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wena bday

Today is Rowena’s birthday! Please join me in wishing her a happy one filled with:


Cupcakes! (all the cupcakes)


Naked Jax Teller (or at least a half naked one)

jax shower

ch shirtless

Books (so many books)


A mocha frap (whip on the bottom and on the top)


A quiet night to catch up on shows (without a million interruptions)

living room

And good company (like this)

Rowena and Holly

Love you (even when you’re trying to steal my book boyfriends). Hope you have an amazing day, you totally deserve it.


Happy Birthday, Rowena!! 



PS: We need to take some new pictures together. xoxo

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10 responses to “HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROWENA!!

    • Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. I had a blast and Holly, HA! This post seriously rocked my socks and you’re right. We do need to take a new picture together. But first, let me get skinny. LOL.

  1. Nushie

    Happy Birthday, Rowena! Hope the next year is filled with (*ONLY*) awesome books, as well as all the other good things in life (which we know are secondary)!

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