Guest Review: Rogue Spy by Joanna Bourne

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Guest Review: Rogue Spy by Joanna BourneReviewer: Tracy
Rogue Spy by Joanna Bourne
Series: Spymasters #5
Publisher: Penguin
Publication Date: November 4th 2014
Format: eARC
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Series Rating: four-stars

For years he’d lived a lie. It was time to tell the truth . . . even if it cost him the woman he loved.

Ten years ago he was a boy, given the name Thomas Paxton and sent by Revolutionary France to infiltrate the British Intelligence Service. Now his sense of honor brings him back to London, alone and unarmed, to confess. But instead of facing the gallows, he’s given one last impossible assignment to prove his loyalty.

Lovely, lying, former French spy Camille Leyland is dragged from her safe rural obscurity by threats and blackmail. Dusting off her spy skills, she sets out to track down a ruthless French fanatic and rescue the innocent victim he’s holding—only to find an old colleague already on the case. Pax.

Old friendship turns to new love, and as Pax and Camille’s dark secrets loom up from the past, Pax is left with a choice—go rogue from the Service or lose Camille forever…


Tracy’s review of Rogue Spy (Spymasters #5) by Joanna Bourne

Thomas Paxton is coming clean after years of lies. He’s been working for British Intelligence for 10 years but he was sent then by the French to get their secrets. He was raised as a child to be a spy. His conscience won’t let him keep his secret any longer and he’s prepared to face the consequences.

Camille Leyland was also raised a spy by the French but it was after she was abandoned by her Tuscan family. She also has been a code breaker for British Intelligence but her time is up. She received a letter telling her that the real Camille is alive and well and that she needs to meet a blackmailer at a certain time and place.

Camille heads to London and Pax recognizes her as the young girl he was trained with in France. He follows and soon the two are embroiled in trying to figure out what the blackmailer is up to and they also start to be embroiled in each other.

Joanna Bourne is such a great author. I love reading the wonderful intricacies of her books and they never disappoint.

In this story we have both the current lives of Pax and Cami as well as some of the memories of the two when they were growing up in France and being trained as spies. I loved the backstory of these two characters just as much as the story happening in current time. Pax and Cami were perfect for each other. I loved the soft subtle, purposeful way that they came together in a sea of confusion and uncertainty. From almost the first moment they saw each other again I felt the connection between the two and Bourne just slowly grew that connection into an enduring love. She does that so well!

Of course there were characters – mostly spies – from previous books that were involved in this story and I LOVED that. Seeing the men at work doing what they do best was a definite bonus.

Overall a wonderful story that I thoroughly enjoyed and definitely recommend.

Rating: 4 out of 5

This title is available from Berkley. You can buy it here or here in e-format. This book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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