Guest Review: Just a Little Kiss by Renita Pizzitola

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Guest Review: Just a Little Kiss by Renita PizzitolaReviewer: Tracy
Just a Little Kiss by Renita Pizzitola
Series: Crush series #3
Also in this series: Just a Little Crush
Publisher: Flirt
Publication Date: August 25, 2015
Format: eARC
Genres: New Adult
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Series Rating: four-stars

Like most of the residents of her dead-end beach town, Felicity Daniels doesn’t know what she wants from her future. Instead of college, she’s waiting tables at the local grille where she’s more likely to run into the guy who was the love of her life—until one decision changed everything. Now as this year’s tourist season kicks in to high gear, Felicity realizes that whatever she wants isn't going to be found here.

Mason Hayes is the quintessential Summer Boy: hot, impulsive, and born without strings attached. While in town helping with the family fishing charter, he plans to have a little fun—and hopefully get over a certain girl. He’s never had a long-term relationship, but when he meets Felicity, he wonders if he’s found the girl who could change that.

With her heart still in repair, Felicity’s happy to have a distraction like Mason, but her best friend thinks he could also be her ticket out of this town. What’s the harm in using him to escape more than just her boredom? After all, he is just a Summer Boy, and they never stick around. But after one kiss, Felicity wonders if only one summer with Mason will ever really be enough.

Tracy’s review of Just a Little Kiss (Crush #3) by Renita Pizzitola

Felicity is almost 20 years old but feels kind of like she’s at a standstill in her life. The problem is…she’s not sure how she would do things differently. She’s been waitressing at the same restaurant since her junior year in high school and her biggest adventure so far has been moving to her family’s houseboat to get away from the overcrowding in her parent’s home. She’s thought about going to college but doesn’t really know what she wants to do. She flirts with guys who come into her small town for the summer and calls them her Summer Boys.

Mason is spending his summer helping out his uncle and cousins on their charter fishing boat. He really has no idea what he’s doing but when his uncle had to have shoulder surgery he volunteered his time. He didn’t expect to meet a beautiful girl who lived just across the pier but once he met her he couldn’t stay away. Though it seems as though Felicity is holding back he can’t seem to stop thinking about her.

The pair start an affair that becomes much more emotionally involved than either of them thought it would. Mason is excited for the adventure and hopes that the relationship won’t end when summer does. Felicity only wants to think of Mason as a Summer Boy and is scared that her life is rolling out of control – she’s not sure how to handle that.

The third book of the series and we finally get Mason’s story. We met him in the first book where he was the heroine’s best friend and he believed himself in love with her. When he finally meets Felicity, however, he knows that what he felt for Brinley can’t even come close to what he feels for Felicity. I loved how he was all-in from the get go. He may not have been that old (19) but he wasn’t afraid to go after what he wanted – and that was Felicity. He took care of her without her actually being aware of it and he did it so sweetly that I had to admire him for his stealth. Lol

Felicity was someone who didn’t get emotionally involved with guys. She had been hurt in the past from a long term relationship and she was leery to go for it with any guy much less one that was only hanging around for the summer. Mason was different though and she knew that he was almost immediately. She held herself back from him as much as she could but in the end she knew it was pointless as she had fallen in love with him. In the story we find out eventually that she has an anxiety disorder, and yes, she was a bit of a worrier, but frankly I didn’t feel that she had gone too overboard with it. I kind of wish that aspect had been played up so that the self-diagnosis would have had more of an impact. Yes, she stressed about things but I thought those stresses were all pretty justified and not over the top.

For the most part the story was very sweet. There were a couple of misunderstandings that caused strife in the relationship but overall the romance was pretty smooth sailing. I liked that cuz sometimes I just need to sit down and read a nice romance without too much other stuff going on. This was been a fun series and I’m looking forward to more of it – and reading more from this author.

Rating: 4 out of 5

This title is available from Flirt. You can buy it here or here in e-format. This title was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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