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giving in largeNatalia‘s review of Giving In (The Surrender Trilogy, book 2) by Maya Banks

Kylie sees the way Jensen looks at her. The dark promise in his eyes. That rough edge of dominance she knows he possesses. But dominance is the one thing that frightens her above all else. She and her brother barely survived a childhood steeped in violence and abuse. She could never give up total control and submit to a man. Especially a man like Jensen. Could she?

Jensen sees the shadows in Kylie’s eyes. Knows he has to tread very carefully or risk losing any chance he has with her. All he wants is the opportunity to show her that dominance doesn’t equal pain, bondage or discipline. That emotional surrender is the most powerful of all, and that to submit—fully to him—will fulfill the aching void in her heart in a way nothing else ever will.



This is the second book I’ve read by Maya banks, and it was great! When I read the first book in the series, Letting Go, I was looking forward to Kylie and Jensen’s story.

The book surprised me. As many books before it, we have an abused heroine consumed by her past, and an alpha male wanting to save her. However, unlike books before it, this book represented a more realistic aspect of love, and complications with oneself.  I expected Jensen to make everything better and save Kylie. I thought she’d become someone able to withstand being a submissive in every way, and I couldn’t figure out how an author would make it happen in a couple hundred pages. . I was pleasantly surprised. Jensen and Kylie both made everything better for each other. They were two people with their own demons to fight, and they did so, nicely. Rather than saving each other, an impossibility, they complimented each other. I love how patient Jensen was with Kylie and her traumas. I didn’t expect that. He was incredibly sweet with her! I really appreciate the respect represented in this series, given the usual nature of the genre these days.

When it came down to it, Kylie was exactly what Jensen needed. I loved that the author didn’t all of a sudden make Kylie in to this person able to withstand s and M just because the book is fiction. We saw an ending where they both were just beginning to work on their issues, and the promise for further growth for the couple.

The next book in this series is coming out in September, and I cannot wait. As many who have read this series can attest, the characters can stick to you. I’m dying to read Tate and Chessy’s story!


4 out of 5

This book is available from Berkley.  You can purchase the book here or here in e-format.  This book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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