Guest Review (+ Giveaway): Heir to the Pack by Laura Welling

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Guest Review (+ Giveaway): Heir to the Pack by Laura WellingReviewer: Tracy
Heir to the Pack by Laura Welling
Series: The Cursed Pack #1
Publisher: Self-Published
Publication Date: September 15, 2015
Format: eARC
Genres: Paranormal Romance
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Series Rating: four-stars


Three years ago, Annie had a three-day fling in Cancun with a handsome stranger, Dash. Two years ago, she gave birth to his son. Now, Annie’s son is fading away with a mysterious illness, and she must seek help from his father, who doesn’t know he exists. But Dash has news for her: first, he’s a werewolf; second, he’s about to be crowned their king; and third, their son has been touched by an ancient curse.

Tracy’s review of Heir to the Pack (The Cursed Pack, Book1)  by Laura Welling

Three years ago Annie from Boston and Dash from Montana had 3 wonderful days in Cancun together. Once they met they spend every moment in bed together. Annie got pregnant but was planning on just being a single parent as she hadn’t exchanged numbers with Dash – they hadn’t even exchanged last names!. Her son is now 2 years old and is very sick. She doesn’t know what to do but thinks maybe some genetic thing on Dash’s side of the family might help Jack get better so she has a private investigator find him.

Dash is thrilled and shocked to see Annie at his doorstep but welcomes her in with open arms. He’s a bit confused, however, when she says that Jack is his son. Yes, the boy looks exactly like him but Dash is a werewolf and werewolves can’t get humans pregnant. Dash isn’t about to let that little tidbit of info get in his way of keeping Annie around even when her son is surrounded by wolves. She almost runs but Dash talks her into staying. When someone tries to kidnap Jack and Annie’s mother, Daisy, Dash decides that Annie and his family needs to head to The Gathering, a meeting of representatives from all of the wolf packs so that Dash can keep them safe.

Annie’s more than surprised to find out that there are actually werewolves in the world and then is even more mystified when the packs Oracle tells her that she and Jack are descendants from a people that were thought extinct. Now Annie must try to find a way to break the curse that was put on her antecedents long ago in order to save her son. She has to do all of this while fighting her never-waning attraction and growing love for Dash.

It’s hard to tell you about Heir to the Pack without giving too much away. Part of the enjoyment I got from reading the book was the information that was revealed a bit at a time.

From the moment Dash came on the page I liked his character. He was obviously smitten with Annie from their tryst three years prior and apparently had never stopped talking about her. He was shocked about Jack but never turned her away and I loved that about him. He was wonderful with both Jack and Annie, his family and the other wolf packs. He had a lot on his plate but he constantly made time for those he loved.

With Annie it took me a bit of time to like her character. I think because she was a scientist she held herself back emotionally in order to analyze situations. It made the emotional connection to her longer to click but it eventually did. She ended up being a fantastic heroine and her strength was one I admired.

The secondary characters were all worth reading about and I liked them all – especially little Jack who was a breath of fresh air whenever he was on page.

The story sounds simple enough when you read the blurb but there’s a lot going on here. It was well written and definitely kept me engaged the whole time I was reading. For those of you who enjoy shifter/paranormal romance this is a good one to read. I’m looking forward to reading more books in this series.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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