father figure Road ever had and he gave him his pride and joy. Now that uncle is dead and he’s not leaving until Blair gives him Isadora (the car). Blair hates him invading her space or so she tells him. She secretly loves having him around. Then his media and marketing person shows up and decides to also take over her place Blair is pissed but this pushes Road – who now goes by Nathan – into her bed and into her arms.

They start to fall in love…well, Nathan falls in love and Blair’s just grows – but there are secrets that Blair has lived with for the past 5 years and when those come out Nathan might just be gone for good.

RotJ was a hilarious book. I laughed and cried and had many different emotions while reading this story.

Road/Nathan wasn’t really a jerk. Did her do a crappy thing by leaving Blair? Absolutely – but when we see if from Nathan’s POV we see that there was so much more going on with him emotionally. Also, he hadn’t stayed away the whole 5 years as he’d been back to visit his family. Because Blair had told her best friend Tori (Nathan’s sister) that she didn’t want to know anything about him she never knew that he returned.

The romance was slow and sexy and simmered in a way that dragged me in. I loved the H/h together! When the conflict arises finally I see how both parties took part and how both parties screwed up. I liked how the author made it so that both parties were at fault and not all one-sided as that’s normally how it is in real life as well (most of the time).

Anyway, I really enjoyed this story and will be reading more from this author soon.

Rating: 4 out of 5

This title is available from Liebe Publishing. You can buy it here in e-format. This book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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